Top 4 Tips for Best Intranet Platforms That You Should Know



While the idea of incorporating an employee portal might give you anxiety, it is the future of work. As Covid-19 protocols forced employees to work remotely, the open-source movement is transforming the work culture. 

Today, companies are increasingly integrating the best intranet platforms to enhance the productivity of the workforce. The employee intranet portal is an important pillar in the framework of employee productivity. Communication tools in the workplace include cloud-based softwares that are easy to access and collaborate with, so users don’t juggle between platforms. Today intranet platforms like Slack, Skype and Microsoft Teams provide SMBs infinite flexibility. 

Since intranets are an essential organisational asset, choosing the right intranet software is critical. But, how do you pick the best corporate intranet that aligns with your organisation’s strategic goals? Here’s what you should consider while picking the best business intranet platforms. 

An immaculate way to share corporate Information 

For employees, the journey to receive correct Information can be confusing and troublesome. A good employee portal is seamless for management to share thoughts and Information within the organisation. The best corporate intranet portals are vital for employee engagement, from staff taking leaves to notifying workers with speed up memos. 

In addition, some intranet portals ensure the forum is the official source of corporate Information and updates. Therefore, choosing an easily accessible interface will increase adaptive tendencies among employees. Moreover, it’ll spare your employees frequent visits to the IT department. 

Inbuilt Content Management System 

An intranet platform connects you to colleagues- wherever and whenever. In a Harvard Business Review, employees today spend almost 80% of their time on collaborative activities and internal communications. Therefore, employers need to integrate a seamless and productive intranet platform today. 

Suppose you want your intranet to be packed with activity, collaboration and knowledge sharing exchanges. Thus, you’ll want to select an intranet solution that doesn’t provide content features but encourages that creation through a friendly user environment. 

Easy File Management Capabilities 

From small startups to multinational corporations, employees share countless files each day. A seamless intranet that offers an easy file management system simplifies efficiency and reduces communication mishaps. 

With functional file management attributes, you no longer have to send reminder emails or fear losing valuable documents. Instead, the right employee portal should merge essential files and announcements in a single place. 

Easy Search Navigation 

An impeccable search experience allows you to develop a more intuitive way for employees to navigate through an ocean of content. The intranet software with open-source enterprise-grade technologies allows users to create search experiences that follow user-specific information-seeking behaviours. 

An easy interface mentality helps you pick the best employee portal to align the workforce and change employees perspectives. There is an array to consider when choosing an intranet portal for employees. 


The adoption of the work-from-home lexicon presents new challenges for the management and workers. The right business intranet portals upscale your workforce without compromising the company’s culture and performance productivity.  

Jump-starting your intranet could lead to an incredibly rewarding experience for your organisation. 

Stay tuned for more updates on the best intranet platforms! 

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