Exploring Roush’s “The Future of Business Journalism: Why It Matters for Wall Street and Main Street”



Monday Morning Radio has published an audio/video edition of the weekly podcast, featuring a panel of distinguished journalists discussing Chris Roush’s latest book, “The Future of Business Journalism and Why It Matters for Wall Street and Main Street.”

“Everyone who owns a business, operates a professional practice, or works for either, understands the importance of the business news media – and their ability to provide actionable insights and intelligence,” said Dean Rotbart, the podcast’s host.

As per the press release:

“Roush joins Rotbart, award-winning journalist and author, to examine the history of the business journalism profession, its current status, and what Roush believes are the changes that are necessary to buttress business and financial news going forward.”

The video can be accessed at https://tinyurl.com/MondayMorningRadioPanel

The audio can be accessed at  

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