Borja Escalona’s YouTube Channel Banned Just after Empanada Tantrum


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A screenshot of Spanish YouTuber Borja Escalona eating an empanadilla is shown.

A Spanish YouTuber who demanded free of charge foodstuff for featuring a bar in a livestream has develop into the most recent addition of the “Entitled Influencers Hall of Fame” and seemingly enraged an whole region in the course of action. When the bar wouldn’t present him a $2 empanada, he threatened to send out a $2,500 bill for “promotion”—all while on digital camera.

Last week, YouTuber and self-proclaimed influencer Borja Escalona—35,500 subscribers on YouTube (I’ll permit you make a decision no matter if which is adequate for influencer status or not)—decided to consume at the bar “A Tapa do Barril” in the metropolis of Vigo in northern Spain. He was executing a livestream for 3,700 fans on all the free foodstuff he could get in the town for the reason that of his on the internet following. He went in asking about the bar’s empanadillas, which in Spain is a form of empanada that is served cold, has a thick and crunchy exterior, and has straightforward fillings.

Following chatting with the Barril staff attending him, whom he decides to phone “Lucía” regardless of that not currently being her genuine title (it is Rebeca, but he didn’t hassle to talk to), Escalona will get an empanadilla. He extensively enjoys it and tells his followers about the most well-known flavors. When he moves to leave, Rebeca tells him that he has to fork out for his foodstuff, which prices €2.30, or roughly $2.35, much to Escalona’s shock.

“Well then, now we have a issue. Then I have to demand you for this marketing that I have just manufactured for you. It is heading to be a little bit more expensive,” he tells the Rebeca, who says Escalona can consider up the make any difference with her manager.

The YouTuber stated that he advised the server that he “only eats totally free things” appropriate just before taking a bite out of the empanadilla. Rebeca responds that she told him that the bar would not give him cost-free food simply because he was conversing to his followers on the livestream.

“I go close to showing off sites and selling them. I’m not going to fork out you €2 for this,” Escalona claims in the video, which had a lot more than 164,000 views at the time of publication.

Eventually, Escalona does choose to spend, though he does so while producing disgruntled faces at the camera. Rebeca apologizes, but suggests she’s just an personnel, not the manager, and yet again tells him to chat with her boss about finding the empanadilla for cost-free. In an obvious response to a remark on the livestream’s chat, in which an individual reported, “the assessments are coming,” Escalona explained to his followers to again off.

“Don’t start out to set negative critiques, really do not get started to place silly points on social media,” he stated.

The YouTuber States He’s Likely to Send Bar a $2,540 Invoice for Marketing It on YouTube 

Now, Escalona could have left it there and been performed with it, but this is a YouTuber with a background of producing conflict. In 2021, he was arrested for throwing an electric powered shaver at a woman’s facial area in Madrid and sending her to the healthcare facility.

Right after ending his empanadilla, Escalona addresses the employee once more.

“Here’s what is going to transpire. You all are likely to get an bill for the advertising that I just did, which will be €2.500 [roughly $2,540],” he explained. “My company will send out the bill, never fret.”

He moves to depart, but Rebeca, who clearly sounds upset, tells him that he’s threatening her and calls him out on his terrible behavior. Also, she suggests he’s basically telling her to pay him €2.500 and is placing her job in danger. Escalona is evidently laughing at the entire predicament, and defends himself by declaring that he will not be sending the invoice, his firm will. The YouTuber asks if she feels threatened, to which she replies that she did, and argues that he did not threaten her.

“Is that a menace? I consider that’s an explanation. It is portion of the negotiation with the enterprise,” he mentioned, prompting the employee to say that she’s not the firm.

The complete experience was accessible to perspective on Escalona’s YouTube channel in Spanish, but his account seems to have been banned. Clicking a backlink to the online video returns the message: “This video is no lengthier out there simply because the YouTube account associated with this online video has been terminated.” Gizmodo has attained out to Google, which owns YouTube, for confirmation and comment.

The Spanish On the net Community Rails Towards Escalona’s Conduct

Escalona’s conduct swiftly obtained steam in Spain and by Monday experienced gone viral, sparking protection in many of the country’s media stores and getting a trending topic on Spanish Twitter. People today on social media and YouTube expressed outrage, condemning him for laughing at blue collar staff and suggesting dining places place him on a blacklist to retain him from entering their institutions.

In a response posted to Instagram on August 10, A Tapa do Barril underlined that it experienced not agreed to any promotional deal with Escalona and that it had received dozens of damaging opinions on Google as a consequence of his online video from persons who had under no circumstances tasted its meals. The bar extra that it had also been given numerous phone calls from persons insulting it in modern days. In reaction to a Google evaluation, the bar’s owner defended Rebeca and praised her response and manners.

“Of training course Rebeca didn’t invite this boy to a free food,” the proprietor wrote. “My staff do the job in the support sector, but they are not servants or targets for anyone’s jokes. At no place did he ever make clear anything to Rebeca!”

A Tapa do Barril plans to report Escalona to the law enforcement, according to local outlet La Voz de Galicia.

Gizmodo achieved out to Google on Monday to inquire for comment on Escalona’s video, the obvious ban on his account, and irrespective of whether the enterprise had taken any action on the dozens of lousy assessments that flooded A Tapa do Barril’s webpage immediately after the incident.

Many of the just one-star assessments continue being on the bar’s Google page—they instantly cite Escalona’s online video as reason for producing—but its ranking stands 4.9 stars and appears to have been buoyed by various 5-star assessments from the community.

Escalona Asks for Forgiveness

Escalona responded to the controversy all around his conduct on Monday, putting up a livestream in which he seems to be crying, to the disbelief of lots of, and apologizing to “Spain in standard and primarily to the people today from A Tapa do Barril.” The YouTuber said that he’d been on the acquiring stop of bullying and dislike and feels unsafe leaving his household. According to Escalona, he and his spouse were being even kicked out of a cafe in Madrid simply because the manager didn’t want “undesirables.

“I’ve observed all sorts of remarks, all kinds of threats,” Escalona mentioned on Monday. “I’m already suffering from the bullying and tearing down of the total country towards me. I really don’t feel I should have all the things I’m likely by way of, but I hope this apology operates for you all, at minimum, to mitigate the harm I have carried out.”

Forgive me if I can only muster the world’s smallest violin. The influencer’s tantrum is the newest in the lengthy record of men and women with substantial followings—or who believe they have large followings—using their online fame to get at freebies, resulting in havoc for small business homeowners. Barbara Jones, founder and CEO of Outshine Expertise, a talent administration company that will work with influencers, explained to Gizmodo in an e mail that the situation elicited a “huge eye roll” from her. She claimed Escalona’s actions was unprofessional and obnoxious, adding that “unfortunately, there are some influencers who can spoil it for others.”

The only way the creator financial system performs, Jones claimed, is if it’s done in a experienced way all about.

“An arrangement for barter providers is Okay as lengthy as the deliverables are mutually agreed to in advance and it ought to be in creating. In this case in point, [Escalona] built the assumption that they should be lucky to have experienced the cost-free advertising, but you know what comes about when you assume, appropriate?” Jones mentioned. “What some of these influencers overlook is that there is an unrestricted pool of creators for these manufacturers to function with (and expanding day-to-day), and so if you think you are untouchable or that self-vital, you in all probability have to have to take a search in the mirror and reconsider your life alternatives.”

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