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A lightbox is a plastic box with a picture. Its main distinctive feature is reflected in the name: light, thanks to the backlight from fluorescent bulbs built into it.

At the moment, lightboxes are actively used in advertising; in particular, if we compare exclusively light advertising – lightbox sign are considered the most popular type.

Lightbox Sign

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Why Are Lightboxes An Excellent Opportunity To Advertise Your Product Or Service?

Lightbox Sign are used both in small shops on city streets and in shopping centers, and there is a simple explanation for this: such advertising is undeniably effective and saves money. Their appearance also allows you to transform the interior of the store and provide the necessary information to the client. The lightbox is an excellent solution for cafes, cinemas, shopping or entertainment centers, and organizations of the city or national importance.

Lightbox: Types

First of all, speaking about the types of lightboxes today, we must talk about the materials used to make them and the shapes of the plates. Currently, new solutions in the form of rotating structures or boxes with exciting shapes are gaining more and more popularity. To begin with, we will look at the classic types of lightbox signs that have become faithful companions of our daily life:

Constructions By The Number Of Advertising Surfaces.

are divided into one-sided and two-sided. Accordingly, the one-sided design is distinguished by the presence of only one advertising panel, and the electrical system is attached to the reverse side. This option can be successfully placed on the facade of a building or in an office/store interior.

The double-sided design differs from the previous one in the placement of electrical equipment. In this case, it is fixed inside the box, and it can be placed on the facade or wall only with the help of separate brackets.

Structures By Type Of Placement.

are divided into outdoor and indoor. As you probably know, lightboxes are actively used on the streets and in the interior.

The main feature of interior boxes is their thickness (no more than 10 cm). The work to make them is much more detailed since the negligence in the manufacture of larger boxes is less noticeable. They can be seen both in shop windows and in restaurants or showrooms. They can be controlled using the remote control, which makes them also a very convenient advertising tool.


Structures By The Method Of Fixing In The Interior.

are subdivided into floor-standing, table-top and pendant. Such products are used for various purposes, but most often, such boxes can be seen with information pointing the way to customers in shopping centers, public places and exhibition centers.

The latest development in this type of advertising is the Digital Signage video design with a Remote Control System.

Designs In Shape .

can be non-standard at the client’s request, where the simplest and most popular are ovals, circles, triangles and other geometric shapes. This option is almost ideal for companies that would like to place their logo on the box’s surface. Also interesting is the method of making such structures – creating a form using a vacuum.

Constructions Dynamics.

create static and rotating. Unfortunately, the dynamic design is not very popular with customers as it is costly. Although manufacturers of advertising structures remain unconvinced that the price justifies the quality of the results. Most often, the design is intended for floor installation and has the shape of a rectangle or oval.

What Materials Can Be Used To Make A Lightbox Frame?

PVC Plastic

PVC is one of the most widely used materials for creating lightbox signs due to its low cost. Nevertheless, there is also a drawback here: the size of such a box cannot exceed 2 meters in width and 4 meters in length.


Such a frame looks at least impressive and lends itself to coloring. What’s more, the aluminum construction allows a special banner fabric to be used to hide the seams. Also, the obvious advantage of this design is its lightness in any size.


Unfortunately, the sturdiest frame option is also the most expensive. The side surface of the case is made Of Galvanized Steel. In This Case, The Frame Is Created From A Profile Pipe.

What Materials Is The Front Surface Of The Lightbox Sign Made Of?

Let’s take a quick look at the wide variety of materials available for the front of lightboxes using a table.

Material Thickness Size Main feature
Acrylic plexiglass up to 6 mm 2×3 m

4×6 m

The most common type
Polycarbonate Regulated 12×2 m For large boxes
Translucent banner fabric Thin, very good at transmitting light even during the day Largest banners The most versatile option
Composite materials (dibond, alucobond) Regulated Regulated Products look expensive and solid

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Composite materials are recognized as the most expensive in the production of lightbox Sign. Dibond is a material obtained from aluminum and is a mirror-like surface. It is a very flexible material, smooth, easy to print and lamination. Very interesting works of different original shapes and sizes can be created from it, while they will be durable and resistant to external influences of weather or even fire.

Alucobond also has ease of transformation and exceptional strength, which allows it to be used for cladding the facades of houses. However, the number of colors of such designs is limited to only 19 options.

As we have already indicated in the table, products made of composite materials look expensive and impressive. They can be used for institutions like banks or business centers.

Another material that can be used to create faceplates is polystyrene. Vacuum forming is suitable for such structures:

  • the material is heated to a flexible state;
  • the vacuum helps to pull the resulting material into the required shape;
  • the hardened material turns out to be very durable and allows you to apply images of any type to it

How Is Lightbox Highlighting Created?

It is worth noting that, after all, the primary impression of outdoor signage is formed by the quality of the selected type of backlight.

Back lit And Front lit

By the type of light installment, the sign is divided into front-lit and backlit. In the first case, the backlight is located at the front surface of the box. In the second, it is located at the side surfaces, although this arrangement is more likely to be found in volumetric letters with built-in backlighting.

Light Options

In terms of light technology, here we are talking about fluorescent lamps, neon and LEDs.

  • Fluorescent lamps are an excellent option for those who want to save money on construction and installation. That is why they have received such widespread recognition. However, such a design cannot be called flawless because they serve no more than a year and also do not save electricity at all.
  • Neon’s are their bright competitors, they consume electricity much more economically, and they last much longer. Unfortunately, the price of such a product increases. What else can attract neon is the ability to control shades and illuminate structures of all shapes and sizes.
  • LEDs are considered the latest in sign lighting. Energy-saving diodes can last more than five years! The brightness of their glow can decrease over time, and their cost is even higher than neons. However, which type is right for you is up to you!

Lightboxes – Manufacturing Technology

In fact, the procedure depends a lot on the materials used. However, in general, the stages can be divided as follows:

  • Discussion and preparation of design;
  • Cutting the prepared profile, depending on the size and the selected shape of the structure being made;
  • Fastening the body and reinforcing it if necessary;
  • Securing the back surface;
  • Lighting system installation;
  • Fastening the front panel with the printed image.

Let’s take a look at how the image is applied to the lightboxes.

Typically, advertising is printed on vinyl. Then it is divided using a plotter according to the required dimensions. The image is then applied to the front of the lightbox.

How To Choose Your Lightbox?

As we have already shared in our article, today, there are many lightbox manufacturing technologies that allow you to create completely different options in size or shape. You will have to choose depending on the proposed location, the amount of information required for the placement, as well as the estimated budget.

A Few Tips Before Making Your Final Choice:

If you are looking for an option to use it in your store or office, then a double-sided sign is worth considering. After all, you can put on it not only the name of the company but also other additional information that may be useful to your potential client.

Suppose your goal is to promote a separate group of products. In that case, it is worth considering the option of an image lightbox to attract customers’ attention to this particular group of products. It is worth installing such a box in a store where customers have a choice between different products.

It should be understood that only high-quality light structures are suitable for the advertising design of a shopping facility. What are the requirements for a lightbox to pass a quality test?

  • proven ventilation and protection of the box from moisture;
  • resistance to the effects of cold or heat;
  • availability of box installation;
  • the color variety of the body and durability of the applied image;
  • the minimum thickness of the case and the uniformity of its illumination;
  • the brightness of lighting at its minimum power consumption;
  • the visual appeal of the lightbox;
  • the price corresponding to the offered quality.

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