Razzmatazz overview: A pleasant (and delightfully pink) drum equipment


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Previously this yr 1010tunes unveiled the Lemondrop and Fireball, two astonishingly entire-showcased synths in unbelievably tiny packages. The company’s Nanobox lineup addresses a whole lot of ground concerning these two devices, but neither was significantly nicely suited to managing drums. So the firm took the same core hardware, put a percussion-focused FM engine in it, together with a sampler, gave the whole point a playful pink paint career, and dubbed it the Razzmatazz.

The most current member of the 1010audio family is a prosperous sounding drum machine with a straightforward 64-stage sequencer. Even though it could deficiency some modern features you’d anticipate from a $399 instrument, it makes up for it with a strong set of audio design and style functions. And indeed, even 10 months later, the Nanoboxes are even now shockingly little.


1010music Razzmatazz

Terrence O’Brien / Engadget

I will not devote way too much time rehashing the hardware because I have already lined it in my review of the Lemondrop and Fireball, but here’s a quick recap. The entire thing is 3.75 inches broad, 3 inches tall, and 1.5 inches thick – compact enough to fit in even the tiniest of luggage or a large pocket. There’s a two-inch touchscreen on the front, furthermore 4 navigation buttons and a pair of encoders. Around again you get ⅛-inch MIDI in and outs, ⅛-inch audio ins and outs, a USB-C port for energy and a microSD slot (pre-populated with a 32GB card) for storing samples and presets.

The only notable exterior adjust from the former Nanobox entries is the shade. There’s no practical benefit to the Razzmatazz currently being scorching pink, but I like it. As I outlined in my critique of Cre8Audio’s East Beast and West Pest, synths should be enjoyment. I have nothing in opposition to the Korgs, Elektrons and Moogs of the earth. But their instruments normally choose by themselves quite significantly. And I, for just one, consider the synth globe could use a splash of coloration now and then.

The Audio Engine

1010music Razzmatazz

Terrence O’Brien / Engadget

At the core of the Razzmatazz is an 8-voice motor that combines FM synthesis and sample playback. Each and every pad can be possibly or both equally, which is fairly exclusive. I can’t believe of a different economical hardware drum equipment that lets you to combine FM tones and samples in really the exact way. You can simply just layer the two, but you could also, for instance, use a sample of an precise timpani for the attack, then let the synth fade in soon after.

It’s a genuinely enjoyable influence and identical to what you discover Roland’s late ‘80s Linear Arithmetic synthesizers like the D-50. The only concern is that figuring out how to realize it is not instantly apparent. Because the two envelopes in this article are straightforward sustain / decay affairs, you can not just soften the attack and be performed with it. Alternatively you have to assign the envelope to control the volume of the electronic oscillators, but set the mod depth to negative 100 per cent, at which stage the decay functions like the assault.

An additional key variance is, the Razzmatazz just can’t be played chromatically. So you just can’t craft a room shaking bassline to accompany your drum pattern. You also simply cannot pull the trick of employing the modulation sequencer to command pitch, like you could on the Lemondrop and Fireball. In fact, there is no modulation sequencer, just two LFOs and two envelopes. And pitch is not a modulation vacation spot. You can improve the tuning of person pads and produce anything melodic that way, but that’s it.

The appears on their own are great, though. The assortment of 120 preset kits have a tendency toward the glitchy and electro aspect of matters. Considering that there is a sampler, in addition to the FM motor, even so, you can get convincing real drum appears much too. Most of the incorporated samples never lean into the acoustic realm, but you can quickly load or document your have if you like. The one particular thing to be aware is that there is no way to chop up samples on the Razzmatazz. So if you want to slice up a breakbeat, you want to do that just before you import it as separate information. Identical for loops.

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