Cisco Interview Experience for Internship 2022-23 (On-Campus) Digital



Cisco not too long ago frequented the IIT BHU campus to give a 2-thirty day period internship for the future summer of 2023. An online coding spherical was performed on hacker rank. The spherical consisted of 2 coding challenges along with 40 MCQs. All around 700 students appeared for it.

On the net coding Spherical (1 hour 30 minutes): All of the normally applied coding languages such as C++, C, Python, Java, etcetera had been readily available. This spherical consisted of 40 MCQs and 2 Coding difficulties and we had been authorized to merely navigate concerning the thoughts.

  • Coding troubles: 1.) Concern was primarily based on Floyd Warshall algorithm / Dijkstra’s algorithm. 2.) This concern was also centered on Graphs and in this we were asked to spot some towers on nodes of a graph this kind of that every single node might have a tower or any adjacent node getting a tower. We were being questioned to output a minimal variety of such towers.
  • MCQs: There have been 40 MCQs and have been primarily based on subjects like Aptitude, OS, OOPs, and Laptop Networking.

Verdict of On the internet round: 40 students were shortlisted for interviews.

Acing Tactics: You must have a great knowledge of the fundamentals of Personal computers and some simple knowledge of networking.

I had 3 Interview Rounds (2 Specialized and 1 HR) immediately after qualifying on-line round.

Notice: If you don’t have any strategy about networking, you can nevertheless apparent the job interview. Just enable the interviewer know that at the start off of the job interview with some legitimate reasons (not nonetheless taught in the curriculum), acquiring some information of CN will definitely give you with an edge more than other folks.

Complex Round 1: (Period 50 mins): The interviewer requested me to introduce myself. He desired to know my tech stack and my regions of fascination. Enable me tell you, networking was not taught to us until the 4th semester, but i a handful of basic principles of laptop networking and this definitely assisted me edge more than other college students who have been not aware of pc networking. As he obtained to know, that I have an curiosity in networking, he asked me what matters I have explored as of now. Then he questioned me to demonstrate the phrase networking and the varieties of networks. He then questioned me about Peer to Peer and Shopper-server networks. He also requested me to make clear the positive aspects and down sides of both equally of them. He also asked me for an instance of peer to peer community in genuine everyday living. He also requested me about layering and switching in Networking. He requested me about the layering sample that operates in the operating of Google Chrome. Then we experienced project discussions. Then he questioned me to notify some situations of networking in OS. He questioned me about the OS that I use. Then he questioned me to clarify many techniques of inter-approach conversation methods amongst procedures in OS, Performing strategies of the concept queue. Then he asked me, about my favourite facts structure and I replied to the tree, Then he questioned me about some issues connected to trees. He also asked me to inform the STL container that utilizes trees in its inner implementation. He also questioned about the probability of seeking a number in O(1) complexity with any room complexity. Then we have some discussion on Info buildings and algorithms. No OOPs ended up questioned of me in this spherical. At last, he asked me, that if I experienced any concerns for him.

Verdict: 26 college students skilled for Complex spherical 2.

Specialized Spherical 2: (Period 60 mins): This spherical also commenced with my introduction of mine. He requested me to reveal my initiatives, their implementation, and what new challenges they remedy. I had a person venture as an e-commercial web-site that was centered on the Django backend. He requested me how, my site is distinctive from Significant sites like Flipkart, Amazon, etcetera. He then requested me to demonstrate the expression “operating system” to a layman. He asked me to clarify the time period semaphore and active waiting around. He requested me to clarify chaotic waiting employing serious-daily life illustrations. He also questioned me about mutex locks and paging procedures in OS. I permit him know that I have an desire in computer networking. He then asked me the adhering to inquiries in CN:-

  • Variance among switches and routers.
  • Quick working of routers
  • Layers in OSI reference design
  • In which layer routers and switches are current in the OSI product?
  • Operating of a few layers of the OSI product.
  • Several classes in IPV4 addressing.

Adhering to DSA thoughts were being requested:-

Adhering to OOPs, concerns were being asked:-

  • Variance concerning shallow copy and deep duplicate in oops.
  • Variance among copy constructer and copy assignment operator.
  • Clarify inheritance with genuine-existence illustrations.
  • Demonstrate the fatal diamond of loss of life problem and its answer.
  • Make clear the rewards and down sides of OOPs.



He then questioned me whether or not I have any inquiries for him.

Verdict: 16 college students qualified for the HR spherical.

HR Spherical: Duration(10 minutes): The round was largely educational. I was explained to about the stipend, and the work predicted of a summertime intern and requested about my projects and earlier internships. (As a suggestion, be confident that you have some know-how about the business). He requested me a couple of inquiries:

  • Title some competition of Cisco.
  • Inform any 2 present-day affairs connected to Cisco.
  • Co-curricular issues I do.
  • Pursuits
  • Choice get for the locale of internship (Bangalore, Pune, Chennai, and Hyderabad). Then he questioned me, why I opted for Bangalore as my 1st choice.
  • Any concerns?

Verdict: 8 learners were at last selected. And the good thing is, I was one particular of them.

Some suggestions:

  • Be typical with coding (Just apply much more).
  • For acing OOPs, and OS-related complications read through GFG content articles totally.
  • Finish all puzzles accessible on GFG.
  • At final have faith in oneself and almighty god.

Excellent Luck!

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