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About One Touch EMR Software

OneTouch EMR is a cloud-based EMR that assists Internal Medicine, Family Medicine, and general practitioners in managing their patients’ medical histories. Mobile devices such as Android and iOS can access the solution remotely.


The solution is accessible as part of the OneTouch EMR system or smoothly integrates with various practice management and billing systems. Scheduling, appointment reminders, document management, lab orders, e-prescribing, integrated fax, and more are available in OneTouch EMR’s suite.


If you’re considering purchasing new EMR software, we might be able to assist you. In this article, we’ll go over OneTouch EMR, which is an effective EHR program. This software is helping healthcare providers for quite some time and has a good reputation among healthcare providers. 


In addition, the program offers several features that the company has worked on over time to provide top-notch service to its customers. This article will go over some of these features and how they might help your medical business progress.

Top Features of One Touch EMR Software

Claims Scrubbing

Several OneTouch EMR reviews state that the claims feature alone makes the software worthwhile! This tool allows you to automate many components of filing a claim, making this part of your practice easier to manage. In addition, because a substantial portion of your claims is automated, there are fewer errors, and, as a result, your claims not only accept more frequently but also reimburse considerably faster. Overall, this function significantly improves your practice’s cash flow, which is critical for any medical procedure.


One Touch EMR offers a robust dashboard feature that allows you to quickly access your day’s appointments, check on messages, outstanding labs, and Rx refills with a single click. In addition, the dashboard provides an overview of new patients and appointments. You can quickly navigate to anywhere in the EMR at the click of a button.


Moreover, you can stay informed with important industry news in the daily newsfeeds section of the dashboard. The dashboard also enables you to review patient charts and demographics before beginning your encounter. Furthermore, you can use the voice-recognition feature available via the One Touch EMR Software.

Patient Portal

One Touch EMR also includes a patient portal for your convenience and that of your patients. Patients have the option of scheduling appointments at their leisure. As a result, the number of no-shows lowers. Patients can also call for live customer service if they have any questions or problems.


The One Touch patient portal allows patients to access their medical records, make appointments, sign paperwork, and pay bills. Furthermore, the patient portal keeps patients up to date on planned meetings and clinical findings.

Appointment Scheduling

The One Touch EMR offers a vital appointment scheduling function that lets you view your daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly appointments in a flash. You can see if an appointment is confirmed, canceled, rescheduled, checked in, and more by looking at the notation on the appointment.

Lab Integration

OneTouch EMR’s lab integration capability is also beneficial. This function allows you to shorten the time it takes you to make a medical diagnosis. In addition, you can order tests for your patients directly from the software using this function. The test results are also sent directly to your program, allowing you to view them right away. 


Once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to quickly establish a diagnosis based on the information provided by the test results. This feature allows you to make more accurate diagnoses in less time because you won’t have to wait any longer than required for test findings.

Excellent Customer Support

One Touch EMR is so intuitive and straightforward that you can use it right out of the box. However, just if you need help with any query, the company offers comprehensive training and support in various formats designed for different learners.


You can call anytime during working hours to have your simple and complex questions answered immediately for phone support. In case of contact through email, you can send an email to for the support team to assist you as quickly as possible. In addition, the software also offers live chat support during business hours.

One Touch EMR Pricing

One Touch EMR has not given price information publicly. This is standard procedure among software vendors and service providers. However, you can contact the vendor through the website to obtain a quote for your practice.

One Touch EMR Demo

You can also acquire a One Touch EMR demo to explore the software in a real-world healthcare environment. The demo is one of the best ways to evaluate the software thoroughly. Current EMR users recommend scheduling a demo before directly buying the software for your medical practice. 

One Touch EMR Reviews


  • The One Touch EMR is an excellent program that is highly user-friendly and self-explanatory.

  • The fact that they have a free version is ideal for a small office with a minimal budget.

  • They also provide the opportunity to add only the features you want, allowing you to pay for only the features you use.

  • The software has excellent customer support.


  • Text message reminders don’t always appear to work, which can be unpleasant.

Our Two Bits About One Touch EMR Software

One Touch EMR software is an excellent alternative if you’re looking for low-cost medical software for your healthcare firm. The One Touch EMR Software assists you in comprehending and managing your clinical care process seamlessly.


Make a list of software features you want, then determine if the product you’re considering contains them. Aside from that, we recommend getting a One Touch EMR demo from the seller to see the software in action rather than just reading about it. In addition, you can read One Touch EMR reviews online to explore the software further. Overall, the One Touch EMR software is a great option that might pay off handsomely for your medical setting.

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