Amazon Alexa Can Now Imitate Any Human Voices


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Amazon has announced that the Alexa digital assistant can now technically imitate anyone’s voice dependent on a several clips, about 1 minute of recording.

If it functions as advertised, it would be a technical milestone as personal computer-created voices don’t definitely fool people and are however a poor selection for video voice-over, for illustration. You can watch the dwell demo in the video down below (timecode 1:02:38) :

In reality, I uncovered it to transform the voice’s print/tone from the typical equipment-produced agent to match the focus on human voice print. It is not uncomplicated to quantify the demonstration’s good results devoid of knowing the initial voice, but it seemed moderately prosperous, despite the fact that nevertheless sounding a bit robotic.

The picked sentence was without doubt properly-chosen for the demo as it lends by itself to a sluggish-paced, just about robotic, looking through. The engineering is comparable to AIs employed to renovate your photos in Picasso paintings but utilized to an audio stream.

It may well seem pleasurable to have Alexa speak with the voice of your preferred celeb, buddy, or loved ones member. However, the Internet has immediately turned its attention to working with voice clips from previous-absent family customers. That is the use scenario that an Amazon govt was placing forward in the earlier mentioned video clip.

On the 1 hand, it may audio like a therapeutic expertise to listen to the voice of an individual shut who’s no extended with us. Nonetheless, it is also a most likely slippery slope with unintended consequences. Quite a few people today began to concern no matter if the engineering could be misused to impersonate residing people today and irrespective of whether we have the suitable to use voices without consent.

The solution is probably “it is dependent,” centered on the scenario and the end users. Nonetheless, one thing is confident: these technologies exist and will get improved and greater. It’s only a subject of time ahead of synthesized voices are indistinguishable from human ones.

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