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Any business wants its customer to be satisfied and continue to use the services, while customers want to be treated special and receive personalized offers. Birthday emails are a great way to give the customer what they want and get a significant return because this type of email has a 481% higher transaction rate than promotional emails. 

In this article, we will go into detail about how to get the date of birth of the client, what should be included in such emails, and look at the best examples of bday emails from various businesses and brands.

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How to get customers’ dates of birth

Before creating birthday marketing emails, you must have a database of your customers’ birth dates. There are several ways you can get this data.

1. Registration form

This method is the first one that comes to mind since most people are used to adding their birthday when creating an account. However, despite what they are used to, you still need to explain why you are collecting this information.

Stripo_Happy Birthday Emails_Registration Form by Ikea

(Source: Ikea)

2. Survey email

If you dare not request such information in a registration form, do it in a “survey” email, as Chefwear does. In this example, recipients are asked to complete a survey with the option to receive a gift card.

Birthday emails survey

(Source: Email-Competitors)

3. ESP preference center

Some ESPs have preference centers in their arsenal that provide subscribers with various features for customizing and personalizing the emails they receive. Users can indicate their date of birth and other personal data. As a result, you have access to your subscribers’ birthdays and can use them to send out birthday marketing emails. Even if the user hasn’t specified their date of birth, you can remind him or her with a separate email by asking them to enter their date of birth in the settings.

Nike_Asking Birthday in Emails

(Source: Email from Nike)

4. Be creative

Although the first two ways are effective enough, some may find them way too trivial.

Here’s what you can do if this is the case:

Send a “Happy Birthday Email” over to your recipients, where you mention that you’d like to reach out to them on their special day, but you do not know when exactly it is, which is why you decided to do it now. Offer them a discount.

Be sure to add the “Confirm your actual birthday” link. This link should take subscribers to a Google Form or a form on your website.

Stripo_Birthday Email Marketing Campaign_Getting to Know Customer's Bday Date

(Source: Email-Competitors)

TomTom implemented this brilliant idea to find out the necessary information about its audience.

Now that you know the exact dates of birth of each and every subscriber, we can proceed to birthday email content.

What to send in birthday emails (with examples)

Just a birthday email per se is never enough to impress subscribers.

1. Send a wish

Just 4 dry words “Happy Birthday to You” will not do. Make sure to add a heart-warming poem or a sweet wish.

Stripo_Automated Birthdya Emails_No Buttons_Oli Byers

(Source: Email-Competitors)

Must confess, this is my favorite type of happy birthday emails. Just a warm wish, no CTA buttons. I feel like they really care about me, but not about their sales. Though, most people feel quite the opposite way…

2.  Offer a discount

… They love special offers and special sales. The chances that your sale will be welcome get higher when it’s available to one recipient only.

Discount in birthday email

(Source: Email-Competitors)

Important to note:

When you give such generous offers to your subscribers, it’s reasonable to mention how soon the offer expires. Or you may add a countdown timer. Such offers should go in sequence emails.

Stripo has a very convenient and fast way to add timers and countdowns to your emails thanks to a separate “Timer” block. It is enough to select it and transfer it to the birthday email template.

After that, you can set the required date and time, time zone, display days and fine-tune the fonts and colors of the timer.

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3. Give a present

Everyone loves gifts, and this email approach works great on a client’s birthday. It could be something free of charge from your products or services, depending on your type of business.

Birthday email present

(Source: Email-Competitors)

Here, it’s also important to specify how long it will be available and what the conditions to get it are.

4. Give a coupon and free shipping

A great option to congratulate and boost your sales is to include a gift or discount coupon. In this way, you will not only show that the client is not indifferent to you, but also push him or her to make a purchase. To spice things up a little you can create a mysterious coupon that the user has to scratch in order to find out their discount. This approach has a huge effect, as mystery offers bring in over 500% more revenue per email than any discount or other birthday offer.

Birthday email coupon

(Source: Email-Competitors)

In addition, free shipping for the same-birthday order will be a great gift, which will further encourage the recipient to make a purchase.

5. Add some elements of games

Adding elements of games in birthday email marketing campaign is always a winning strategy.

We all love playing games, we all some mysteries, we all love good surprises.

Interact or play with your subscribers on their birthday.

Offer them to “scratch” banners or other images to get their coupons. Offer them to answer a short quiz to get the discount or to find their present in a happy birthday email.

To create game elements in your emails, you will need special AMP templates that allow you to add various dynamic elements and create full-fledged games right in your emails. We have created a whole collection of free AMP templates that you can use in your email campaigns to upgrade your email campaigns with various dynamic elements and gamification. You can easily create gamification elements with our AMP templates and full-fledged guide on email gamification.

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6. Raise the fun with GIFs

In order to diversify your birthday email, you can add an animated GIF image to the design. They are a powerful tool for, storytelling, and grabbing the recipient’s attention. This can be either a pre-prepared GIF animation (for example, a relevant moment from a movie, cartoon, etc.) or a specially created animation that will simultaneously add a festive mood and convey the character of your brand through the visual.

(Source: Really Good Emails)

In our article, we have created a collection of tools that will help you turn your finished videos into GIF animations, edit and compress them to create suitable animations for your newsletter.

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Subject lines for birthday emails

To complete the festive design of your birthday emails with the right subject line that will grab the attention of the recipient. We have compiled a small selection of the most successful in our opinion from various well-known brands.

  • We got you a birthday gift! – Applebees.

  • A birthday gift from us – 10% off! – Nike. 

  • Happy Birthday from Baskin-Robbins! Have a scoop on us. – Baskin-Robbins.

  • It’s your birthday! – Jigsaw.

  • A birthday treat, just for you – Club Monaco.

  • Happy Birthday, DIVA! Take an EXTRA 15% off – Ashley

  • Your birthday gift is waiting inside… – Pandora

  • Bertucci’s Wishes you a Happy Birthday! Gift inside. –

  • Pizza Hut: “Good job being born. Time to celebrate – Pizza Hut.

  • Hurry, your birthday cookie is going to crumble soon… – Subway.

To create catchy subject lines, you must approach this process with certain knowledge. We have created a complete guide to creating the most powerful subject lines in order to give you the inspiration you need.

When to send birthday emails

If you want to send a subscriber several emails related to his or her birthday, bombarding them with all the emails on the same day is not a good idea. The time it takes to send an email depends on the type of email.

Birthday greetings email

The first and most basic type of email to send on client’s birthday. Not earlier, not later.

Birthday wishes email

(Source: Really Good Emails)

Emails with offers and presents

With this type, everything is a little more complicated and you need to maintain a certain schedule. It is good practice to build up hype around the birthday, as a result, emails with special offers should be sent a month before the client’s birthday. Give him or her the opportunity to think about the gift they received, plan their upcoming birthday and decide whether the coupon or discount will be used.

Birthday email with present

(Source: Email-Competitors)

Reminder emails

And the last email comes in a few days or a week after the birthday. This email is needed if the client did not use the gift from you. Greet the customer and remind them that the discount is still waiting for their birthday boy or girl.

Stripo_Happy Birthday Emails_Reminding users the gift is waiting

(Source: Really Good Emails)

Final thoughts

Birthday is the main holiday in the life of every person and everyone wants to receive as many congratulations and gifts on this day as possible. That is why you should regularly congratulate your customers on their birthdays if you want to gain their loyalty and gain regular customers. birthday email from company is a special way to show that you value your customers and you need to approach their creation wisely. We hope you find this guide helpful and help you come up with the perfect email for a client’s birthday. And Stripo will help you with the design.

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