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Use content to close the trust gap

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The more people trust you the more they’ll want to buy from you or refer business to you.

John Jantsch talks about the power of “know, like and trust” in his book “Duct Tape Marketing”

Be sure to clearly understand WHO you serve, what their PROBLEM or NEED is and WHERE they are.

You can get my book, “Celebrity CEO” (to learn more about personal branding).

Content Curation

Before you can share content you have to collect content.

You want to curate content from various sources and share it with your community.

You can also use this content to spark your own ideas and create your own original content as well.

Ramon collects content all week long.  As he browses websites he bookmarks links. A lot of these websites come to him via the many email newsletters he gets.

TIP – Ramon gets email newsletters sent to [email protected] and filters them to a separate folder so he can read them later on.

Sharing Content

Now that you’ve collected and curated your content, there are a variety of tools and ways to share your content on social media

You can use Agora Pulse, Buffer, HootSuite, and other tools. Use these tools to schedule and/or drip out your social media shares.

As you share content on social media, don’t just share the content but put YOUR spin on it.

Your 3 – 5 words of insight right before the original post.

See below, I didn’t just share the post, I added a comment ABOUT the post. I added my own quick “spin” to it.

Social post

Social Stories

Just about every morning I post to Instagram and Facebook stories.

Using stories puts your content first and foremost at the TOP of your community’s feed.

If you produce GOOD content, people will WANT to hear from you.

Ramon has found that social STORIES are powerful. They’re taken down after 24 hours and create anticipation and curiosity within your community.

Your FANS who really like your content and want to hear from you will dive right in!

Social stories

Email newsletter

An email newsletter is s must. Ramon has a weekly email newsletter on Thursdays. He also has an email that goes out on Sunday which is a wrap-up of content from SmasrtHustle.com

Auto email newsletter

I use a tool like Feedbolt , an “RSS to EMAIL” app to auto curate all SmartHustle.com content to an email newsletter. You can do this too!


Another email newsletter “hack” is to put your email newsletter into a campaign so all great content goes to everyone and you don’t scramble for content. Ramon uses Keap for his email campaign.

For example, let’s say that I lost my car keys and learned a valuable lesson from it. I can put that in my email newsletter CAMPAIGN. This insight is useful for someone reading it the DAY after I publish it and the year after too.

Don’t waste content.

Segment your email list

Ramon’s email includes his community of thousands but also smaller segments:

  • Dream 100 (a curated list of people Ramon wants to build a business with and/or work with). Concepts first heard from Chet Holmes,
  • Leads – who have expressed interest in becoming customers.
  • Clients – current customers
  • and others


Quality images are important.

Everyone can use Canva, but are you using Canva the RIGHT WAY?

Pay for the premium version of Canva so you can use higher-quality stock images.

Use templates to more quickly create future graphic assets.

Blog withWord Press

I believe everyone should have a blog. Ideally, you’re blogging on a WordPress platform as it has so much more flexibility and features. However, you can even blog using LinkedIn, Medium, Substack, and other platforms.

Creating a blog is a powerful way to leverage SEO via Google search.

SEO is one of the MOST important ways to have inbound traffic to your content.

How to create blog content

  • Create the content on your own. Like this page, you’re reading. I’ve typed every single word of it.
  • Consider using a blog writing service like Contentfly to help you create content. You submit the headline and a brief overview of what you want the article to be about. Within a few days (or less) Conentfly will get the article to you, done from one of their writers.
  • Contributed content, from others.
  • Hire a blogger to write content for your blog

WordPress Content Tools

  • Use Co-schedule to schedule and share your posts on social media, from within WordPress
  • Yoast to maximize SEO to help you ensure each article is SEO optimized.
  • Ramon also hired an SEO optimization specialist to help do SEO even better
  • A content calendar can be useful to help you systematize your content creation and amplification

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