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Do you want to automate your billing and invoicing process and receive payment faster? WooCommerce and WordPress invoicing plugins allow you to make your billing and invoicing process fast and effective.

These plugins come with customizable templates, built-in tax reporting and deductions, and the ability to receive payments from customers through multiple payment processing options. The plugins can also automatically attach and send PDF invoices to your customers via email once a transaction is complete. 

WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing SlipsWooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing SlipsWooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips

In this post, we’ll look at some popular PDF invoice plugins for WooCommerce and WordPress that are available on CodeCanyon and Envato Elements. 

PDF Invoices on Envato Elements 

Envato Elements gives you unlimited downloads of 54+ million creative assets (including PDF Invoices) under one no-strings-attached subscription covered by a lifetime commercial license.

1. WooCommerce PDF Invoices and Packing Slips

WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing SlipsWooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing SlipsWooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips

The WooCommerce PDF Invoices and Packing Slips plugin helps you provide invoice PDFs that are automatically attached to order emails, thank you pages, and order details. The PDF will include a thank you note and order details, including payment terms and methods. 

You can customize the layout of your invoice to include headers, address blocks, custom invoice text, images, a logo, custom HTML, taxes, and more.

You can also use the preview function to see how your generated invoice will look in real time. The invoices of this PDF invoice plugin for WooCommerce are translatable. 

You will also find WooCommerce PDF Invoices and Packing Slips on CodeCanyon. 

2. WooCommerce PDF Invoice Maker

WooCommerce PDF Invoice MakerWooCommerce PDF Invoice MakerWooCommerce PDF Invoice Maker

This WooCommerce plugin makes it easy to generate PDF invoices when customers make orders on your WooCommerce store website. It comes with customizable templates and an interface that allows you to create different styles of PDF invoices. 

You can generate, view, download, and print PDF invoices. You can also attach the PDF invoices to different types of WooCommerce emails like new order, completed, customer invoice, and so on. The plugin supports multiple languages. 

3. NEX-Forms: PDF Creator

NEX-Forms - PDF CreatorNEX-Forms - PDF CreatorNEX-Forms - PDF Creator

This add-on to NEX-Forms WordPress Form Builder allows you to export data that customers have submitted to create custom PDFs including invoices and attach them to emails. 

If you use Nex-Forms, then you will find an ecosystem of Nex-Forms add-ons that will greatly expand what the plugin can do for your website. 

For a low one-time payment, you can streamline your invoicing and billing process and receive payments faster by choosing a WooCommerce PDF invoicing plugin from CodeCanyon.

Bestselling WooCommerce PDF Invoicing Plugins on CodeCanyon

Here are five of the top-rated WooCommerce PDF invoicing plugins that are available on CodeCanyon.

4. Bestseller: WooCommerce PDF Invoice


WooCommerce PDF Invoice is a powerful invoicing plugin that lets you generate two types of invoices: regular or pro forma invoices. The invoices are generated automatically for each new order and attached as a PDF document to standard WooCommerce emails. 

These customizable invoices come with full tax support. In addition, this PDF invoice plugin for WooCommerce has an advanced built-in invoice numbering system that protects against duplicate invoice numbers and gaps in the numbering sequence. You can also choose to enable or disable sending invoices by email and display or hide the product ID, SKU, category, and short description. 

5. Bookly Invoices Add-on

Bookly Invoices (Add-on)

If you have Bookly Pro, you can now get it to automatically send invoices to your clients via email or SMS links and request payment as soon as appointments are booked, approved, or received. You just need to install the Bookly Invoices Add-on to make it possible. It comes with detailed documentation to help you set it up easily. 

You can customize the invoice template by tweaking its appearance to reflect your branding and by specifying data you want to include like tax details and more. You can view, filter, and download generated invoices as PDF documents. 

6. WooCommerce PDF Invoice and Packing Slip with Credit Note

WooCommerce PDF Invoice & Packing Slip with Credit Note

WooCommerce PDF Invoice Generator automatically creates invoices when customers place an order. It automatically detects the currency and settings of your online store. Using the WP editor, you can structure and customize your PDF invoice contents by changing the header and footer, fonts, font sizes, and margins, and you can also align the buyer details to the look of the invoice. It comes with two types of invoices: regular or pro forma. 

This WooCommerce PDF invoicing and packing slip plugin system comes with a built-in automated PDF invoice documentation and numbering system that includes advanced program coding to prevent invoice number duplication or gaps in the numbering sequences. You can download and safely store multiple invoices within any chosen data range in a single ZIP file. 

7. WooCommerce PDF Invoices Pro

WooCommerce PDF Invoice Pro

Every time customers who have registered on your WooCommerce store complete an order, WooCommerce PDF Invoices Pro will automatically send them a PDF invoice by email. 

You can modify PDF invoice templates by adding your logo, color scheme, and fonts, as well as customized messages such as a “Thank You!” You can change the color display elements of the list of products on the invoice such as photos, names, quantities, and so on. 

Customers have the option to view the invoice as PDF or HTML. The invoice displays vertically or horizontally in A4 size. You can export it as PDF or HTML, with the option to generate invoices and packing slips in bulk. 

8. WooCommerce PDF Invoice, Packing Slip and Shipping Label

WooCommerce PDF Invoice, Packing Slip & Shipping Label

The WooCommerce PDF Invoice plugin is another great option for automatically creating PDF invoices, packing slips, and shipping labels. The admin can view, edit, and download PDF invoices from the order page, while customers can view and download PDFs from “My Account”. You can select multiple orders to generate PDF invoices in bulk and send bulk invoices with a single click. You can also generate, download, and print all packing slips and shipping labels in bulk rather than doing it one by one. 

