Decware SuperZen Triode Model SE84UFO2: The Audiophile Method Builder



Above the previous 23 a long time, I have had the opportunity to listen to a lot more solutions than I can quite possibly don’t forget the really excellent ones that remaining this kind of an effect that I contemplated advertising an organ or receiving a 3rd task — I would say that range is less than 20. The Decware SuperZen Triode will make that checklist with out as well a great deal work.

None of them ended up weird searching or so outlandish that I lay in mattress at night sweating next to my spouse understanding that she would divorce me (yet again) if I created the decision to receive a person. Practically nothing appears to be like sexier than a restored pair of Quad ESLs or MartinLogan CLZ IIz in a submit-present day living area. Having owned a Wavelength Audio Duetto, Fi X, and Emotive Audio Sira, it is good to say that I am someone who enjoys a fantastic light display.

I have just by no means had a great deal of luck with tube gear that has tested pretty trustworthy the real truth is that the tubes were virtually normally the perpetrator and that consists of some Western Electric 300Bs that detonated for no apparent rationale and I balked at expending over $800 (more than 20 decades ago) to substitute them. Cheap Russian 300B replacements lasted two years before I bought the amplifier.

The Unison Research Triode 25 Integrated Amplifier at present under evaluate seems absolutely stellar and I’m instead smitten. 1 of the tubes presently set on a odd glow and the crackle by means of my Q Acoustics 3050i proved to be nothing at all.


Reliability is massive and which is what you get when you get from Decware.

When you buy a SuperZen Triode amplifier you get sturdiness, tubes that really do not get driven so challenging that they die in months, and wonderful seem excellent.

The Decware SuperZen Triode is a handmade 2.3 watts/channel tube amplifier that hits considerably tougher than its power ranking would suggest in a scaled-down area or property business office. There are two pairs of RCA inputs, and it is available with various unique bases for supplemental value.

It is created incredibly well by a company that has this kind of a cult next that the waiting list is finding for a longer period and more time with each and every passing working day.

Just how very long? Probably 8 months prior to your buy receives constructed. Or even for a longer period right after using a new appear at the waiting around list.

The amplifier has a somewhat non-standard glimpse (12”D x 6”W x 8”H) and certainly will become the focal position of any technique equally aesthetically and sonically.

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DecWare SuperZen Triod SE84UFO2

It’s unusual to locate their products and solutions on the “used” marketplace and they do not past additional than a day when just one pops up. $1,395 for this 18-pound amplifier that has a life span guarantee and provides fairly remarkable general performance at this selling price.

Made in The us to incredibly substantial requirements and I’ve under no circumstances heard a solitary Decware amplifier that did not sound good with higher sensitivity loudspeakers.

They also stand by their goods, offer you outstanding shopper company, and their amplifiers don’t use super highly-priced exotic tubes that price a fortune to swap. 

The Decware SuperZen Triode Model SE84UFO2 is delivered with premium quality NOS 6P15P-EV output tubes with gold grids rated at more than 5000 several hours. These Russian navy spec tubes are the leading quality of what we came to know in this state for a quick spell as the SV83. You can also use EL84 tubes in this amp.

What makes the Decware SuperZen Triode this kind of a fantastic amplifier is that it gets the basics suitable high-quality circuit layout, very good iron, affordable tubes, and fantastic reliability.

For a tube amplifier, it doesn’t dedicate the common sins of rolling off the leading end or sounding a little bit gentle in the bottom. Pair it with the proper pair of loudspeakers and it can make a huge soundstage and layers of beautiful new music in your area.

Peruvian Pollo a la Brasa

Listening to new music through the SuperZen Triode is even better with some Peruvian Pollo a la Brasa, french fries, and sizzling green sauce. Clean it down with a chilly Inca Cola or Pillsen Callao.

Single Driver Heaven


Omega Speaker Systems have a pretty loyal adhering to because they offer you bespoke high-sensitivity loudspeakers that supply incredible performance and craftsmanship. Louis Chochos is a detail-oriented designer and builder who features exceptional client company and is ready to get the job done with just about every consumer to make guaranteed they get the “right” loudspeaker for their certain scenario. He builds lovely wanting cabinets that are designed to final. 

The CAM (Compact Alnico Keep an eye on) do not have the slam of the now discontinued Zu Audio Cubes, but they are overflowing with texture and undoubtedly a lot more laid back sounding which may be preferable in a nearfield listening predicament. They are “compact” in comparison to other Omega models, but they are definitely not little loudspeakers (16”H x 12”W x 8.5”D) that will vanish on your desktop.


They can be requested with the bass port on the rear/entrance of the cabinet relying on your established-up site. They operate definitely well in a bookcase with the port on the entrance of the cupboard. The 94.5 dB (8 ohms) sensitivity ranking tends to make them suitable for the Decware amplifier.

Alternative Loudspeaker

Not anyone would like to shell out one more $1,495 on a pair of loudspeakers following shopping for the SuperZen Triode, and most of the single-driver loudspeakers have a tendency to be on the more substantial side which would make the desktop program scenario virtually impossible.

2.5 watts is not a great deal of electricity and that does restrict your alternatives — but that doesn’t necessarily mean that there are none.

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Wharfedale Diamond 12.1 Bookshelf Loudspeaker in light oak
Wharfedale Diamond 12.1s

Wharfedale has changed my beloved Diamond 10.1s which I however use in my office environment with the new Diamond 12 versions and we are large supporters of the Diamond 12.1 bookshelf loudspeakers and have coated them thoroughly you can read through our program developing suggestions right here and go through my comprehensive evaluation as well.

The Diamond 10.1s certainly labored with the SuperZen Triode on the desktop as prolonged as you’re not looking for everything extra than conversation degree quantity and I suspect that the more recent 12.1s will do the job as properly.

You could also add a REL T Zero MKIII Subwoofer to this method which would allow you to generate the loudspeakers above 100Hz with the Decware and we suspect that might perform ever superior and it would however be $500 a lot less than the Omega CAMs.


There are a vast vary of DACs and streamers that function very well such as the AudioQuest DragonFly Cobalt (which you can use individually as your headphone amplifier), Andover Audio Songbird/Schiit Audio Modi 3 Multibit DAC combination, or Cambridge Audio CXN V2 streamer/DAC. 

Yet another exceptional network streamer that keeps the charge down is the model new Bluesound NODE which keeps issues really very simple as it currently has an inside DAC. $599 and accessibility to all of the significant streaming platforms.

The Decware just about screams out for a superior classic turntable and we’re enormous fans of the restored Thorens turntables by Vinyl Nirvana which is based in New Hampshire.

Choose either the Croft Acoustics or Moon by SimAudio phono phase from our list of favourite audiophile phono preamps and you have a quite substantial-end method for beneath $7,000.

If you call for a CD player because you really do not do the streaming factor or gave up on vinyl playback, the Marantz CD60 is a really great selection for the SuperZen Triode.

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