How do you keep virtual events engaging?



Engaging an in-person audience is already a challenge. When you are considering moving the event to an online format while still keeping your participants engaged, it becomes even more challenging. There are numerous options for web browsing that will divert your attendees’ attention. But, there is always some excellent advice that can help you increase your guest experience and engagement.

The COVID-19 pandemic, which has affected almost every nation, has resulted in a tremendous increase in virtual events. As social environments got more constrained and confinement measures became obligatory, many business executives and event organisers were left with no other option. Relocating their live in-person events to virtual and hybrid worlds was the only viable option.

As per the recent survey, 50% more attendees are likely to participate in virtual events. Whereas 48% of more attendees will interact and ask questions in virtual events when compared to in-person events.

But, attendee engagement is a crucial aspect while hosting a virtual event. It helps in deciding upon the success or failure of the event. However, keeping your virtual event engaging to enhance user experience and achieve optimal results is a must.

By now you must be well aware of how important it is to keep your virtual events engaging to ensure success. In this blog, we have covered the top eight tips for hosting a high-engagement virtual event.

Tips to keep your virtual events engaging

Here are some top tips to keep your virtual events engaging:

1.     Provide appealing, engaging, and relevant content

Going virtual entails creating captivating content for your participants. Make sure that your content grabs your attendee’s attention and makes them focus on the most important aspects. It will help in cutting out other internet distractions. If your content is interesting and relevant to your event, your attendees are likely to be engaged with the event.

2.     Brand your virtual venue

Look for a virtual event platform that offers custom branding solutions. A platform that allows you to brand your virtual events as per the branding image helps in replicating the look and feel of physical events. Thus, resulting in engaging attendees with the event. If your virtual event is customised as per brand image it helps in building a sense of trust among attendees.

3.     Encourage real-time communication during virtual events

During your virtual event, allow guests to ask questions directly to the speaker and deliver answers instantly. You can do it by incorporating live Q&A sessions, exactly as you would at a face-to-face meeting. Additionally, you can even offer them ample options to connect and network freely in a virtual environment. Offer features such as live chat capabilities, networking tables, AI-matchmaking, B2B meeting scheduler, and more to your virtual attendees. It will help in encouraging interactions at the virtual events while keeping attendees engaged throughout the event.

4.     Organise Live polls at your virtual events

Incorporate live polls in your virtual events. It not only helps in making your virtual events engaging, but helps in gaining attendees’ opinions as well. The result of the live polls is instantly displayed on individual screens. Thus building a sense of trust in the event.

5.     Trim the length of your elongated sessions

People are engaged in a completely different way at virtual events than they are at live events. Sitting in a chair at your house without any music, performance, and motivational talks during the event is quite monotonous. Watching a screen for long hours is just not stimulating thus resulting in losing the attendee’s interest. However, attendees are more likely to drop out of virtual events if sessions are longer. As a result, you should restrict the length of your session and make it shorter, exciting, to-the-point, and engaging.

6.     Integrate virtual photo booths into the event

Photo booths are an effective way to boost engagement and excitement in the event. Be it a virtual event, hybrid event, or in-person event, photo booths always work in boosting engagements. Allow your virtual attendees to get clicked with branded frames at the event and share pictures instantly on social media. It will allow attendees to take the memorable event memories back home.

7.     To make your virtual event engaging, create a knowledge base

Your participants may have their own questions and concerns about how to get the most out of online events. Same as you aren’t used to organizing them. As a result, having a dedicated page for FAQ and guiding your attendees is a good idea.

Create a FAQs page on your virtual event website. Attendees need to adopt the new event format. The FAQ page will help them with where to go if the information is centrally located. Create an attendance guide with tips on how to get the most out of the virtual event. Instead of a textual tutorial, consider creating a video.

8.     Make your virtual events engaging with Gamification techniques

Utilize Gamification techniques in your virtual events to boost excitement and make your virtual events engaging. After all, everyone likes to play games and enjoy the same. Incorporating AR/VR virtual games will be a great move. Integrate games such as spin the wheel, dart game, tic-tac-toe, trivia, crossword, and more to your virtual events to make it exciting and engaging.

Additionally, you can even organise a leaderboard challenge in the event. It will help in boosting engagements at the event by motivating attendees to move throughout the event and do certain activities to earn points. Reward the attendees who earned the highest points on the leaderboard. Enable them to redeem the earned points in form of gift cards or discount coupons. Leaderboard challenges for sure helps in boosting engagements at the virtual events.

Wrapping It Up

Engagement is the crucial aspect of any event format as it decides upon the event’s success. When it comes to virtual events, engaging attendees becomes even more difficult. As attendees are attending an event via screen chances of getting them distracted are high. They are not surrounded by any other attendees to have talks. Thus, it becomes significant to keep your virtual events engaging. In the above-mentioned article, we have listed some tips to keep your online event engaging to achieve desired results!

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