This WooCommerce PDF invoice and packing slip plugin comes with six invoicing templates that you can customize by choosing your preferred color and font and even adding your company logo. You can further personalize invoices by enabling the plugin to display invoice numbering, tax amount, subtotals for transactions, and more

Free WooCommerce Invoice Plugins 

Paid WooCommerce PDF invoicing plugins will offer an extensive set of features to help you efficiently manage your invoicing process. However, if you’re on a budget, there are free plugins you can use. 

1. WooCommerce PDF Builder

WooCommerce PDF Builder, Create invoices, packing slips and more

WooCommerce PDF Invoice Builder comes loaded with PDF templates to help you create invoices quickly and easily. The templates have customizable fields and customizable tables, configurable invoice numbers, and 500 icons to choose from. The plugin supports multiple currencies. 

2. WooCommerce PDF Invoices, Packing Slips, Delivery Notes and Shipping Labels

WooCommerce PDF Invoices, Packing Slips, Delivery Notes & Shipping Labels

Want to generate PDF invoices, packing lists, shipping labels, and more—right from the WooCommerce orders page? This comprehensive, feature-packed free WooCommerce PDF invoice and packing slip plugin is a great solution. It also supports RTL and Unicode languages like Arabic and Hebrew. 

3. Sliced Invoices: WordPress Invoice Plugin

Sliced Invoices – WordPress Invoice Plugin

The Sliced Invoices plugin offers three invoice and quote templates that you can customize using CSS. You can add tax settings, your logo, and your business details to invoices and quotes. It supports online invoice payments with PayPal Express Checkout or a paid Stripe extension. It also supports offline payment methods like bank transfer, check, or money order. 

4. Flexible PDF Invoices for WooCommerce and WordPress

Flexible PDF Invoices for WooCommerce & WordPress

This is another free WooCommerce invoicing plugin to consider for your site. Flexible PDF Invoices also provides an opportunity to create VAT invoices for your EU customers in WordPress for non-WooCommerce orders.

5. PDF Invoices and Packing Slips for WooCommerce

PDF Invoices and Packing Slips For WooCommerce

This WooCommerce PDF invoice plugin automatically generates a PDF invoice and sends it to customers by email as soon as orders are placed. This plugin can also be used to generate packing slips, delivery notes, and shipping labels from within WooCommerce orders.

It supports multiple Google fonts on invoice templates, and it has lots of customization options including a store logo, name, and address on all PDF invoices and labels it generates. There is even a custom CSS option for the invoice.

Other features include advanced item tables with different tax rates columns. It supports RTL and Arabic fonts.

Best Invoicing Practices

Outstanding customer service doesn’t stop when you’ve delivered your services. It continues into the invoicing process and beyond. An invoice is a communication tool that requests payment for a transaction that has taken place to ensure payment is made in a timely manner. 

You can create an effective billing and invoicing process by implementing the following invoicing best practices.

1. Be Timely

The customer can only pay for invoices they have received, so it’s important to send out your invoice in a timely manner. If you send it months after the transaction, the customer may not remember. 

2.  Keep It Simple

Single-page invoices that state clearly—without jargon—all services that were provided and when, are easily understood and get paid faster. 

3. Pay Attention to the Format

Your invoice should be well formatted and include your company logo. This is the kind of professionalism that inspires trust in your customers. It’s easy to design or find the right logo for your company. I suggest you check out our logo showcase plugins.

4. Use Reference Numbers

Assign a reference number for each invoice you send out so you can easily track it and quote it in correspondence with your customers. 

5. Include Contact Information

When customers have difficulty contacting you to verify details on an invoice they have received, payments get delayed. Make it easy for them to reach you. Include your name or company name, business address, business telephone, and business email. 

6. Include Customer Information

The invoice should include your customer’s contact details including name, address, email, and phone number. These details are important just in case you have to resort to legal means in order to get paid. 

7. Be Clear About Payment Terms

Invoices with clearly stated payment terms avoid confusion and get paid quickly. When customers know exactly when a payment is due, they are more likely to pay on time. Deadlines should include the specific date when you expect to get paid, for example: “Payment due on March 31, 2021”. Avoid vague terms like “Net 30” or “Payment due upon receipt”.  

8. Show Payment Methods

Be very specific about your preferred method of payment. Have this information very clear on your website or in your conversations with the customer. Make it easier for customers to pay you faster. Be very open-minded and give them a wide range of payment options that they trust. Many customers want to know their private data and financial details are secure, so they are bound to have more confidence in payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe, etc.

9. Thank the Customer!

Polite communication maintains positive relationships. Have a note section that thanks your customer for doing business with you. 

Why Thank Your Customers

Thanking your customers puts a human face to your business and has enormous benefits on your bottom line. Here’s why: 

  1. Appreciating your customers makes them feel valued and increases loyalty.
  2. It makes your invoices look as if they’re directly addressed to the customer and not sent out by impersonal software. 
  3. It shows that you are accessible and makes customers feel that they can reach out to you and have their concerns addressed quickly.

Ways to Thank Your Customers 

Thanking your customers increases the likelihood of them continuing to do business with you. Some ways of thanking your customers include:

  1. Write a fun thank you note. Skip the standard template that sounds too formal. Put the message under the balance to make it visible for your customer to read it. 
  2. Show how much money they have saved with their purchase, especially when you have sales. 
  3. Offer them a discount for their next purchase. 
  4. If it’s their first purchase, thank them with a gift for first-time customers. 

Get a WooCommerce PDF Invoice Plugin Now!

You don’t need to manually create and send invoices to your customers. On CodeCanyon, you’ll find WooCommerce PDF invoicing plugins that will help you get the message across pleasantly. 

Bestselling WooCommerce PDF Invoice Plugin on CodeCanyon

And here are some more resources for online invoicing.

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