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Howdy, pals.

I, my crew, and the entire earth are shocked by the predicament all around Ukraine — the Russian invasion of the territory of Ukraine, to be specific. Having said that, this is not the Russo-Ukrainian war. This is Russia’s war towards the full globe! The Ukrainian soldiers, like a protect, secure the environment from Russia today.

We need to have to enable Ukraine! 

Why we all should quit Putin now

Our position about this war is:

1. This is a risk to the total earth

Some could imagine this is just involving Ukraine and Russia. However, this is not seriously legitimate.

Russian troops occupied the Chernobyl Nuclear Electrical power Plant, which is near Kyiv, the cash of Ukraine. The personnel of the plant are Russia’s prisoners now.

On March 3rd, Russian troops attacked the Zaporizska Nuclear Ability Plant in Energodar (Zaporizhzhia oblast, Ukraine). There was a huge fireplace there. Fortunately, there was no explosion there. But do you recall the Chernobyl disaster of 1986? Nuclear researchers say an explosion on the Zaporizska Nuclear Energy Plant will be 6 occasions larger. If it happens, the complete of Europe will not be a spot to live in.

Russia threatens the world with its nuclear weapon. You’ve heard that Putin places Russia’s nuclear force on significant warn, ideal? We require to stop this currently.

2. If we don’t act right now, any place can be subsequent

We need to end Putin nowadays, not only since of his troops that occupied nuclear crops in Ukraine, which is crazy, but also due to the fact Russia is very an intense region and this is not the 1st time it occupies components of other impartial countries. Namely, in 1992, Russia sent its troops to Moldova. In 2008, Russia took portion in armed conflict in Georgia. Now Ukraine.

Who’s subsequent?

The EU vice president warns the Baltic nations around the world are likely to be next. And then Russia will occupy the territory of other EU international locations.

Stripo’s posture and how Stripo’s gonna operate

Many of you know Stripo was born in Ukraine. 

The wide vast majority of our crew was dwelling in Dnipro, the central component of the state.

When the war started out, we relocated a variety of our crew users to safer locations in Ukraine and Europe.

No business with Russia

We stopped all business contracts with Russia, such as Plugin end users.

Is Stripo gonna perform?

Yes! We fully grasp that we are a world-wide enterprise and we really do not want this war to impact your enterprise processes. This is why our assist staff is performing according to their standard timetable. They are performing their greatest to hold assisting our purchasers around the globe remedy their problems with email structure. I guaranteed can say that our aid crew is the ideal crew in the planet for the reason that they have the courage and willpower to function in this scenario. 

Our servers are in a secure area in Europe, so you can rest assured that we’re nonetheless gonna offer steady assistance and steady efficiency of our merchandise 24/7, no subject what, as usually before. 

We’re fighting from the aggressor

Each and every and each and every one of the Stripo workforce who is currently in Ukraine is doing the finest they can to enable our region earn and cease this war.

We’re aiding the Military with funds, provision, and drugs. A lot of of our team users patrol the city along with Police to protect civilians through the day and night time, some joined the Military for every their personal will.

Every and every single member of our team, as citizens of Ukraine, are undertaking the greatest they can to defend Ukraine.

But this is not plenty of. We want your assistance! 

What you can do to cease this war

We are deeply touched by your care about us, about Ukraine, and your willingness to assist us. 

We been given a selection of email messages in which you reported that you stand with Ukraine, exactly where you asked us what you can do to assistance us. A lot of of you just offered shelter to individuals of the Stripo staff who make a decision to go away Ukraine and need to have a put to live abroad.

We do value your treatment! It indicates a large amount to us.

Ways to help Ukraine at the minute:

Battling with Putin currently, you guard your tomorrow.

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    you can end your company relations with Russia like quite a few world’s well-known brand names already did. Why is it essential? 1st, by obtaining company with Russia, you sort of assist their cruel deeds and give him money for bullets and rockets to get rid of civilians second, this will let Russia know the planet is versus its invasion of the territory of Ukraine — this is like your protest against its aggression


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    by way of Twitter and Facebook, question your country’s leaders to help Ukraine with weapons, near the sky in excess of Ukraine, and improve sanctions in opposition to Russia


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    make or unite groups and communities to help Ukraine struggle with Russia. In unity there is toughness


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    enable gals and little ones at the Ukrainian border — give shelter and provision to them


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    assistance refugees from Ukraine — donate as a lot as you can. Each individual cent matters


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    spread the word about means to assistance Ukraine. The additional men and women know what they can do to quit this war, the faster we entirely cease Putin’s aggression.


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Other meaningful means to aid Ukraine and the world’s democracy right now you may well locate listed here. 

Allow many others know what they can do to cease Putin now

The Ukrainian persons are the only types these days standing among Putin’s aggression and the entire democratic planet. Each individual and just about every 1 of you can help us end him now, normally, you can be the Upcoming to practical experience Russia’s cruelty and aggression!

Don’t permit WW3 ever materialize — aid us prevent Putin.

Assist us attain out to the world-wide neighborhood and permit every person know what they can do to prevent this war nowadays!

We’ve geared up a quantity of e-mail templates so that you can deliver e-mail newsletters to your close friends, your contacts and explain to them you stand with Ukraine, inform them they can unite and prevent Putin currently.

With these templates, you can do it ASAP. Simply because we require to act now!

Support us halt Russian aggression. Preserve the globe


Or just make small posts on your website/Twitter profile.

Ukrainians are robust and brave men and women. Our Army is qualified and incredible. We do have religion in them. Not only do we consider, we know we will acquire this war and cease Putin’s aggression. But we need to have the planet to unite and support us. We’re stronger when collectively.

Bottom line

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    Stripo is a secure and safe item so we’re gonna perform the way we did right before.


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    This is Russia’s war from the full world! We all require to stop Putin jointly.


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    We will retain aiding our Army, safeguarding our homeland. 


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    Serving to Ukraine nowadays, you preserve your tomorrow.


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