Say Goodbye to console.log from Production setting



I have been functioning on a challenge with Subsequent.js since past month and applied the console.log statement in lots of components & files even although I you should not keep in mind. Commonly, we use it to test API responses and some other regions of the software.

Generating console statements general public is not a very good thought at all, it may convey your app at a safety danger. Checking each file, and deleting the statement is really time-consuming & monotonous also. As a developer, we all loathe tedious tasks so, in the write-up below we focus on how you can say goodbye to console.log in your Following.js application from the Generation surroundings in just fewer than 1 moment.

Seems very good! let us goooo…😎

πŸ‘‰ Observe the measures described below –

1. Set up the babel-plugin-rework-remove-console package as a progress dependency.

2. Develop a .babelrc file at the root of your undertaking, copy the below written content & that’s all.

    "presets": [
            "plugins": [

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🏁 This is just a brief trick that I employed to increase my productivity, even you should use it following time.
I will maintain sharing far more recommendations & tips relevant to web dev,continue to be tuned!.

Thanks for reading.


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