How To Buy Luxury Bathroom Towels? 8 Easy Tips



Towels come in all makes and qualities. But what makes luxury towels, the best quality bath towels? How do you choose luxury hotel quality towels for your home or place of business?

If you are wondering what the answers to these questions are, then you’ve come to the right place. Here is a deep dive guide that you can use to purchase premium quality luxury towel sets that match your bespoke needs.

Not your run-of-the-mill bathroom towel

Bathroom towels, no matter what kind they are, are expected to check a few specific boxes:

  • They must feel good on the skin.
  • They need to be absorbent.
  • They must be quick drying.
  • They should not discolour.
  • They must retain the above qualities for a long time.

While all bath towels do meet some of these expectations to some extent, it is only the very best luxury bathroom towels that can claim to meet all functional and aesthetic requirements to the tee. It is the quality of the build of luxury towel sets, which makes our toilette a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

Luxury bathroom towels can make a great addition, not just to your hotel or spa or resort establishment, but also to your home. So, how do you vet and select these hotel-style towels in the first place?

Things You Should Know When Buying Luxury Bathroom Towels

8 Factors to Consider When Buying Luxury Bathroom Towels

Here are the key factors to pay attention to when purchasing luxury hand towels and bathroom towel sets:

1. Identify the purpose of using the towel 

Before you select luxury bathroom towels for your home or commercial establishment, consider the purpose of usage. Answer these questions:

  • Who will be using the towels? (Adults, kids, babies)
  • When will they be using the towel? (After bathing, handwashing, spa treatments, workout)
  • How often will they be using the towel? (Every day, multiple times on the same day, occasionally)
  • Will your towels be usable by people with different skin sensitivities? (This determines what fabric you use – which is dermatologically safe and hygienic to use for different skin types)

Once you identify who the end user will be and the purpose of their using the towel, you’ll be able to purchase the best baby bath towels, spa wrap towels, or neck towels, that can be used for their own bespoke purposes.

2. Consider the fabric used to make the luxury bath towels and hand towels 

Once your purpose has been determined, it is time to choose the fabric. Luxury towel sets are typically made using cotton. But you can also find those made in linen, flannel, and bamboo.

Linen towels are eco-friendly because they are more sustainable to source compared to bamboo and cotton. Plus, they are hypoallergenic. Bamboo towels are very quick drying and antimicrobial, while also being perfect for very sensitive skin.

Flannel towels are also great for the skin since they aren’t very abrasive and offer a gentle exfoliation, making them perfect as luxury face towels and luxury hand towels.

Cotton towels rule the roost when it comes to luxury bathroom towels. When it comes to cotton towels, you’ll need to select based on the cotton strains used. Some of the best cotton luxury hotel towels are made of:

  • Egyptian cotton towels: They have silky and long cotton threads, which make for soft and fluffy luxury bath towels.
  • Turkish cotton towels: They have long fibres that absorb water very well.
  • Modal cotton towels: They are a cotton-synthetic mix that is perfect if you want luxury hotel-style towels on a budget.
  • Xinjiang cotton towels: They contain extra long cotton that is super soft, making this more premium than Egyptian cotton.
  • Supima cotton towels: They are known for their high absorbency and durability, lasting longer than other luxury cotton towel varieties.

When choosing the fabric, also consider what twist level you prefer. Usually, towels are made by twisting the material into yarn and then stitching.

But the more twisted the yarn is, the harder and less absorbent it gets over many years. This is especially true if you use cotton or other fabric that isn’t naturally long and fluffy. You’ll have two choices to select from –

  • Zero twist fabrics: These towels have no twisted yarn in them and the fabric will be plush and flexible, making the towel very soft and absorbent.
  • Low twist fabrics: The twisting in the yarn will be very less, creating more space for air to flow and making the towels relatively soft and absorbent.

3. Learn what GSM means in luxury hotel towels

Another factor to consider when buying luxury hand towels, face towels, and bath towels, is the towel GSM and weight.

GSM stands for grams per square meter. It determines the density, plushness, and absorbency of the towel. The higher the GSM, the better-quality the luxury towel will be.

