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Online shopping is replacing all aspects of physical shopping- be it groceries, pharmaceuticals, or jewelry- everything is now found online, and the best part is you can get whatever you wish without as much as lifting a finger.While online shopping is a gift from the gods, it is, after all, rather tricky. There are price differences, random inflations, instances of impulsivity, and more. So here’s a guide- that’s seemingly obvious but not so much in practice- that helps you not only buy with ease but also shop smart and end up saving a lot of the money you otherwise would not have.

Comparison All the Way

The best way to save is comparison. Not sure if you’ve noticed, but the same pair of shoes is priced differently at different websites. This is because big platforms have a lot of competition, and they try to indulge customers with discounts and deals so that they become your go-to. So, before you purchase an item, check all websites or, better yet, use an extension tool that provides you with comparative data at a glance. You can then pick the best deal.

Seasonal Celebrations

When the Easter Bunny hides the eggs, or Jingle Bells can be heard from a distance, discounts find their way into online platforms. Seasonal discounts are the greatest form of a blessing- they give you the best deals and discounts and enable you to make purchases with great savings. Here’s a piece of advice: if it is not an item you need right at the moment, wait it out. Make a list and when the festive season comes by, purchase for a far lesser price.


This is probably the best way of saving. After you’ve found the platform that sells for less, look for authentic coupons. The best of these can be found at CouponXOO, a website that has recently become the center of attention for a lot of online buyers. It compiles authentic deals, discounts, and coupons and hence allows saving money inside out. It has an optimized search option that makes sure you receive relevant coupon codes.

Besides, CouponUpto is also a good website to get coupons. It develops algorithms that help users to search and save. It updates its database daily, hence providing the freshest deals and coupons at one glance. This helps an already low price go even lower, especially if you’re buying during the festive season. These three tips combined are the Three Musketeers of online shopping.

Use Price Alert Tools

What are these, Do you ask? Usually, when an item sits on your wishlist on giant platforms like Amazon, any price change is notified. If it so happens that you’re using a site where such notifications do not take place, use a tool that notifies you each time the price of a product goes up or down. This will help you buy the product at its lowest.

Know the Product

You wouldn’t want to put in all this effort to buy something at an ideal price and then discover that the product is absolute garbage. Make an informed choice. Read about the product and, most importantly, read reviews. Keep in mind that what works for you might be a dealbreaker for someone else. That being said, find as much as you can about a product, find out about its competitive counterparts, compare, and only after considering all the features and characteristics should you purchase something.

Sign Up for Newsletters

Don’t you just hate it when whatever it is that you wanted to buy goes out of stock- that too in the middle of a discount season? Never let that happen again. Instead, sign up for newsletters and in-stock email notifications. This way, as soon as there’s a price drop of restocking of the product that you wished to buy, you’ll be notified.

Leave it in the Cart.

I know this sounds bizarre. You’re probably thinking, “How is this helpful?” I’ll tell you how. If the sale is on for a few days or so, leave it in your cart because this will help you in three ways.

1.   Anti-Impulse Buying

When you leave an item in your cart for a day, you can check back in, and after a while the item loses the “first sight charm.” In other words, you’ll now be immune to the glamour of an item that existed when you first saw it.

2.   Analyzation and Realisation

When you’ve left the item in the cart for a while, and you look at it later on, you’ll be clear-headed and only buy what you need. You’ll be analytical and realize that you don’t need half the things you think you do.

3.   Price Reduction

This is the best part about leaving an item in your cart. It has happened to me more times than I can count- when I leave an item in my cart and check back in in a day, the price is reduced, or an additional discount has been applied. This is because retailers would rather lose a few bucks than a customer altogether.


So there you have it- a quick reference guide to buying things online and saving tons of money on it. Remember your best bet, additional discount coupons. Head over to, and get amazing discounts, deals, and coupons that’ll save your pocket not just once but time and again.

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