How To Choose: Gaming Laptop vs Gaming Desktop


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While most gamers know the thrill of their favorite games on a large screen with high resolution. They make their gaming desk as they desire. But now, the wandering thing that is coming is the number of increasing gaming laptop users and manufacturers. The laptop manufacturer is making their laptops with high specs such that high GPU power, more refresh rates, good resolution, and touchscreens, etc. People are choosing a laptop for their portability and travel use. The difference between them is given below to help you in choosing gaming or a desktop for your needs.

1. The GPU power

The GPU power is the main thing a gamer needs in playing games for the best graphics result. It is not a small thing. Its size is big and also a hot accessory so that it has a triple-fan to cool it. These things are not a big deal for a desktop but in the laptop where portability matters having a GPU in it is a little difficult. The laptop uses a mobile version GPU which is weaker than a desktop’s GPU.

2. Portability

It can be rightly said that a laptop is a much more portable than a desktop. Either it is an ultra-light office of a 2 kg gaming laptop it is always lighter than a desktop. Also, a gaming PC has too many wires to connect with different accessories.

3. Customizability

The main thing is that on a desktop, you can customize it according to your desire. You can add up to a hard drive to a high-resolution display. And the amazing thing is that a user with a little knowledge about IT can adjust or replace components themselves. In laptops, components can be changed, but it could not be done by a user. It needs specialized tools and components because a laptop needs a delicate touch.

4. Storage

The laptop has built-in storage, which is less as compared to a PC. You can also add more storage according to your need on your PC. It is upon you how much storage do you need. But in a laptop, you can not add easily, you can use an external storage drive in a laptop to increase its storage, but the fact is it affects its portability

5. Screen size

In PC, having an adjustable screen size means you can select your desired height. A large to a larger screen is available for you. But on a laptop, you are limited to select a large screen. The maximum largest screen available on a laptop is 17 inches. If your eyes are set on a large screen, then you must choose a PC with a large screen LCD.

6. Performance

A laptop is a slim and lightweight device that’s why it has a limited capacity for everything like a hard drive, RAM, Graphics card, etc. It has slow RAM, which affects its performance. However, the slots for more RAM are available on laptops, but these are useless because inserting RAM in a laptop should be a headache. You should have to open its base, which is not easy, as well as, destroy the warranty of the laptop. So buying an expensive laptop and making it worse just for inserting RAM is a foolish act.

On the other hand, the desktop has high RAM available furthermore, you can add RAM easily.

7. Upgradability 

The benefit of PC gaming is that you can do every kind of game by making your desktop according to its need. You can also upgrade your system with time. Hard drive, RAM, GPU, the whole system even the board can upgrade as you want. Nothing is problematic in PC gaming, but in a gaming laptop, you cannot upgrade it if you want to upgrade your gaming laptop, the only option to change it and buy the one with the latest technologies.

8. Pricing

Although gaming laptops are expensive, you can get a good gaming laptop under $500. But there is no doubt a desktop PC is anyway cheaper than a gaming laptop.

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