How To Kick-start A Super App With A Gojek Clone App?



The on-demand app market is so lucrative that it yields utmost profit for the app owners and service providers. With the advent of digitization, businesses and various service providers have understood the importance of partnering with on-demand apps to propel their business.  

Here, there are two major beneficiaries who get immense profits. One is the app owners, and the other one is the business or service providers. In this blog, we will concentrate on the entrepreneurs who can generate maximum revenue through these apps. 

Multi-purpose apps are another level of a business idea that has been catching the eye for a while. With just one single app, they will provide all the possible services to the users. It is one of the smart ways of business handling. Imagine how profitable it will be for entrepreneurs? Come, let’s together discover the potentials of launching a Super app like Gojek. 

Why are super apps like Gojek so popular?

Super apps or multi-services apps have already replaced almost all the apps in our smartphones. Wondering why? Okay, let’s see them now,

  • Goodbye for maintaining a heap of mobile apps 

As a smartphone user, we know how tiring it is to maintain different apps. For example, when we categorize the apps on the basis of the service, we have food delivery, taxi booking, mobile wallet, grocery delivery, etc. So, under each of these categories, we will have one app for each. Imagine how much storage it will occupy in the app.

These multi-purpose apps are based on the ideology of providing several services in one place. The app will remain as one app but will intend to provide a hulk of services for the users. Hence, you do not have to maintain different apps on your mobile phones. 

  • Best services at affordable prices 

When there are abundant service providers, the pricing and allocation of services are not a big deal. An app like Gojek claims fame by offering the best services to users at feasible prices. They can match the users with providers sufficiently and still earn a good revenue out of all the services. 

  • Never compromise with their service quality.  

When businesses start to expand, sometimes there are high chances of the service quality getting declined. But Gojek aimed at providing the same level of services to the users without compromising the quality of their services. This made it a trustable platform for the users to get their services. 

The business model you have to focus on for your Gojek clone app.

The success of your business lies in the effective business model. While launching an on-demand app, you have to consider both your users and service providers. A powerful business model involving them all is the need of the hour. In the below passage, you will come across the business model of the Gojek clone. 

The business model of this app coroners on three different prospects. They are users, service providers, and delivery assistants. 

  • Users 

The ultimate beneficiaries of your app are the customers. Those end-users are your target customers. So, you should provide them with reliable and satisfying services. When people choose you, it means they trust you that their work will be completed in a short duration. This time factor is what you have to concentrate on. 

The next big thing is finding trustworthy service providers who can deliver reliable services to them. Jot down the top on-demand services that are common among people. Then include those that are practically ideal. 

  • Service providers 

Without merchants, there is no scope for running your on-demand app business. Hence, start looking for service providers who are ready to partner with digital platforms to enhance their brands. Try to focus on local vendors as they can woo customers at the right edge. Before getting started, finalize your commissions and related dealings. This will help you avoid unnecessary conflicts. 

  • Delivery assistants 

The delivery assistants are the ones who come in direct contact with the customers. As a layman, he does not know how his merchant is. Only the fleet assistants come in direct vicinity with them. They hold the face value of your app. So, they should be treated with utmost care. Ensure their comfortability and go for periodic review. You can also help them out by providing flexible working hours and proper remuneration.

What are the steps to follow for launching a Gojek clone app?

  • Firstly, understand the market and analyze the potential. For example, if you are planning to launch your app somewhere in the western market, the approach is different. There is a vast difference between the Asian and the European market. Whatever the market, learn the scope for the on-demand apps. 

  • Concentrate on knowing your competitors as they are the one who is going to guide you. Find the gaps and areas where they didn’t cover. This will largely help you to strategize your business. 

  • Conduct research on the customer buying habits and their preference. Based on that, you can include different on-demand services in your app. Those services that people highly demand should have a place in your app.

  • Point out the effective ways to generate income for your app. Work on the monetization model through which you can generate revenue for your business. 

  • Reach out to app developers from whom you can purchase your ready-made Gojek clone app. However, opting for a white-label Gojek like the app will help you launch your app with customizations. 

What is the cost of developing an app like Goejk?

Even though ready-made apps are known for their cost-effectiveness, they also undergo several complications during development. The price of an app depends on various factors. Some of the factors are app platforms, features, level of customization, UX/UI design, app size, technology stacks used, front-end and back-end support. These factors impact the overall cost of developing an app. 

Wrapping up,

Mobile apps have become the hub for availing of different services. This trend started blooming when smartphones entered the market inadvertently. However, it is always best to go on pace with the ongoing trends. Budding entrepreneurs can make use of this scenario to foray into the on-demand app market. Start marching towards app development firms that can assist you in developing a robust Gojek clone app. 

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