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Whether you’re a young online artist or a full-fledged art gallery looking for visitors, you want to be known. Online space is the best option, and email marketing is a great audience-building tool. However, in order to build an audience and convert it, your artist emails must be special and take into account certain nuances of the industry. And that’s what we’ll talk about in this article.

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Preparation stage

Before you start your email campaign, you need to know to who you are going to send emails. Building your contact list is the initial process of any email campaign and you should also start from there.

The main source of email addresses for your contact list is your personal website or the website of a gallery that you own. You can collect emails using various subscription forms. 

Email Art_Subscription Form

(Source: Madam Tussaud’s)

Beyond that, don’t neglect social media, which are also great for populating your contact list and redirecting traffic to your website (where the audience will provide their emails).

Types of emails for art galleries

So, you have gathered your unrivaled audience, to which you are going to send your emails. It’s time to talk about the main types of emails that you can use in your campaign to promote your art and cultural institutions.

Type 1. Announcement and invitation emails

Emails that inform and invite you to upcoming art shows and competitions, shows, and artist panels are one of the main ways to convert your audience into visitors.

Indicate in the email the location of the event, a brief synopsis of what awaits visitors. If this is some kind of art competition, indicate the prize that the winner gets. All this will show your audience the value of the event and why it is worth attending.

A great example of such an email is the invitation to the Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize from the National Portrait Gallery. The email briefly describes the event, deadlines and the main prize for the winner.

Event invitation email for art galleries

(Source: Email-competitors)

Type 2. Emails with relevant news

Keep your audience always updated about both local and international art news. These can be email updates about various upcoming exhibitions, installations, local events, premium or limited editions, etc. For example, the contemporary art gallery Sadie Coles regularly publishes news in its emails not only about its upcoming events but also about various shows and exhibitions in the world.

News art email

(Source: Email-competitors)

Type 3. Teaser emails

People love various behind-the-scenes secrets and sneak peeks of what’s to come in the future. So why not use it to your advantage? By sending teaser emails, you can easily arouse people’s interest and prepare them for new exhibitions or paintings that you are going to present. For example, the Dallas Museum of Art recently published a link in its artist email list to detailed behind-the-scenes material about the process of creating one and art installations.

Teaser art email

(Source: Email-competitors)

Type 4. Educational emails

Above all, don’t forget about aspiring artists looking for nuggets of wisdom from industry experts to enhance their own artwork or run a business. So why not reveal some tricks and life hacks, thereby attracting an audience? You can use the mailing list to notify about an upcoming webinar or give useful tips to artists while highlighting your activities or the activities of your art gallery along the way.

For example, the Thomas Kinkade studio, which sells his paintings, published in their email a link to his drawing lessons for beginners.

Educational art email

(Source: Email-competitors)

Type 5. Promo emails

So, you’ve notified your audience about your activities, invited them to several exhibitions, and told you useful tips for creativity — it’s time to provide exclusive offers in your email newsletter. Start by giving away promotional codes or discounts. Offer referral programs for visiting exhibitions and discounts on holidays on tickets. There are many options and you are completely free to experiment.

The previously mentioned Thomas Kinkade has frequent themed sales of his paintings, reflected in the art email newsletter.

Promotional art email

(Source: Email-competitors)

Must-have elements for the artist newsletter and more

So, we figured out the main types of emails for marketing for art galleries and artists. However, a list of required elements and actions should be taken when creating a newsletter.

Before your email reaches the customer’s inbox, you should make sure that:

  • your email has excellent visuals, CTA buttons are visible, fonts are legible;

  • the email has contact information (yours, gallery, support, etc.), such as phone and email;

  • you left links to your website, social networks and checked their relevance;

  • additional information like gallery address, opening hours, and so on;

  • the email is GDPR compliant and has elements such as an unsubscribe button, an explanation of why the customer received the email, and so on;

  • you tested the email by sending it to yourself and checking the code (if the email contains AMP elements).

The process of email art can take a lot of time because for each occasion you need to design the entire email from scratch, enter information, and much more. However, Stripo knows how to save your precious time, thanks to the modules.

A module is an independent email template element that has been created and then saved. It can be any part of the email that you can then reuse as many times as you like.

Read about Stripo modules and their advantages in more detail in our article.

AMP Modules_Stripo_Personal Content Library .png

Stripo Content Modules: Why Do You Need Them?

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Content Module is an independent email template element that has been crafted and saved.

Our content library consists of a number of email elements that have been carefully crafted by our designers. Those modules are elegant, gorgeous, some of them contain configured smart elements, some of them contain AMP elements. Our designers have built over 250 modules so far. And…

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Final words

Email marketing for art galleries is not much different from email marketing for any other industry. You collect relevant audiences through your existing channels and provide what your audience needs in your emails. This converts the abstract emails on your mailing list into real customers who come to your galleries, buy your paintings, and attend your art classes. And Stripo will help you with creating modern emails with no coding skills.

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