Connecting With Snowflake Employing MuleSoft Connector



Making use of readily available MuleSoft connectors, there are a few ways that we can use to work on the Snowflake platform:

  • Making use of MuleSoft Snowflake Connector
  • Employing DataSource with MuleSoft Databases connector
  • With MuleSoft connector with database generic link

All the over have their positive aspects in planning a relationship with Snowflake as a supply procedure, which we will talk about in the sections below.

Maven Snowflake Driver Dependency

The down below Maven dependency wants to be used in all a few eventualities. It downloads the Snowflake driver in the task, which will be utilised to prepare a relationship with the Snowflake occasion.


It gives classes that are used in the unique approach to producing connections.

Driver’s course for (MuleSoft Connectors):

  • DataSource configuration utilized from Driver: “bridges.SnowflakeBasicDataSource”
  • Databases generic and Snowflake connector : “internet.snowflake.consumer.jdbc.SnowflakeDriver”

The homes that we supply in the configuration file are as follows:

  url: "jdbc:snowflake://"
  url_full : "jdbc:snowflake://"
  username : ""
  function : "ACCOUNTADMIN"
  warehouse : "COMPUTE_WH"
  schema : "MONTREAL"
  database : "MULESOFT"
  password: ""

Making use of MuleSoft Snowflake Connector 

Under is the instance we will use to build a relationship from the MuleSoft Snowflake connector. MuleSoft Snowflake connector is highly optimized and able to accomplish the important configuration to perform authentication and operations with Snowflake.


Upcoming, right here is the flow which we have configured to validate the relationship employing Snowflake:

The procedure higher than is to collect info from the Snowflake table centered on the function, and executed as predicted.

As we crank out an function on Snowflake to validate Snowflake connector configurations, it executed the operation with achievement, as noticed underneath.

Generate an event on Snowflake

Working with Knowledge Source With MuleSoft Database Connector

This is a flexible technique to execute configuration for essential proxy/security parameters to make a relationship with Snowflake. In various eventualities to connect with business methods, we need to configure certificates or routing parameters to prepare a link with a system that is lying underneath the protected zone. In these kinds of scenarios, it delivers feasibility to configure essential parameters which can be supplied to the process to authenticate efficiently.

Configure DataSource With Beans (Spring)

Under is the sample of code snippets that will be applied to configure the DataSource. In the underneath sample, we are offering all required values to the driver to make connections with the source (Snowflake). As said above, we can offer certificates or security parameters based mostly on desire.


The range under displays how to import beans.xml file to the MuleSoft movement.

The following section displays how to refer DataSource configured in the beans file in MuleSoft Database Connector.


Database Config

Following finishing the previously mentioned configuration, now let’s validate the link. It functions as expected with a thriving consequence.

Successful result of validating the connection

MuleSoft Connector With Databases Generic Relationship

This is one generic technique to carrying out a link with any underlying databases configuration. In the under code part, we have to have to offer the vital parameters to make connections using the Snowflake driver. It operates as very simple as a JDBC relationship, which we can see while crafting code in Java.

For much more data, we can examine out MuleSoft Database Connector.



Earlier mentioned, we can locate the configuration parameters which need to have to provide to prepare generic connections with Snowflake.

Movie Demo

Look at the demo underneath for much more about MuleSoft integration with Snowflake.

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