How to established up RFID intelligent card for staff?


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In the existing circumstance, organizations are prepared to be certain the basic safety and safety of the employee in the office. It is the key responsibility of the firm to keep an eye on the routines of workers. In this article we will examine, How to set up RFID clever card for workforce? 

RFID technological know-how gives you with authentic-time employee area updates, basic safety warnings, office access, and also employee general performance checking. 

How RFID ensures Employee safety in a workplace

Adopting RFID technological innovation will also help remedy place of work and worker management problems relevant to your small business

What particularly is RFID?

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a wireless form of communication medium. This technology is dependent on electronic fields and is also made use of to keep track of objects, individuals, or animals.

RFID is a mixture of reader and tag. The reader brings together the smaller antenna and transceiver that send and obtain the data from the tag. 

Tag merchants a cluster of info and also working with the radio wave then it sends data to the reader. 

Key Segments of RFID 

There are three significant segments –

  • RFID Tag
  • RFID Antenna 
  • RFID Reader


Tags are equipment that have the microchip utilized to transmit the radio waves to the receiver. It has also an antenna that makes it possible for tags to deliver and acquire radio waves. There are two main tags Active and Passive.

  1. Active Tag

An active tag has crafted-in batteries or electricity resources, making it possible for them to transmit data over prolonged distances. 

  1. Passive Tag

Passive tags have no inbuilt battery which is why it is handy for a shorter distance. It is also a lot less expensive in comparison to an active tag. 

RFID Antenna

The antenna is the product that emits the radio waves and gets the reflected indicators from the tags. Here we will also examine two forms of antennas, linear and circular. 

A linear antenna emits a linear polarized signal, whereas a circular antenna emits a circularly polarized sign. 


RFID Reader

RFID audience are applied to examining the radio waves that are emitted from the tags. The reader is not only go through data from tags but also takes advantage of it to produce knowledge into the RFID tag. 

  1. Low Frequency

It ranges from 1- 10 centimeters, and its frequency is 125-134khz. It is also utilised for shorter distances. 

  1. Higher Frequency

The array of this tag is from 10 centimeters to 1 meter. This array is made use of in stability access regulate. It also operates on 13.56 Mhz frequency. 

  1. Extremely High Frequency:

The selection of the reader is up to 5-6 meters and it operates on 865- 960 Mhz.

Positive aspects of applying RFID good playing cards in the Place of work

Embracing the RFID technological innovation into the workplace is made use of to keep track of employee location. Also making use of RFID you can observe personnel general performance, security, site, and so forth. It is effective a lot more correctly and efficiently in comparison to handbook operate. 

The present day RFID method will let approved individuals to enter the firm. This method can be installed in a variety of destinations in the organization. 


There are the subsequent advantages of utilizing the RFID technological innovation for the employees. 

  • Real-time attendance monitoring
  • Automatic report generation
  • Increase Personnel Safety
  • Greater protection
  • Give the transparency

How does an RFID procedure operate in an firm?

As we know, RFID is well known among the lots of organizations applying this software to track employees’ exercise. This RFID engineering will improve the way you want to do the job in the firm.

This program will work inside the premises of companies. When an employee leaves the business office then it will automatically deactivate. 

  • All personnel have been given the RFID cards by the firm. 
  • The card visitors can be positioned in numerous destinations for tracking the employee’s site.
  • Employee’s details will transfer to the server. 
  • Thereafter attendance is up to date to the server and these who have entry will be capable to check the updates.

Use scenario of Employee RFID intelligent card

RFID wise card is effective for workers in several phrases:

  • Automate the attendance course of action. 
  • Uncomplicated parking for employees employing RFID card
  • An employee can perspective the canteen menu 
  • Worker monitoring working with RFID 
  • Look at and area buy for cafeteria

How does RFID assure Worker security in a office?

If you are arranging to make your business a risk-free workplace for the staff members then you can build this know-how on your workplace premises. 

You may spend just one time in this technologies, but for confident it would be successful for your agency. 

  • Cut down the danger of an inside attack

Working with this technology you can equipped to decrease the danger of an inside attack. 

Soon after the set up of RFID, it reduces the guide labor which was utilised in the traditional attendance process. 

When the automation process will choose place so it will improve do the job effectiveness also. 

Although accomplishing guide get the job done there was a position of human mistake, but working with this technologies there is no chance of human error. 

  • Greatly enhance overall performance and safety

RFID remedy can present a safety characteristic in all terms, it will also measure the body temperature. It permits automatic sanitization at the office that will enrich the security of staff members. 


In this post, we have talked about how RFID payment strategy is helpful for staff members security and security. Utilizing RFID technological know-how in the place of work premises allows staff checking, motor vehicle administration, cafeteria administration, attendance management, etc.

It also present new ideas and workflows to improve the organization’s efficiency.

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