🛡️ Is Redmine afflicted by CVE-2022-32209 ?



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Past week I got the next question :

“Do we have working RoR apps ? I saw a Article… are we affected by CVE-2022-32209 ?”

👉 The post is about how fast we could response the queries.

To start with remedy :

“Yes, we are functioning a Redmine occasion and are up-to-date with the redmine:most recent Docker Picture”

The rest of the reply is coming under.

🛡️ Protection scan

To response if we are impacted, the concern can be answered within a solitary line of code, thanks to grype :

grype redmine:most recent 
    | grep CVE-2022-32209 
    | wc -l
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See it stay :


📰 About Redmine

Redmine is a good resource which is…

“cost-free and open source, world wide web-based venture administration and challenge monitoring instrument. It will allow customers to regulate a number of projects”

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