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I have been acquiring in python for the final couple years. C++ was a thing that I hugely question I would ever want to understand but properly lucks performs out in mysterious strategies. Being in the last yr of Electrical Engineering solutions of program I opted for a last year project in personal computer science because why make your life less difficult.

Coming to the place here is the first at any time venture that I implemented utilizing C++.

This is an anime recommendation engine at its most fundamental kind utilizing almost all the simple things the C++ has to give.

It can act as a extremely great newbie undertaking which can be applied by you to make one thing on for your individual course.

Challenge Assertion: Establish a suggestion motor that:

  1. Asks the consumer to register
  2. Verifies the consumer by inquiring it to login
  3. Asks the user to answer two concerns
  4. Endorses anime centered on the solutions

The Venture can be prolonged to a great deal additional elaborate recommendations by uncomplicated introducing a lot more concerns.

Allows dive into the code.


#consist of 
#include things like 

applying namespace std

int primary(void){

    string name = "temp"
    string password = "temp"
    string login_identify = "temp_1"
    string login_password = "temp_2"
    int enter
    string style_in
    bool air_in
    int counter = 
    string output_title[2]
    int output_rating[2]
    bool flag = false

        string name
        string genre
        int rating
        bool air

        string name
        string style
        int rating
        bool air

    // identify
    database[0]->name = "aot"
    databases[1]->name = "death be aware"
    databases[2]->name = "hero academia"
    database[3]->name = "haikyu"
    databases[4]->name = "beyblade"
    // style
    databases[0]->genre = "motion"
    database[1]->genre = "thrill"
    database[2]->genre = "action"
    databases[3]->genre = "thrill"
    database[4]->genre = "action"
    // score 
    databases[0]->score = 10
    databases[1]->score = 8
    database[2]->score = 10
    database[3]->score = 7
    databases[4]->score = 5
    database[0]->air = legitimate
    database[1]->air = false
    databases[2]->air = legitimate
    database[3]->air = true
    databases[5]->air = bogus

    cout << "Welcome to anime recommednation engine !" << endl
    cout << "Please register below to continue !" << endl
    cout << endl
    cout<<"Enter a user name: "<> identify
    cout<< "Enter a password "<>password

    cout << " Thank you for registering !" << endl
    cout << "Now you have to login !" <>login_identify
        cout<<"password: "<< flush

        if((password==login_password) && (name==login_name))
            cout<<"thank you logging in"<>input

    if (enter == 1)
            genre_in = "motion"

    else if(enter == 2)
            style_in = "thrill"

    cout<<"Do you want it to be on air ?" <> input
    if (input == 1)
            air_in = accurate

    else if (input == 2)
            air_in = false


     for(int i =  i < 4  i++)
                output_title[counter] = databases[i]->name
                output_score[counter] = databases[i]->score

    for(int j =  j < 2 j++)
        cout<<"Recommendation " << j << ": "<< output_name[j] << " Score: " << output_score[j]<
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The code is self explanatory and I am hoping comments are not needed to understand it. In case of any questions feel free to ask.
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