Microsoft Defender comes to Android, iOS, macOS and Windows but wait! It is NOT what you think




Microsoft Defender has been announced for Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows. It is different from the Windows Defender program in Windows 10.

Microsoft Defender has arrived on Windows, macOS, iOS and Android as Microsoft’s latest attempt to provide anti-malware solutions. But hold on – this is not the same as the Windows Defender; the pre-loaded anti-malware app you used to find in Windows 10. Microsoft Defender is part of the Microsoft 365 service that is design to offer protection against online threats as well as the local threats.

“Microsoft Defender is simplified online security that meets you and your family where you are by bringing multiple protections together into a single dashboard. It provides online protection across the devices you and your family use. It offers tips and recommendations to strengthen your protection further,” says Microsoft in a blog post.

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Microsoft Defender comes to all platforms

The Defender app on the PC platforms works along with the pre-loaded or other third-party antivirus solutions. Hence, on macOS and Windows 11, Microsoft Defender will also provide protection against phishing attacks on the internet. The app is also said to show the security status of your other devices registered to your Microsoft account, and even provide security alerts.

On the mobile platforms, it has different functions. The iOS app of Microsoft Defender will only provide web protection as well as show the security status of other devices registered under this service. The Android app brings along an antivirus function along with a malware scanner – kind of like most Android security solutions. This one also provides web protection.

The app is free to download on all these platforms but you will need an active Microsoft 365 subscription for this to work. Microsoft says that it will continue to add more features and functions to the Microsoft Defender app such as identity theft protection and secure online connection.

“We must evolve our security solutions to meet unique customer needs at home and work by bringing together existing technologies in a new way. That is why we are introducing Microsoft Defender for individuals. It was built on our Microsoft Defender for Endpoint technology, leveraging the same trusted security that enterprises rely on.”


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