A roadmap to develop an ecommerce app like Amazon in simple steps



Online shopping has witnessed a huge surge in the last few years. It enables customers to shop for everything they need using an e-commerce app like Amazon with just a few clicks. The demand for such apps is especially increasing during the pandemic as shops, marketplaces, and malls are closed. Therefore, the first choice put forward by the customers is Amazon. 

Do you know why people prefer online shopping? It saves time and they can avail discounts & coupons. Most importantly, this platform offers many options or products you browse for. Some might have an idea of starting an ecommerce business with the Amazon clone app. Obviously, it is a wise decision. Nowadays, it is easy to develop a similar app like Amazon using the Amazon clone script. In this blog, let we see how to make and launch an ecommerce app like Amazon.


Why do you have to invest in developing the Amazon clone app?

In the United States, Amazon is one of the top 5 largest companies. Being an online marketplace, it connects the customers and sellers. It is no doubt that the major revenue comes from any e-commerce platform through mobile apps. The income generated from the Amazon app in September was $96.14 billion. In the United States, the net sales in 2019 were $193.6 billion. In India, it owns 312% of the market share.

The Amazon app users account for nearly 42%, whereas customers’ visit to Amazon.com is 58%. This is evident that the popularity of Amazon has reached a peak in the United States and also in other countries. It is estimated that the revenue generated from the ecommerce platform will reach $563.4 billion. Thus, stepping into the ecommerce market with an Amazon like app is the best choice. 

Simple steps to develop an ecommerce app like Amazon

  1. Frame a business plan

This is the first and foremost step in developing the Amazon clone app. Framing a successful business plan requires an in-depth understanding of your target audience and proper market research. Irrespective of which business you are planning to start, this step is essential as it allows you to decide the app’s functionality and features.

  1. User-friendly interface 

Right from the number of sales and customer satisfaction, Amazon is leading among other apps. Do you know what the main reason is? It is mainly because of the user-friendly interface that facilitates customers to navigate through various options with ease. 

  1. Choose which features to include in your app

Simply cloning the Amazon app with the same features will not take your business in the long run. Therefore, incorporate new features that suit your business plan. These are the essential features of an ecommerce app like Amazon and you should not opt-out while developing your app.

  • Quick login 

This feature will allow the customers to signup or register with the app using an automatic or manual registration method. In automatic means of registration, customers have to input their email address and phone number. Whereas, in manual means of registration, they can log in via social networking platforms like Facebook and Google.  

  • Browse for products

Incorporating this feature will let the customers search for any products they want easily based on the categories. 

  • Reviews 

It is people’s mindset to check the reviews posted by other customers before they place an order. Thus, the Amazon clone app facilitates the customers to rate and review the products for the purchased products. This is an essential feature that should be incorporated into the e-commerce app. 

  • Secure payment gateway

It offers the efficient and simplest way of payment for customers. Make sure your app supports popular payment gateways such as Google Pay, PhonePe, Apple Pay, and so on. Whenever a customer confirms the order and makes a payment, the payment gateway collects and verifies the card details. Then, it sends the collected data to their bank and transaction occurs. As this process seems to be sensitive, people expect it to be secure and reliable. 

  • Checkout

The app’s slowness and lack of some payment gateways make the customers not choose your app. So, the checkout process must be easy and simple. Before they complete the sale process, let them know the flow of the process on the app’s screen. Make sure you do not let the customers answer unwanted questions. 

  1. Implement appealing design

As the saying goes, the First impression is the best impression, the app’s logo is the very first thing the customer sees. You do not get another chance to form this impression. So, make the app’s logo as good as possible to make it stand out from the rest. It is known that people remember 80% of what they see and the remaining 20% they get to know while reading. Thus, it is very clear that making the first impression of your app is essential.

To draw more attention from customers, the design of the app should be simple yet appealing. Apart from that, prefer a white background for the images you use and display large photos in your app. To showcase the available products in your app, you can use short videos. So, make a space for this technique to grab your target audience’s attention.

  1. Choose a platform to launch your app

Based on your target audience, you have to choose on which platform you will launch your app. An iOS device is popular around the regions of North America and Europe, whereas the Android device is popular around the remaining parts of the world. Generally, developing an app for iOS does not require much time and money compared to the Amazon app like development for Android. 

  1. App deployment and growth

Upon completing the quality testing of the app, the Amazon clone app is ready to launch. Even after app deployment, you have to improvise your app by collecting customer feedback and analyzing the current market trends. 

Bottom line

Amazon being the biggest brand in the online shopping industry, considering the same business model for your business is a great choice. I have given a clear overview of the Amazon-like app development process. All you have to do is contact a reputed or trustworthy mobile app development company to develop and launch the Amazon clone app. All the best. 

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