You’ll find the best quality bath towels in different GSM ranges, such as:

  • 300GSM – 400GSM: Thin towels, low absorbency, perfect for light drying needs.
  • 400GSM – 600GSM: Medium plushness towels, with mid-level absorbency, perfect for workout and beach use.
  • 700GSM – 900GSM: Extremely plush towels, with very high absorbency, perfect for bathing.

One thing to remember is that some towels have thread count mentioned, while others have GSM mentioned on the label.

Thread counts refer to how many threads of the fabric are sewn into a 10cm2 of fabric. The higher the thread count, the better-quality towel you have. The same limits we have mentioned above for GSM levels, apply to thread count levels.

Learn what GSM means in luxury hotel towels

4. Decide which weave you prefer

The weaving method used to make luxury bath towels will also determine how good the towel looks and how well it functions.

While the layperson will not be able to identify the weaving technique at first glance, it is important to ask the seller about it, so you can make an informed decision. The different towel weaves you will find are:

  • Terry weave: Terry weave towels contain two types of wraps, called pile wrap and ground wrap. Both these wrap techniques help create loops, which can be found either on a single side or on both sides of the towel.
  • Terry weave is most common in cotton luxury towels. They are highly absorbent, extremely soft on the skin, and don’t cause any skin irritation when used regularly. Terry weave also increases the surface area of the towel, making it the perfect choice for luxury bath towels. Since this weave makes bath-time so cathartic, you are sure to get a good night’s sleep after a day of hard work.
  • Dobby weave: Dobby weave towels are made on special dobby looms. They create a unique geometric textured design that is gorgeous to look at and offers a unique feel on the skin. Luxury towels with a dobby weave are great as beach towels and bath towels.
  • Waffle weave: Waffle weave towels make some of the plushest towels because of the unique honeycomb/waffle design texture. They feel very soft and fluffy on the skin and also dry very quickly when used.
  • Jacquard weave: Jacquard weave towels are not very commonly used as luxury hotel towels. They are heavily textured and have patterns embroidered on them. They can, however, be used as hand towels for occasional use.

5. Think about how many loops you’d like 

Usually, the weave you select will determine the loops your towel you have. These loops on the towel determine how absorbent your towel will be.

While single loop towels are great for quick drying bath towels, double loop towels feel plusher and more luxurious on the skin. If you are looking for hotel-style towels for pool use, spa use, or beach use, then stick to single-loop towels. Otherwise, double loop towels will work great for hotel room bath towels.

6. Consider different styles and colours 

When it comes to luxury towel styles, you can find a variety of differences based on the brand you choose.

For example, some of the best luxury bath towels come with piped edges, while others don’t. Then you have towels that contain ornamental needlework (also called Appliqué), which can allow you to customize the towel with your own name or establishment name.

Other styles of luxury bathroom towels include anti-microbial fabrics and hypoallergenic yarn. Some even come in with pockets for mobile phones or books, which enable you or the guest to use the towels pool/beachside or at the spa too. These types of towels also make the best baby bath towels, because you can store a diaper in them.

Then, of course, you have different colours to choose from. While most commercial establishments choose white for the premium brand identity they offer, you can select from a plethora of colours for home use.

7. Read through the care instructions

Luxury bath towels continue to remain luxurious when you care for them the right way.

While most hotel-quality towels have the same care instructions, there may be minute differences in some brands or fabrics. The goal is to choose luxury towel sets that don’t require really intensive care, which can be time-consuming or expensive.

Choose the best brand in the category of your choice

8. Choose the best brand in the category of your choice

Finally, once you have decided about all of the above-mentioned factors, select the brand of your choice.

You have really reputed brands like Boca Terry, that have a wonderful selection of plush, soft and absorbent luxury bathroom towels, luxury hand towels, spa wrap towels, and more. Visit their website, read about the towels they offer, and purchase your preferred luxury towel sets for home or commercial use.

What choice did you make? 

Did you use our comprehensive guide to buying luxury bathroom towels to purchase the best quality bath towels? Which type of towel did you choose?

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