Qualcomm Interview Experience for Associate Software package Engineer (Off-Campus)



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I used for Qualcomm for a application part on their occupation portal. They conducted a overall of 4 rounds of digital interviews. It was a 3 times long method. No on the net examination was done for me.

Spherical 1 (Specialized 1-Screening – 45minutes) : Microsoft teams was utilised for all the interviews. It began with introduction. He then touched upon my assignments and internship practical experience. 2 coding issue were specified and it was meant to be solved by sharing screen . Interviewer was pretty valuable . Any language can be utilised to remedy. Questions requested ended up:

Did that and Then certain OOPs principle had been concepts were asked , difference involving strategy overloading and approach overriding , thought of abstraction, static solutions and variables. Then I was screened in.

Suggestion: Use “Draw on Page” chrome extension to much better explain your tactic.

Round 2 (Complex 2 –  45mins) : This occurred soon after 5 mins on the same get in touch with. All over again some introduction. He noticed one of my project involving use of multithreading. That’s why, he asked me about thought multithreading. 2-3 concerns ended up presented . Any language can be utilised to fix.

Some resume primarily based concern like he questioned questions on my certifications and hobbies.

Round 3 (Technical 3 – 1 hr) : This occurred following 5 mins. Right here Interviewer have been really valuable and they have been supplying me hints continually. 5-6 concern had been offered . Any language can be employed to clear up.

Round 4 (Technical 4 – 1 hr) : This occurred just after 1 day. Right here Interviewer have been very practical and they were providing me hints consistently.
2 structure questions had been supplied . Any language can be utilised to remedy.(Interviewer was cross questioning on each individual component)

  • Style and design a Lottery Machine with following functionalities :
    • Creating non repeating random range from 1 to N. (where by N is no of people to whom lottery tickets are allotted bearing lottery ticket no staring from 1 until N.
    • When a random amount is generated do away with the person having lottery ticket range equivalent to random no.
    • Now all over again generated new random range and guarantee to rely from area of final eliminated individual not from starting up. Treat it like as circular queue.
    • Do it until only just one particular person is left and that individual is winner. Print continual log on console of all operations performed by equipment and winner at the close.
    • Code must be modular and readable.
  • Style and design a Carry Administration Program with very own comprehending . This was quite open finished, he did not established anticipations
    • Define some actors, some display or console , some operations, some switches. It is all up to your discretion 

Some ordinary questions like why do want to be part of Qualcomm, what technologies you are fascinated in and bla bla bla! I can’t remember all issues. But GFG archives is the critical to crack it. Inquiries adhere to a definite pattern and mainly repeated.

Thanks! And all the ideal . Consider in yourself and you will be limitless.

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