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All editors can be divided into 2 types: email is from the left, edit panel is from the suitable or vice versa in https://stripo.electronic mail

Every single tactic has its positive aspects. When we just started, numerous persons had been writing to us:

1. Make an email template first, then a panel. Right after all, we are employed to reading from remaining to right and to the fact that the primary factor ought to be earlier than the secondary, and the e-mail is more crucial than the settings. Glance, for instance, at photoshop (!). That is what I like.


2. Many others stated that all the contemporary menu sites are completed to the still left, in this article you also have to have to do the navigation to the left and spot the management panel there. In general, pulling from still left to right is more handy.

To whom that, but the strategy of «from left to right» is closer to me.

We decided not to argue and built it possible to place the panel in any way. In any case, we are producing the editor so that it can be built into any web-site or any program, and that’s why the posture of the panel need to be configured. But this will be a separate article.

By the way, for cellular people, we generally built it possible to minimize the panel to the dimension of the icon, so as not to interfere with enhancing the textual content.

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