Top 7 ASP.NET Tools For Amazing Web Application Development In 2021


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Choosing the right tool is vital for any sort of work. Can you imagine Michelangelo trying to sculpt David without his point chisels? Or Vincent van Gogh for that matter, trying to paint The Starry Night without his graphite pencils or brushes? Pretty unimaginable, right? Those masterpieces wouldn’t even exist today.

Similarly, selecting the right tool carries weight for developing enterprise-level web applications.

Today in this write-up, we’re shedding some light on some of the best tools and technologies that you can utilize to build ASP.NET web applications. But before delving into the discussion, let’s get our basics clear!

What Is ASP.NET?

ASP.NET is a great open-source web framework to create dynamic web apps and services. Developed by Microsoft, this framework enables programmers and developers to build robust enterprise applications and websites that run on Windows, macOS, Linux, and Docker.

For the past few years, ASP.NET application development has been immensely famous. It offers a myriad of benefits such as full control over the HTML, easy code and integration of JavaScript frameworks, RESTful URLs supporting SEO, enablement of Test Driven Development (TDD), and whatnot. The cutting-edge functionality, high performance, and cross-platform features have made it come into the limelight.

Another distinct feature, for example, is all the amazing free asp net development tools that make the whole development work efficient and easy.

Let’s find those out in detail. Shall we?

7 Great ASP.NET Web Tools For Developers

With the augmentation of the flow of setup, organizations are embracing the newest trends. Top .NET web design companies around the world are using hasty asp net web tools for building custom web applications. A wide range of ASP development tools and technologies are there to make developers’ jobs simpler and easier.

But spending time Googling and searching for the best tool as an ASP.NET web application builder can be an exhausting task. To spare you from the dead of choice paralysis (you can thank us later for this term), here’s our narrowed-down list of top 7 tools for ASP.NET developers.

Suss it out!

1. Web Platform Installer

With this free tool, you can easily and very conveniently download, install, stay updated with the newest features and components available on the Microsoft Web Platform, such as – .NET frameworks, IIS, SQL Server Express, Visual Studio, etc.

Along with this exciting part, the Web Platform Installer enables you to install any open-source web platform technology and web application by providing a designated installation workflow. Besides, the Windows web app gallery is built-in with this tool, meaning you can easily run the most popular web apps for many purposes like content management, blogging, and much more.

2. NuGet

Launched in 2010, NuGet is an open-source package manager for asp net web application developers. This tool is broadly used for third-party installation and its libraries to create dynamic software easily. The NuGet client tools work on the database of third-party components and let you consume more than 98,000 packages!

The best thing about NuGet’s .NET development services is that it helps download components, making the work smooth and in a flow with the design time and command line. The features can simply work on the system to automatically deploy with CI/CD.

3. LINQPad

It’s a lightweight extension that enables you to efficiently work on test cases of LINQ queries and other programs such as F#, C#, Visual Basic, etc. simply put, LINQPad is an excellent platform for instant feedback and prototyping. It comes with unique built-in features like the autocomplete and debugger, making workflow smooth and easy.

Moreover, if there is any clutter in the source code folder, you can easily organize that in Visual Studio with this tool. If you want to experiment with LINQ test code snippets before introducing them into your code, LINQPad is the perfect tool for you!

4. Chocolatey

Here comes one of the .NET web design tools specially designed and built for the Windows NT platform. It’s an execution engine and machine-level software package manager that helps you use the Windows PowerShell and NuGet packaging infrastructure to install software on Windows by providing an automation tool. The goal of Chocolatey is to make the process simple and enhance the overall experience for you.

Chocolatey has the most far-reaching online registry of Windows packages. This tool contains everything needed to run a software into one deployment artifact by encapsulating executables, installers, zips, and scripts into a composing package file.

5. NDepend

NDepend is another dynamic tool for .NET development solutions that helps you upgrade your codes using various metrics. As a Visual Studio extension, it works as a static analysis tool for various purposes, some of which are – optimizing codes, measuring their quality, visualizing its design, and accurately estimating the technical depth inside the IDE. Besides, it provides a custom questioning language to evaluate the app’s coupling and analyze how efficiently you conform to standards.

Hence, if hundreds or even thousands of issues affect your codebase, NDepend will most likely detect it. Fixing all those issues would be time-consuming and unproductive. NDepend can spare you from that hassle. It helps you by focusing on progress and estimate the technical debt evolution from the baseline.

Sounds super helpful, right?!

6. .NET Reflector

Even if you don’t have the source of the .NET code, this tool can help you decompile, understand, and fix it. It acts as a static analyzer for .NET frameworks and lets you easily step into third-party code and see what’s happening there. This knowledge, in return, provides you insights into APIs and enables you to develop improved applications.

7. SQL Complete

This tool is one of the advanced .NET development solutions for SQL database development, management, and administration. As an extension for Visual Studio and SSMS, this productivity tool improves the SQL Server Management Studio with several valuable features such as script generation, tab coloring, navigation, content age, and much more.

This fully customizable tool not only just enhances the quality of code but also simplifies the overall process of creating SQL inquiries with certain compelling features, such as – code completion for CTE, context-based code completion, suggestions of objects, managing false names, code highlighting, and so forth.

Winding Up!

Without a doubt, the dot net web design framework has gone to a new height, and there’s no way of coming back! The drag-drop and object orientation method have made it skyrocket in the world of asp net web application builder. Organizations worldwide are taking a leap in asp net application, turning out to be the paramount choice among them.

Therefore, to make things a bit easier for you, we have presented these top 7 asp development tools to help you make sure your project is going in the right direction.

Yet, if you’re still struggling to choose the best one, here’s a piece of advice for you – hire .net developers from agencies providing top-notch .net development services and take your project to the next level. At the end of the day, it is a worthwhile tactic to avail the best .net development solutions with ease!

Ultimately, one man’s lousy software is another man’s full-time job!

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