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The dust2 map should be the most famous map in CS:GO. If you want to get more victories in this map, it is very important to understand callouts dust 2. Remember that callouts dust 2 can make you and your teammates better. Communication, it is not easy for many players to remember these callouts, the following editor divides callouts dust 2 into three parts to introduce,

Hoping to help everyone remember csgo callouts dust 2 faster.

Dust 2 A Site Callouts

Dust 2 A Site Callouts

A Short

A Short is the area connecting mid and A bombsite, where Counter-Strike spawns .

Short Stairs

set of Short Stairs connecting the Catwalk to A Short .

Long Doors

Long Doors is a double door. Terrorists enter the entrance of Site A. Counter-Strike can compete for this position from A long and long corner .

A Long

A Long is the area directly connecting Long Doors and A Site . It is a narrow area . There is almost no cover when passing through this area , so smoke can be used to block the line of sight.

Long Corner

Long Corne is a corner near A Long where Counter-Strikes can use their rifles to take on Long Doors enemies.


crate is a large blue crate that can be seen directly across from the Long Doors entrance , where the Counter-Strike can hide .


Pit is a downward sloping area where you can stay when entering A Long from the Long Doors.

Side Pit

Side Pit is the Callouts on the left side of Side Pit , which is the area between Long Doors and Pit, where terrorists can monitor lurkers through Long Doors .

Pit Plat

Pit Plat is the Callouts in the area on the right side of the Pit , where you can directly see the factory area .

A Cross

A Cross is the intersection area between A long , A site , and CT Spawn , and this area can be seen from multiple angles.

A Car

A Car is a car to the right of the A long, which is a common position when defending A shorts and A longs .


The Elevator is a corner near CT Spawn , which is a common location for Counter-Strike to recapture A site and reach the platform .


Platform is a platform on A site , which is the area between the bomb site and A short .

Short Boost

This is a set of boxes outside the CT Spawn on the A side that Counter-Strike can use to instantly reach the A short .


Default is a common plant spot on A site , located on the edge of the raised platform, which can provide sightlines from multiple angles .

A Ramp

the sloped area connecting A Site to A Long .


group of barrels at the corner of the A ramp provides good cover.


goose graffiti on the wall behind A Site and Barrels , a common AWP player location and a hideout for A short players .


Ninja is a hidden hole behind a bunch of boxes near A short , and is a good hideout for Counter-Strike .

B Site Dust 2 Callouts

B Site Dust 2 Callouts

B Doors

B Doors are the set of doors that separate the B Site from the CT spawn , where Counter-Strike can get a good look at where the Tunnels are located.


Tunnels is the main entrance connecting T-spawn and B Site , and it is a relatively large area .


Close is the left corner when the player leaves Tunnels and enters B Site , this area is a good ambush location.


The Fence is another cheeky place, a bit far from close. This is called a fence because it’s actually a fenced area. The players in the B tunnel are invisible and can only be seen after entering the site.

B Car

Like the A site , there is a vehicle on the B site , which is located on the right side of the tunnel and can be used as a defensive position for the Counter-Strike .


Closet is the corner next to the B Car , which is a location that both parties can use to hide.

B Platform

B Platform is the platform near the planting area of the B site , which can be seen from the entrance of the tunnel .

Back Plat

Back Plat is B The part behind the Platform is also an excellent hiding place for both parties .


Default is located next to the brick wall under the B window, suitable for placing bombs.

B window

The B window is a window on the brick wall leading to CT Mid , at the corner of the B site .

Double stack

Double stack is two chests stacked on top of each other on the B site .

Big Box

Big Box is a crate directly in front of the platform and the B site .


Scaffolding is the area behind the B window, which is also a common hiding place.

B Boxes

B Boxes are a set of boxes outside the B Doors where players can wait for opponents moving from B Site to CT Mid .

Dust 2 Mid Callouts

Dust 2 Mid Callouts


Mid is the middle part of the csgo callouts dust 2 map , which distinguishes the passage between CT Mid and T Spawn. This is a relatively large area , from Mid Doors to Top Mid.


T-spawn is the spawn point for terrorists .


Suicide is the area directly in front of the T -spawn ‘s window s , and Counter-Strike has been monitoring this location .

Middle Doors

Mid Doors are a set of doors located in the Mid that give an excellent angle to Counter-Strike .

Top Mid

Top Mid is the upper area of Mid Doors , connecting Suicide, Mid, Catwalk and Outside Long.

Right Side Mid

Right Side Mid is located on the other side of Top Mid, which can usually be used as a hiding point when throwing smoke .


Pole /Palm is pointing to the upper edge of the runway, there was a palm tree here in the early days of the Dust 2 map , it is also called Pole now because there is a Pole here now.


Xbox is a giant box near the door that can be used to enter Mid from the Lower Tunnels .


Catwalk connects Top Mid to A Short as well as A Site, enemies at the door can see you walking through this area.

Lower Tunnels

Lower Tunnels

Another part of the Lower Tunnels, connected to the mid, leads directly to the upper tunnels .

CT Mid

CT Mid is the open area between CT Spawn and B Site .

CT Spawn

CT Spawn is where Counter-Strike spawns , is located directly below A short and can only be accessed via Mid.

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