Possessing These 7 Skills Would Make You a Successful Data Scientist!

Every job role or position demands a certain skill set. So is the case with Data Scientists, which has turned out to be an in-demand profession. The demand for Data Scientists is increasing with each passing day. This has led to numerous students aspiring to become a Data Scientist. No doubt that this happens to be an enticing career path; however, before plunging in, it is necessary for such aspirants to know and acquire the most in-demand data science skills. Having the desired skills would help in carving the path towards success.


So, which are these must have skills to become a Data Scientist? Or let’s say, which are the hot Data Scientist skills 2021?  Well, let’s go ahead and check them out.

·         Hot in-demand Data Scientist skills 2021


1.       Coding

This one can be called as one of the most basic skills which a data scientist should possess.   One needs to possess knowledge of various programming languages such as C/C++, Python, Perl, Java and SQL. Amongst these, Python is the most widely deployed programming language needed in data science job roles.

These programming languages facilitate the data scientists in organizing unstructured data sets. Therefore, it becomes important to have working knowledge of these programming languages. It would make your daily job easier as a Data Scientist.

2.       Visualization of data

A vast amount of data is produced by the business world on a frequent basis. Such data got to be transformed into a format that will be easy to understand. Eg. as compared to raw data, people naturally tend to comprehend pictures in the form of graphs and charts in a better manner. The visual medium is considered to be more effective as compared to text or words.

Being a data scientist, one got to have the capability to visualize data using tools such as d3.js and Matplotlib, Tableau, and g plot. Tools like this help to transform complex results from your project into a format that will be easier to understand. The fact is that majority of people are unable to comprehend serial correlation or p values. Therefore, one needs to show them in a visual manner, as to what is the significance of those terms in your results.

With data visualization, organizations get a chance to work with the data in a direct manner. They can grasp insights in a quick manner, which would help them to work on new business opportunities and stay in front in the cut throat competition.

In order to learn data visualization and other such essential skills, look for a top data science course   in Pune or elsewhere, and join it.

Going forward, let’s take a look at some more skills that would make one a successful data scientist.

3.       Effective communication skills

As expected, communication is one of the important and a must have skill. Data scientists are used to things like extracting, comprehending and analysing data. But, for tasting success in your role, and if your organization is to benefit from your services, a data scientist should be able to successfully communicate the findings with the team members who do not come from the same professional background like yourself.

4.       Teamwork

Get one thing clear. A data scientist cannot work on his own. A data scientist has to work in collaboration with the company executives in order to come up with different strategies, associate with designers and product managers in order to develop better products, work with server and client software developers for creation of data pipelines and improving the workflow, join hands with marketers to deploy better-converting campaigns. A data scientist will actually have to work in sync with everyone in the organization, not to forget the customers.

Going further, as a data scientist, one would be collaborating with the team members to develop use cases so as to identify the business goals and the data that would be necessary to resolve the problems faced. A right approach and perspective would also be needed so as to know how to address the use cases, the data which is required to resolve the problem, and the technique to translate and put forth the result into what can be comprehended with ease by all those involved.  

5.       High level of data intuition

This one can be termed as one of the most significant non-technical skill a data scientist should have. Precious data insights are not evident each and every time, particularly in case of large data sets. An intellectual data scientist is one who has an intuition and is aware when to look beneath the surface in order to get some insightful information. Having such an intuition increases the work efficiency of data scientists. This skill can be acquired through experience and proper kind of training. As far as the training goes, it would be wise to choose one amongst the best course for data science. So, go through those available, and choose the right one. Talking about experience, bootcamps are an effective way of sparkling it.

6.       SQL coding/database

Although, NoSQL and Hadoop have turned out to be a major chunk of data science, it is still expected that it is possible for an individual to write and execute SQL complex queries. Structured Query Language – SQL is a programming language that would aid in carrying out operations such as add, delete and also filter out data from a particular database. Likewise, performing analytical functions and transforming database structures also becomes feasible.

A person therefore needs to be proficient in SQL, as a data scientist. The reason being, SQL is particularly designed to facilitate accessing, communication and working on data. It provides an insight as to when to make use of it, to fire a query to the database. SQL has got concise commands that come in handy in reducing the time and also lessening the amount of coding one needs to carry out to perform difficult queries. Knowing SQL will help in having knowledge of relational databases and thus take your profile as a data scientist to the next level.

7.       Knowledge of analytical tools like SAS etc.

Knowledge and understanding of analytical tools is a utility skill to possess as a data scientist. It will help a data scientist in filtering out useful and valuable information from an organized data set. Tools such as Spark, SAS, R, Hadoop etc. are some of the popular and most widely used data analytical tools which the data scientists make use of. Becoming certified would put forth your proficiency in these analytical tools and also help acquire this vital data scientist skill.


Now that this information is at your hand, the aspirants now know which skills to acquire, in order to become a successful and professional data scientist. Data science classes in Pune or in your city is where you can get trained on these skills and the data science concepts. Acquiring these most in-demand data science skills would mean half the job done!  What remains is getting a job and implementing these learned skills. Once you do this, no one can stop you and your career from growing, and going leaps and bounds.

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