EAT’s C-Dur Turntable Answers Your Vinyl Prayers



10 years into the vinyl revolution, the seemingly unlimited river of high-end audio turntables carries on to bring us new and impressive choices. The people at Pro-Ject have had their finger on the pulse of the market place from the beginning and that incorporates placing their sources several years in the past driving items like the Consume C-Dur Turntable.

Whether you are seeking for something affordable or the ultimate higher-end, there are turntables out there that can suit your desires or style. 

EAT C-Dur Turntable in Satin Black

With that in mind, Try to eat (European Audio Team) has introduced its most recent turntable that can be packaged with their award-winning Jo No.5 MC cartridge.


The Eat C-Dur has a elegant, classy appear. Obtainable with either a black satin or large gloss plum finish, it enhances any household or audio area decor. 

The C-Dur’s design and style borrows from the Consume Forte turntable but is extra compact. As a end result, it offers smooth movement with out perceivable rumble. This means much better excellent vinyl history audio listening. 

EAT C-Dur Turntable Front


Although numerous turntables go for lightweight development options, Eat goes hefty with the C-Dur starting with an MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) base. From there, C-Dur features a  5.2 kg aluminum platter that sits on a 900g aluminum sub-platter that is resonance-totally free with supplemental support from the principal bearing that contributes to guaranteeing silent playback with exact speeds. 

A mass-loaded 1.8 kg bearing block is also integrated that uses a polished stainless-steel spindle with a ceramic ball on the prime. This assembly in combination with a Teflon plate as a bearing mirror offers supplemental damping with sleek movement and no rumble. 


EAT C-Dur Tonearm

The Take in C-Dur features a 10-inch C-Be aware Tonearm which not only appears to be like excellent but is precisely engineered to fulfill its function in supporting a cartridge to provide audio to your ears. 

The C-Note tonearm brings together a rigid, small-mass carbon fiber tube with an aluminum headshell that supports rigidity and minimal resonance.

Within the tonearm is a particular silicon-based mostly grease to dampen the tonearm/cartridge resonances by far more than 50%.

A semi-well balanced 5-pin DIN to RCA cable is integrated for sound sign delivery to the turntable’s audio outputs. Consumers can also enhance to a well balanced phono cable for entirely well balanced signal transmission.

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The C-Dur incorporates an extremely-very low-sounds motor that is isolated and positioned into a metal ring that is mounted in the chassis. 

An external DC electric power provide unit with an AC generator creates total clear electric power for the motor. A specific anti-static polished rubber belt connects the motor with the aluminum sub-platter.  Digital velocity command is found on the leading plate.

EAT C-Dur Plum Controls

Tip: The C-Dur is a belt generate turntable.


The unsung hero of a superior turntable is its toes. The C-Dur’s toes isolate the turntable from the surface area it is placed on lowering the risk of acoustical comments.  The toes are able to take up power with its TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomers) insert.

Technical specs

  • Nominal speeds: 33/45 rpm
  • Velocity variance: 33 1/3 rpm: ± < 0.08% 45rpm: ± < 0.09%
  • Wow & flutter: 33 1/3 rpm: ± < 0.01% 45rpm: ± < 0.01%
  • Signal to noise: –70 dB
  • Downforce range: 0–30 mN (millinewtons)
  • Supplied counterweights: 5-13g cartridges
  • Effective tonearm mass: 16.5 g
  • Effective tonearm length: 254 mm/10-inches
  • Overhang: 16 mm
  • Power consumption: 8.5 W max/ 0.5W standby
  • Voltage: Universal power supply 15 V DC/1.6 A
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 496x170x396 mm/19.53×6.7×15.6-inches (closed lid), 496x475x396 mm/19.53×18.7×15.6-inches (open lid)
  • Weight: 15.6kg/34.4 pounds

Pricing and Availability

EAT provides for purchase option for C-Dur Turntable:

  • Satin Black Finish: MSRP $3,799 (w/o cartridge) 
  • High Gloss Plum Finish: MSRP: $4,499 (w/o cartridge)
  • High Gloss Plum Finish: MSRP: $5,299 (w/Jo No. 5 Moving Coil cartridge).

The EAT C-Dur is available in the U.S. through authorized dealers of Vana Distributing. 

EAT C Jo. No.5 phon cartidge

Jo No.5 Cartridge Specifications

  • Type: Moving Coil
  • Stylus: Nude Fine Line
  • Cartridge Weight: 15 g
  • Stylus Tip Radius:8/40 μm
  • Frequency Response: 20 – 26.000 Hz ±1.5dB
  • Output Voltage at 1 kHz: 5cm/sec. 0.33 mV
  • Channel Separation at 1 kHz:>25dB
  • Channel Separation at 1 kHz: >16dB
  • Tracking Force Variety: 2.2-2.5 g (22-25 mN)
  • Monitoring Force Proposed: 2.4 g (24 mN)
  • Tracking Angle: 20°
  • Coil Wire: Pure 4N copper
  • Advisable Load Impedance: > 20 ohms
  • Inner Impedance/DC Resistance: 5 ohms

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