How our Website conversion strategy increased business inquires?



Having a website isn’t enough, it should add value to your business. The website design has to be tactically designed as visitors roughly spend 10-15 seconds on it. If the website is slow, unattractive or the wording isn’t clear to the visitor they will bounce faster to another website. The same goes for conversion. 

You will have uncountable visitors on your websites, but all of them don’t get converted. When the traffic is good but the conversion is moderate, you will need some improvement. Conversion is something that enhances the revenue of your business and conversion rate refers to the percentage of visitors who actually invested in your business. Having a tactical strategy has enhanced the company sales funnel and business inquiries. With the Digital Marketing Courses in Pune enhance yourself with conversion strategies.

Top 10 conversion strategies that will increase your business inquiries. 

  • Add Pop-up on the right place- The average conversion rate for the pop-ups is 3.09 percentage. If done in the right way the pop-ups conversion rate can go around 9.28 percent. Few things to keep in mind while using Pop-ups: 
  • Apply a 30-second delay timer on the pop-ups. This will keep the visitor from being annoying. 
  • Do not make the pop-up tough to close. 
  • Do not forget to apply a cookie. This will enable the pop-up to appear only once per user.

The points highlighted above usually enhance the conversion rate and will keep complaints minimum. 

  • Different Landing Page- Having one landing page for all genres will obstruct giving clear views. The website can have a designated page for each genre with a clear objective of what a visitor should do next. The page should not confuse visitors about your services and offerings. Different landing page for each genre gives a clear picture about your work, how are you going to meet their needs and what can be done next in order to hire you. Serving almost everything on the page will provide visitors will complete knowledge and will lead to easy conversion. You may also provide an assistance number that is active so that inquiries are handled patiently. 
  • Remove Unwanted Forms- It has been observed that 40% of the visitors drop the idea of visiting the website due to long-form. Placing the form with too many details can lead to lower conversion rates and business inquiries. Learn to create the best form from Digital Marketing Classes in Pune. It has been observed that removal of unwanted fields from the form, grew the signups by 10%. In case the sales department doesn’t get all the lead information that they need to follow up, the signups will be super high but the close rate gets the trash. Curate the right balance between getting the critical leads information keeping in mind the minimum use of fields. 
  • Sales Process Mapping- There should be a valuable map of the step-by-step process that includes converting your inquiries into sales. This will help you to keep the track of the actions that you take to prepare for each sale; what you do to overcome your concerns; trust-building; buyer’s goals and needs and wants. The sales map should include every inquiry that has been done by the visitors including the response. This will help you measure the right response that led to sales actually. Proper steps should also be taken while handling the business inquiry as the visitors can get impatient while asking a lot of questions.  
  • Add Testimonials and reviews- it gets quite conscious for the visitors to invest in a new website. Not everyone wants to be the first person to use the product or service. There has to be a testimonial page or review page. It is ideally placed on the homepage. Testimonials put consumers at ease. Customers also tend to connect with the reviews and trust the brand. The reviews have to be realistic and not fictional. 30% of the visitors tend to inquire about the product after reading the testimonials and also convert if handled properly. 
  • Decrease the distractions- The distraction on the website is more about ads and directions. The website should pull fewer directions. Moreover, the landing page should be clear, concise, and easy to navigate. Add what is actually needed. Make proper use of headlines and subheadings. Include the points of benefits and features. Add more testimonials and include more visual context. Few more things that are new and can be considered are a live chat box, social proofs, and videos. Eliminate the unnecessary directions so that visitor can go for inquiries and doesn’t find issue while converting. 
  • Make simple initial steps- In psychological terms, humans prefer to finish the things that they start. Therefore, if you want the lead to get converted keep the initial steps simple. Keep the login form small short by asking for name, email address, phone number, or any other necessary information. The inquiries from visitors can convert smoothly if direct links are provided. Most of the users drop after the inquiry if the process is lengthy and complex. 
  • Offer refund policy- Consumers avoid risk. Consumers don’t want to invest in something huge unless they are reasonably sure. With the money-back consumer feels the safe investing. Inculcate the refund policy with some conditions. This conversion strategy will enhance the business inquiry and will lead to increased conversion as consumers will feel the comfort of investing in your site. 
  • Offers- You will be needing your visitors more. They will get plenty of options in the same niche. Your offering should play differently in their mind. The offer should provide really meaningful benefit both to the business and to the visitors. You are required to take every step to tip the scales and make it irresistible for them to take the next step. You can do this by creating a powerful and compelling offer. An offer should be for some time only not for a lifetime. Doing this will increase your brand value and your present sales.  
  • Telephonic Skills- Hiring telephonic coordinators that will demonstrate your business effectively will lead to an increase in sales by 15%. Most of the customers consider the telephone as their first priority. In case you mismanage your telephone efforts, you will waste gallons of opportunities and may jeopardize the relationships with the best customers. Moreover, the telephonic team should be well knowledgeable and patient to handle each kind of customer and lead. They also need to be alert enough to answer all the queries on time and should also provide direct links as asked by the visitors. Lastly, they should report regularly to the team as to how business inquiries are going. 


There is end number of strategies that businesses can consider while framing conversion plans for business inquiries. Many users tend to learn the different strategies while failing, others learn it by taking the coaching. You can learn the diverse conversion strategies by taking Digital Marketing training in Pune

Lastly, learning strategies aren’t enough. Proper controls and implantation are necessary. With more controls come more manpower and delegation. The successful conversion is considered, which leads to minimum cost involvement. Therefore, learn the most cost-effective strategies from this article and enhance your business inquiries and conversions. 

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