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Friday the 13th and Halloween are the “scariest” days of the year.

Given that Halloween is a fixed holiday, users always expect something “funnily spooky” in their inboxes on that day. So you don’t really “scare” them. But Friday the 13th is a floating holiday. This is when you can really surprise your customers.

In this post, we will share examples and subject lines for the best Friday the 13th emails.

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The best examples of Friday the 13th emails

Here, we will share just 10 best, in our opinion, examples. We hope they will get you inspired to start on your own Friday the 13th email campaign right away. 

Example 1. Black Cats 

Sender: Attitude Clothing.

What can be scarier than Friday the 13th itself? Meeting a black cat on this day is.

Design Of Friday the 13th Emails

(Source: Email-Competitors)

What I liked about this email is that they offered 13% OFF on all product items. And the code also includes the number “13”.

Example 2. GIFs in the Friday the 13th email campaigns

Sender: Stripo.

Last year, our Friday the 13th email was widely discussed in the email marketing communities.

(Source: Email from Stripo)

The design of the email was pretty simple — however, recipients liked it for its GIF.

Example 3. Scary eyes that are watching you  

Sender: Attitude Clothing.

It’s not a Black Friday, it’s Friday the 13th. But black banners work fine here, too. 

Friday the 13th Email Examples_Design

(Source: Email-Competitors)

I loved the idea of the green eyes watching us. Looks like it is a black cat looking at us.

Example 4. Make Friday the 13th campaigns less “scary”

Sender: bonprix.

Don’t feel like scaring your customers? Send them a sweet kind email.

Friday the 13th Emails Sweet Design

(Source: Email from bonprix)

I liked the design — it’s light and airy. And the black cat reminds us of the holiday.

Example 5. Break the rules with the design that is not even remotely related to Friday the 13th

Sender: Eckler’s Corvette.

The design of the email has nothing to do with Friday the 13th. But the numbers keep on reminding us about the holiday.

Timers in Friday the 13th Email Campaigns

(Source: Email from Eckler’s Corvette)

It says there are 13 hours left until the end of the sale. And the photo of the clock fits in very well.

Example 6. Truly scary design

Sender: Attitude Clothing.

It does not matter if you’ve seen the movie or not, the image of the mask scares you a lot. Especially when it goes with the word “Massacre”. 

Scary Design for Friday the 13th Emails

(Source: Email-Competitors)

Luckily, it is about prices.

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Example 7. “Bloody” banners

Sender: Attitude Clothing.

Even though it sounds pretty scary, it does not look that way.

Friday the 13th Email Examples_Focus on Design

(Source: Email-Competitors)

Bright letters that look “bloody” and dark design — it all looks pretty interesting and matches the entire concept of the holiday.

Example 8. Banners with no images

Sender: Attitude Clothing.

No photos at all. Just letters. Looks nice to me.

Banners for Friday 13th Emails

(Source: Email-Competitors)

Example 9. Having fun 


With Friday the 13th emails, we want to entertain our users. Why not let them have some fun?

Funny Email Examples_Friday the 13th

(Source: Email-Competitors)

Some believe that the number 13 brings bad luck. Show your users that it can bring them good luck instead. Let them play and win.

Example 10. The Friday 13th email digest

Do you know your users well? If you do, send an email with a compilation of the “Friday the 13th” movies to horror enthusiasts.

Friday 13th Email Templates_Stripo

Use this Friday the 13th email template to entertain recipients on this day

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Looking at the examples above, you must have noticed that all the Friday the 13th emails are focused on the design. Not really many photos of products. 

Examples of the Friday the 13th email subject lines

Here we are going to share the 15 best email subject lines for Friday the 13th emails.

  • Friday 13th – Extra 13% Off Sale Until Midnight! — Attitude Clothing.

  • Friday the Hannateenth — Chubbies.

  • Happy Friday 13th. Nothing unlucky about today — GPS City.

  • Friday the NAMEteenth — Chubbies.

  • Friday 13th = the new lucky! — bonprix.

  • Friday the 13th jackpot inside — Chubbies.

  • Today Only! Get 13% OFF Sitewide – Use Code: FRIDAY13 — Attitude Clothing.

  • TFI Friday… the 13th! Get 13% OFF sitewide — Attitude Clothing.

  • Make Friday the 13th your lucky day! — The Celtic Manor Resort.

  • It’s your lucky day! All Calendars £13 for one day only ✨ — PhotoBox.

  • Black Friday the 13th… 20% OFF everything! — Attitude Clothing.

  • Feeling lucky? Open me for a chance to win… —

  • Friday 13th – we’re in a flap! — Hotel Chocolat UK.

  • 13% EXTRA: Special offer for Friday 13th! — La Redoute.

  • It’s Friday13th! Save 13% For 13 Hours — Eckler’s Corvette.

  • Feeling Lucky? — bonprix.

  • Horror Day! Friday 13th Deals [Massive Savings] — Zavvi.

As you can see, most of them focus on the number 13. Some focus on luck, though.

Final thoughts

Friday the 13th is not about fear. It is about some fun. At least, you can try to make your users’ day better — make them smile with your engaging emails.

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