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Export is the most vital indicator of the results of using Stripo.email from the level of view of user expertise.

For us, it means that the consumer is satisfied with the end result and what he did in the editor he wants to use in mailings. So far, in spite of the absence of marketing, this quantity is growing rapidly.

If Stripo, in contrast to eSputnik, limitations the scope of its obligation to create an email, then we must choose treatment that the import of the final result is as convenient as possible in any process of the entire world.

The common way of exporting is exporting to HTML. With an email template, you want to transfer all the shots and designs. We do the following:

  • delete all support kinds and tags
  • &#13

  • miss out on the e mail by CSS inliner
  • &#13

  • get ready the archive in which all the shots and variants of the email are saved:
    a) HTML with relative inbound links to images from the pictures folder, exactly where we put them
    b) HTML with back links to pictures that are saved with us
    c) compressed HTML — with deleted formatting factors to change its dimension.
  • &#13

Items b) and c) are nonetheless beneath development.

With unloading into an additional system it is even a lot more difficult — there it is necessary not only to transfer HTML, but also to adapt it to this process.

Standard features of adaptation:

  • the format of the e-mail adapted for the system editor
  • &#13

  • company inbound links, these kinds of as «browsing in the browser» or «unsubscribe»
  • &#13

  • personalization, for illustration,%FIRSTNAME%, foreach, ….
  • &#13

  • shots would preferably be poured into the process into which the import would be.
  • &#13

Regrettably, the guidelines of adaptation are not for anyone. The problem is best with MailChimp, there is an mc:edit tag and typically fantastic documentation. For that reason, an email saved from Stripo to MailChimp can be easily adjusted in the MailChimp code editor with no direct encoding HTML. It’s amazing in my opinion. Specially cool, since the growth of such users is growing, which suggests that individuals are completely ready to tolerate the inconvenience of using an additional procedure as an alternative of MailChimp, which usually means that we are already fixing a lot more jobs appropriate now.

But the issue with personalization and pictures we have not but made the decision. But be sure to do it. It’s simple, you must to start with add elements for personalization to the interface, and for now, we are collecting techniques that are generally applied for export. Nowadays the most well-liked MailChimp, then GetResponse360. But the most frequent is still HTML and this indicates that there is no such process that the user demands on our listing. In eSputnik pretty much do not help save, for the reason that the similar editor is fully built-in there ? While the updates are delayed for just one or two weeks until eventually integration and screening take place.

In the around future, we will insert the option to leave an application for integration, if such we do not still have.

The simplest way is to integrate with programs that have oAuth authentication. We add these guys for the duration of the day. But if the integration is some unusual, then lengthier.

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