FurZapper critique – How substantially fur can a zap? Turns out, not a large amount.


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Review – If you have an animal that sheds – prolonged- or small-haired – you know the aggravation of viewing all those pesky hairs on just about every solitary piece of clothes you own. A new products – the FurZapper – claims to get rid of this discomfort from your lifetime. Can it be finished? Is this the response to the age-previous problem of “Dog hair, don’t care”? Read through on and uncover out!

What is it?

A FurZapper is a rubbery piece that is inserted into the laundry cycle which claims to remove pet hair from dresses.

What’s in the box?

Two FurZapper discs.

I created my peace with canine hair a very long time in the past. I have experienced pet dogs my entire lifestyle, and if you have a problem with me owning puppy hair on my apparel, we’re not likely to be good friends anyway. But my ex-wife was not of this mindset. She hated doggy hair (but liked the puppies!) on her darkish clothing with a enthusiasm, and we had lint removers and other procedures of striving to have it, all the whilst having 3 Shelties (in serial, not parallel!) during our existence jointly. Jack, the newest just one, is however about and presents me with every day snuggles, encounter-licks, and, of class, unfastened fur. Can these FurZapper squishy-rubbery discs deliver about fur-cost-free outfits?

Design and options

The FurZapper discs on their own are made of the substance each and every kid has turn out to be accustomed to – it is that things they make phony bugs out of. It is not plastic or rubber, but it’s acquired that slicker-form stickiness to it that grosses out mothers and delights pre-teens. The concept is to toss one particular or two into your washer, operate the load, then adhere it to the dryer door, and operate that. The site has a movie of a “mommy-blogger” who does just this and is instantly fur-cost-free.


I begun with a solitary disc (instructions mentioned to use a person for each animal, and Jack is all I have at this position). The wash went without the need of situation, and I stuck the FurZapper to the within of the dryer door (though the wash – even however it was cold drinking water, appeared to have fairly lessened the stickiness of the disc). When I opened the dryer, there was no disc on the door. I located it tangled up in my clothes, but surprisingly devoid of fur. I signify – it is just as clean as when the system started off, and I have fur to provide in handsful! Very well, there was a minimal lint on it, but no fur.

So I decided to go with two FurZapper discs for the subsequent cycle. A week of clothing and daily life later… I tossed the week’s laundry in with equally FurZapper discs. Transferred to the dryer after the cycle (I constantly use chilly drinking water and a substantial-effectiveness plant-based detergent with no softeners/include-ons). I tried using to adhere the discs to the inside of of the dryer, but they did not truly want to stick. I just tossed them in as I did with the clean.

When the dryer concluded, I started having the outfits out and didn’t see any lack of fur. (Of program, soon after 30 decades of owning Shelties, that is turn into a blind spot.) When I arrived across the initially FurZapper disc, I seen that there was no fur on it at all. At the bottom of the load, I discovered the other, with the exact consequence – no fur eliminated.

I will get my more mature daughter to check out them since she has a short-haired dog. Perhaps she will have better luck, but for me, I’m gonna just produce this off as a failure.

What I like

  • strategy
  • shipping and delivery system (it’s very simple to open and shop the discs in the package deal)

What I’d change

  • Does not perform as described – may well will need to repair that.

Closing thoughts

I want to imagine. The truth is out there. I am a incredibly furry dog’s operator (some would say assets). Jack, my Sheltie, has appeared in loads of images and films here in excess of the years. He is the third Sheltie I’ve experienced, starting up back in 1984. They are a good breed, and my kids cherished obtaining them around, regardless of their fur. I wanted the FurZapper to conclude, or even lessen, the consistent presence of lengthy puppy hairs in my existence. Alas, it was not to be.

Value: $10.99 for 1, $14.99 for a two-pack
Where by to purchase: Company Webstore and Amazon
Source: The sample of this merchandise was offered by FurZapper.

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