6 Viral Ideas That Boost Your TikTok Engagement Rate

TikTok is an outstanding video-sharing social media network. It’s quite popular for hilarious lip-syncing videos. This platform is mainly dominated by youngsters and has about 689 million monthly active users. When it comes to popularity and usage, TikTok has grown drastically.

Increasing your engagement rate is essential to growing your TikTok account to the next level. But, it’s not that easy to boost your TikTok engagement rate due to its heavy competition.


In this article, let’s see some of the valuable tips to develop your TikTok account.


Use Trending Music


On TikTok, you can see most popular videos use trending songs or music as their content background. You can embrace captivating tunes in music by expressing your cute expressions along with your actions. If you use most trending videos you will get more views or you can buy real TikTok views for your videos.You could see trending songs that get featured on the platform’s trending area. Just keep your eye on the trending section to figure out trending songs easily and create using those pieces of music.Even you have a chance to get your video viral on this platform.


Make Dancing Video

There is always a unique fanbase for dancing videos. At the same time, it doesn’t matter how you are dancing. A simple and cheat step is enough. Make sure your dancing video is short and add specific hashtags to it. When it comes to dancing, music plays a significant part, so right pick appropriate music. It is best to use trending and popular music, which helps increase your chance of getting the video viral. Moreover, a quick and easy video will influence the recreation of your video, this way, you gain more exposure.


Showcase Your Talent

You may be an expert at some skill; why can’t you show off on TikTok? Well, some are good at painting, creating figurines, or any kind of art. You can use your skill, prepare a concept, film it and upload it on TikTok, check your audience responses. This way, you can enhance your skill and also attract people who are interested in your art. You can shoot videos behind the process involved in creating your art videos. When you share more expertise videos, you can make your video stand out.


Post-Mini Recipes 

Suppose you’re interested in cooking and like to experiment in the kitchen.TikTok is an excellent way to upload your cooking films. You may find it a bit difficult to squeeze the whole video into a few seconds. Ignore the narration; just show the process but ensure they’re self-explanatory.


Share Pets Videos 

Currently, lots of people are getting attracted to cute animal videos. They love to watch its funniness. If you have a pet, grab this opportunity, and shoot your pet’s funny moments, add a perfect music post on TikTok. It is the best trick to attract more followers and pull TikTok views with extreme amounts. You can even prepare any hilarious concept, train your pet to complete the video. 

Get Involved In TikTok 

Most of the TikTokers get aware of trending challenges that are streaming on this platform.

This is because everybody will know taking part in trending challenges or viral content will give you great engagement and gain audience attention. Therefore whenever you spot any trending videos, try to recreate them with your own spin with proper hashtags. It helps to give you more content visibility and grab more audience to your channel. 



I hope this article is helpful to improve your TikTok channel. TikTok is the perfect channel to showcase your unique skill creatively. Moreover, TikTok provides plenty of tools, features to boost your engagement rate. It would be best if you had the right plan to execute and use those opportunities that TikTok offers.


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