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Many companies consider confirmation emails as transactional ones. But this is a completely wrong approach. Do not let your developers write them. Because confirmation emails are an integral and essential part of all email marketing campaigns. They are able to significantly boost your business. In this article, you will find the brief classification of confirmation emails, recommendations, and tips on which ones to use and when, how to pick email templates appropriate for various purposes and events? 

For this reason, we will survey each kind of confirmation emails individually and will provide you with great confirmation email examples.

What is a confirmation email and why is it used

Confirmation emails are extremely useful and necessary for marketing campaigns. They are meant to confirm any kind of action, not to leave any shade of doubt for your users.

Why would you need confirmation emails:

  1.  To have only really interested in your company people who are signed-up for newsletters;
  2.  To have a proof to an email client that the newsletter was solicited if the subscribers ever report you as “spam”;
  3.  To convince the users that you “saw” their order and are proceeding it;
  4.  To give people the last chance to check out their order before you deliver it. This causes fewer returns;
  5.  This is a good reason to set the dates;
  6.  To assure your subscribers/customers that you are completely aware of everything that is happening and that you take everything under control.

Thus, we see that confirmation Emails serve different purposes, and should be written in different ways. But they all have two features in common :

  • They confirm the status of the recipient’s actions/order;
  • They all have a continuation.

There are many kinds of confirmation emails, but we divided them into 4 basic groups: subscription confirmation, registration confirmation, reservation confirmation and order confirmation. In this article, we will survey each group closely, will learn to create proper messages and will work on their design.

Subscription confirmation

Subscription confirmations are meant to save you from “spam” report. When people confirm their email address, it usually means they are really interested in receiving your newsletters. In rare cases, some subscribers report your newsletters as spam, thus the subscription confirmation will be a killing proof the newsletters were solicited.

For this purpose, also do not forget to add the “I agree” tick

Here is an example of how Coca-Cola does it.


Another perfect example of a double opt-in registration:

Once a person has filled in all the necessary fields in order to sign-up for your newsletters, you should send him/her another email to his/her email address with the link to confirm the email subscription or this kind of a message.
Tip: In the subject line, mention the company name. Do it right away.


Tip: If you send the link to the potential subscriber’s email, notify him/her of it.

A lazy or not interested in your company person is not likely to click “confirm”.

After this procedure, you need to send the confirmation message to the new subscribers within 5 seconds. When registering, people expect to start shopping right away.


I love the way Pepsi did it.

They used brand colors, mentioned the company name. It was nice to read “Thank you for signing up”. I feel like I am really welcome there.

It can be a simple confirmation email or you can urge your subscriber to start collaborating with you. For example, Adidas in their Subscription Confirmation Email offered me a 15% off Discount. Actually, back then I did not plan to make any purchase, but now I wear their shoes. Nice trick, guys. I bought it!


Reasonable to add contact information, like “Follow Us on…”
Note! Include the Unsubscribe Button.

Stripo offers a wide range of built templates. Here is the link to our Confirmation Email Templates.

Unsubscription confirmation

We feel like adding a few sentences about the Unsubscription Confirmation. Do not send any email confirmations here. The subscribers are already unsatisfied with your newsletters. No need to irritate them more. If you want, after the unsubscription, redirect them to the page, where he/she may change his/her mind.

You may create something funny like Groupon did. But this depends on your target audience.

Honestly speaking, I think that it’s better to let the subscribers go when they feel like leaving. But this is very individual. For more information regarding how to design the unsubscribe page, read our article.

Registration confirmation

This group of emails is not similar to the Subscription Confirmation. Here, people get registered with your website or for an event. This is a more complex thing to talk about, and more rules to follow.

Tip: Registration Confirmation Emails should be sent immediately, with no delay. Do not let the subscribers get worried about it.

Registration with website

Here, you should apply the double opt-in form of registration.

You may also ask the subscriber for the gender, date of birth, definite preferences. By doing this, you will be able to better segmentize the recipients. This way, your customers will receive only the appropriate information.

