Buying Guide For Double Bladed Neopixel Lightsaber



You can never get enough of your favourite weapons as a Star Wars fan. Even if you own different lightsabers, you will still want to buy one more!

If your lightsaber collection needs a double-bladed neopixel lightsaber, one thing you know is there are so many options and variants. 

So, how do you pick the best sabre that transforms you into a Star Wars character?

It is difficult, but here is our buying guide to help you pick the weapon you have always wanted. 

Before we proceed with the tips to buy a double-bladed lightsaber, let us first discuss the features of this weapon. 

What are double-bladed lightsabers?

Double-bladed lightsabers are known by different names like Lightstaff, Saberstaff, Dualsaber, Lightsaber Lance, or Double Saber. 

Invented by the dark lords from the Star Wars universe, the double-bladed lightsaber features a sophisticated appearance. The distinctive feature of this blade is that it has dual blades at both ends of the hilt. 

Why is a Double Bladed Lightsaber Unique?

A double-bladed neopixel lightsaber is considered a unique defensive weapon because of the following reasons:

  • The attack rate is faster when using a double-bladed lightsaber.  
  • With minimum movement, it does more damage to the opponent. 
  • The surface area is increased with the double length of this lightsaber.
  • Apart from the practical benefits of the blade, it also has a psychological impact on the opponent with more intense light effects.  

The Downside

The saberstaff is very useful, but not every hand is meant for using it. 

  • The dualsaber undoubtedly renders more strength and power to the user, but using it efficiently requires a lot of practice and training. 
  • Without training, a dualsaber will be nothing but a liability. 
  • Using a double sabre means the user can only hold it diagonally or horizontally, making it difficult to readjust the posture during fights. 
  • With the proper training and techniques, a dualsaber is no less than a saviour. It proves to be very useful in group fights where the user has a lot of enemies to face.

Double-Bladed Neopixel Lightsaber: The Buying Guide

If you are looking for quality when you buy a double-bladed lightsaber, it might be a bit more expensive. 

However, for a Star Wars fan, spending on a weapon he loves is worth it. 

Here is a checklist of features that will guide you in buying a double-bladed neopixel lightsaber  


  • Most of the lightsabers in the market, including a double-bladed neopixel lightsaber, are battery-powered. 
  • The battery must provide sufficient power, enabling the use of sabres for extended use. 

Usage: Quality, Durability, and Reliability

  • It will be pleasant if the sabre does not support your moves or it breaks off even before you properly use it. 
  • You must be able to use the sabre efficiently, which depends on its quality and durability. 
  • In addition, a sabre manufactured using high-end products will provide resistance against damage by heavy use. 

Sound Effects

In addition to visual impacts, sound effects are important as well to make the experience with the blades more realistic. The best double-bladed neopixel lightsaber will always have synchronised sound effects with the visual effects.

Specifications of Saber

  • A perfect sabre should have perfection in every detail, including the design elements. 
  • Design elements should make the weapon replicas look real, making them another important consideration during its purchase. 


It is a real challenge to find lightsaber replicas that promise quality, comfort, and elegance together. It can be tough, but our guide makes it easier to find the sabre that resonates with your preference. 

Follow our checklist as you buy a new double-bladed neopixel lightsaber and complete your iconic Star Wars collection!

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