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This blog is all about the Update Akeneo process from Akeneo 5. x to 6. x.

Today, pretty much every consumer needs to review the appropriate products facts prior to earning a obtain.

In most circumstances, they wouldn’t even consider about making a order if the retailer was not giving them the accurate details.

Now, in present day commerce, you can make investments in new technologies like PIM to provide compelling product information to the finish-consumer.

Akeneo is just one of the best PIM remedy providers in the Earth also, it is famed because of to its powerful, adaptable, and adaptable Product Data Management remedy.

A short while ago, Akeneo released the Akeneo model 6. x with pretty much 15 new capabilities in Community as well as Enterprise Edition.

Akeneo is the most employed open up-supply PIM solution in the Entire world. There are 75k firms over the World running Product Information and facts using Akeneo.

They have also the organization version of the Akeneo solution. It is popular amid all the PIM due to the fact of its organizability functionalities.

Webkul is a single of the finest Akeneo resolution suppliers in the Earth. It has the major number of Akeneo connectors available for numerous eCommerce frameworks.

Webkul created extra than 75+ extensions for Akeneo and, it is increasing working day by working day.

Also, Akeneo 6. x is unveiled with some exceptional important capabilities. You can test vital capabilities right here:

  • Automation
  • Information governance
  • Efficiency
  • Improved Info High-quality
  • Connectivity
  • Reporting
  • Collaboration
  • Scalability

Actions to Update the Akeneo 5. x to 6. x.

Below you will locate the moreover techniques that will help you to up grade the Akeneo 5. x to 6. x.

Take note: Please make guaranteed that you have taken the databases backup prior to the improve. Further more, you have to check out that the daemon is not managing in the background.

Action 1: To start with, you have to quit operating Daemon.

Stage 2: Choose the MySQL Dump of your Creation Database employing the terminal or our Backup Connector.

Upgradation Prerequisite

Move 3: You want to up grade the server part for the new edition 6.x.

  • PHP 8.
  • MySQL 8..23
  • Elasticsearch 7.16

You can look at here moreover information and facts of server requirement here:

You can test listed here moreover details of the “Periodic tasks & Crontab configuration“.

Step 4: In addition, you have to update the “Virtual Host Configuration“.

    ServerName akeneo-pim.regional

    DocumentRoot /route/to/set up/pim-neighborhood-normal/general public
        AllowOverride None
        Involve all granted

        Possibilities -MultiViews
        RewriteEngine On
        RewriteCond %Request_FILENAME !-f
        RewriteRule ^(.*)$ index.php [QSA,L]

        RewriteEngine Off

        SetHandler "proxy:unix:/run/php/php8.-fpm.sock|fcgi://localhost/"

    SetEnvIf Authorization .+ HTTP_AUTHORIZATION=$

    ErrorLog $APACHE_LOG_DIR/akeneo-pim_error.log
    LogLevel alert
    CustomLog $APACHE_LOG_DIR/akeneo-pim_accessibility.log put together

Get ready the Setup

Stage 5: The root of the present-day set up listing will be $Set up_DIR. More, you will need to operate these commands.

$ export Application_ENV=prod
$ cd $Set up_DIR
$ cp -R ./seller/akeneo/pim-local community-dev/upgrades/* ./updates/
$ php bin/console doctrine:migrations:edition --add --all -q
$ rm -rf var/cache/

Akeneo PIM COMPOSER.JSON can be downloaded from the Github repository.

$  curl https://raw.githubusercontent.com/akeneo/pim-local community-typical/6./composer.json > $Set up_DIR/composer.json

Enhance Method

Stage 6: Furthermore, for the preparation of the upgrade procedure operate these instructions:

$ export Application_ENV=prod
$ seller/akeneo/pim-local community-dev/std-create/migration/put together_50_to_60.sh

Action 7: Please be certain that your surroundings is ready to be upgraded.

$ rm -Rf var/cache
$ bin/console pim:installer:test-demands

After functioning this command if you will experience any challenges then you need to examine the server required to process the subsequent step.

Action 8: Following that you want to prepare the Front-stop dependencies.

$ make up grade-entrance

Action 9: Then operate the last command to update your info.

$ bin/console doctrine:migrations:migrate
$ bin/console pimee:information-top quality-insights:migrate-merchandise-criterion-analysis
$ bin/console pim:knowledge-high quality-insights:recompute-solution-scores

Previously mentioned all methods will assist you to update the info from Akeneo 5.x to 6.x.

Even more, to know additional about the Akeneo 6.x adjustments, then you need to have to look at this blog site. 

To know what’s more details of the enhance method, you should check here.


That is all about the Akeneo 5.x to 6.x Update Approach. Moreover, if you have any doubts or queries regarding the extension get back again to us at [email protected] or build a ticket at our HelpDesk system.

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