Why don’t we ask for this information when people subscribe to our newsletters? Because he/she is a newcomer who just shows his/her interest in us. And we are afraid to scare him/her away by asking too many questions. But registering with a website usually means that the person is going to shop with us.

Also, request the users to accept the “Privacy Policy”. Very important to do this in order to avoid complaints, legal issues that may occur.



Both companies applied visible CTA button. The proper time for subscribers to start using their website.

Tip: Use brand colors and logos.

What I also loved about the latter email, it contained useful links and a video tutorial. A good way to capture my interest.


They showed me how to use their product. I appreciated their concern.

Important: Some websites generate passwords for their customers. Do not do this. Firstly, by creating own password, a subscriber feels secure. Secondly, you will avoid some serious issues, as there may the customer may store his/her credit card’s credentials with your website. Thirdly, creating own passwords, people forget them quite less often.

Mention that you do not save users’ credentials. Of course, if you really do not do that.

Registration for an event

No matter what kind of event it is, be it a conference, a concert or just a meeting, people need to receive a confirmation Moreover, they would also like to get the full info regarding the event:

  • Date, time
  • Place
  • Price
  • Format

And all this info should be mentioned in a confirmation email. Event Registration Emails should be followed by the reminder emails.

Reservation confirmation

This type of messages is underrated. Most companies just send a plain text “Your table is reserved” or “Your hotel room is booked”, no dates, no images, no additional information. Scary to stay in this kind of hotel, as we have not received any proof of the date, etc.


Please, take a look at this proper example.


The Airbnb company confirmed:

  • The hotel name
  • Dates of arrival and departure
  • Quantity of guests
  • Address
  • Offered “map”

Will be really nice of you to provide the visitors with the following information: places to see in your town, cafes, public transport. Also notify the guests if there is a restaurant in your hotel, its working hours, SPA room, swimming pool etc.



Here, it would be reasonable to display the most popular dishes. Add appealing photos. Maybe, even add the chief’s photo. And be sure to mention your restaurant awards if you have any.



Order confirmation

Never enough just to make a confirmation email. Time is what also matters. Send the confirmations immediately. First of all, the customers need to make sure you are aware of their order, and when you are going to proceed with it. Secondly, you give them an opportunity to change their mind or even order more items.

Components of order confirmation emails:

  • List of the items ordered;
  • Photos of the products;
  • Price;
  • Total Sum;
  • Delivery date;
  • Way of delivery.


Add your contact information here.

Tip: write an “Order_Status Update” emails to inform the customers about the location of their order, whether it is in a warehouse with the manufacturer, when it has been already sent to the customer, and when it has arrived at his post-office.

People need to be aware.



Design of the message is the first thing the clients see. Thus, it is very important to spend some time to make the design appropriate to the subject of the email and reflecting your company’s name. That is why you should:

     a) Use brand colors

     b) Contrast colors for CTA buttons

     c) Always add logo

     d) Place all essential information on a banner


As we already mentioned, all automated messages should be sent immediately, within seconds. But still each type has its deadline:

     a) Send subscription confirmation emails within maximum 10 minutes, otherwise, subscribers will forget about your company and newsletters

     b) Reservation Confirmation emails should be sent within a maximum 10 minutes. People need to be sure they can account on your service/hotel room, etc.

     c) Order Confirmation emails should be sent maximum within 30 minutes


Every confirmation email is the start of a sequence. Your further actions do depend on the client’s behavior:

     a) Create a scenario for your confirmation messages in order to receive a confirmation/respond

     b) Reservation and Registration for Webinar Confirmation Emails should be followed by a sequence of reminders

     c) Order Confirmation emails are to be followed-up by “Order Status Update” and feedback emails upon delivery

Running email marketing campaigns, be sure to always send notifications, be it reminder emails or confirmation ones. Communicate with subscribers. This endears the target audience to your company. And next time, when they have to choose where to shop, they are likely to come back to you.

Try out our confirmation email templates. 

I sincerely wish you the best of luck.

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