Sigma dp2 Quattro Overview: Captures Pictures Brimming With Color




Sigma is a Japanese loved ones-owned company that tends to make lenses for DSLRs and micro four-thirds cameras, proprietary sensor technology that is starkly diverse from what the market works by using, and of training course, cameras. It operates in a niche section that caters to imaging professionals who want to go outside of proven concepts of pictures and seize photos that appear exceptionally lifelike. No matter if Sigma’s tactic is effective or not is a discussion for a further working day, but it is unquestionably generating some headway in this market house.

Sigma’s most up-to-date compact digital camera in India is the dp2 Quattro, which has a style that is whacky and abnormal when compared to the dp2 Merrill. It also improves upon its predecessor in the requirements office by applying an upgraded edition of Sigma’s proprietary Foveon X3 sensor.

There are three cameras in the dp Quattro series, each with a distinctive set-focal-size lens. The dp2 Quattro (Standard) is intended for essential pictures and has a 45mm lens, whilst the dp1 Quattro (Large) with its 28mm lens is more suited for large angle pictures. If you want to seize topics a little far away, the mid-tele version of the dp3 Quattro makes a lot more sense since it features of a 75mm lens.

We took the dp2 Quattro out for a spin and place it as a result of our battery of standard assessments, and had some fun with it at the similar time as perfectly.


Breaking all traditional camera design and style tropes, the Sigma dp2 Quattro’s framework and form stands out. The width of 161.4mm makes this oddball digicam nearly as wide as a Sony Playstation Vita portable gaming console. Also, for a compact digital camera, the dp2 Quattro is absolutely not pocketable. A protecting case, not provided in the box, is essential if you intend to carry it close to. However, you will not have to stress about the make high quality for the reason that it is just about fully produced of steel and feels sufficiently durable.

A significant lens peeks out from the front of the dp2 Quattro. On the ideal aspect of the dp2 Quattro, the hand grip curves inwards which is fairly in contrast to frequent DSLRs and bridge cameras. The marginally angled entrance will allow end users to grip the camera very easily. Sigma presents a little rubber pad to spot your fingers on the place it is angled. The rear will not have any this kind of pad. As a substitute, the location concerning the keep track of and the hand grip which also properties a handful of controls, has a rubberised coating which acts a respectable substitute.

Owing to the nature of the structure, the digital camera is suited only for two-handed procedure and it takes a little acquiring used to at 1st. It is nearly unachievable to use the digital camera with just one hand because it is lens-significant. A difficult rubber flap on the left edge of the dp2 Quattro conceals the Micro-USB port and microSD card slot. There are lanyard loops on both sides, and Sigma also bundles a lanyard/strap in the box.

A hotshoe for attaching equipment these kinds of as an external flash or an electronic viewfinder (EVF) is existing on the major, in line with the lens. On the proper of the top rated edge you can come across the energy button, a button to switch in between the offered modes, and a shutter release surrounded by ring that can be employed to zoom in to captured pictures. A further dial sits on prime of the prolonged hand grip and can be made use of to improve alternatives the settings menus.

Most of the focussing alternatives are mapped to two buttons driving the hand grip one particular lets you switch involving guide and computerized emphasis, although the other a single can help you established the target point when focussing manually. Positioned vertically amongst the handgrip and the Liquid crystal display keep track of, there are four buttons (from top rated to bottom) for: switching the screen on/off, quick settings, locking AE/deleting pictures, and the principal menu. The Check out/Playback button is squeezed in involving the edge of the Lcd monitor and the menu button. The battery compartment and the tripod socket are at the bottom of the digicam.


Specs and software program
The most crucial ingredient inside of the dp2 Quattro is its Foveon X3 sensor. It is radically distinctive from sensors utilised in other cameras. It is critical to know the differences so as to determine out how a compact digital camera can seize illustrations or photos that can rival those people taken by a complete-frame DSLR.

DSLR and compact cameras created by popular brand names these kinds of as Nikon, Canon, Sony, Olympus and the like use CMOS or CCD graphic sensors. Commonly, a CMOS sensor (a lot more broadly employed) has a single layer of silicon to seize gentle. Utilizing a thing regarded as a Bayer filter, the layer of silicon is divided into crimson, blue and green light-weight receptors. Following gentle is captured, the camera’s impression processor converts it into an RGB picture. The Bayer filter mosaic pattern is such that 50 per cent is dedicated for green, with 25 per cent each individual for the other two colors.


In contrast, the Foveon X3 sensor has three levels of silicon for blue, eco-friendly and purple colour receptors. They are stacked up against each individual other with the blue layer on best, red on the base and eco-friendly sandwiched in among. There is a rationale for this as arrangement as perfectly – every single of these mild bands has a certain wavelength which in flip determines how far the mild can penetrate the silicon layer – blue gentle does not penetrate pretty much. In the hottest iteration of the Foveon X3 sensor, Sigma has included an additional layer on prime of these silicon levels that captures luminance or greyscale information as well. This eradicates the require for a reduced-move filter, which is made use of by cameras with CMOS sensors to cut down artifacting these types of as moire styles.

So, Sigma’s 39-megapixel Foveon X3 sensor coupled with the new Real III graphic processing motor can capture richer colors with out losing aspects. We will examination that in our performance review of the camera.

sigma_dp2_quattro_camerasample_2_final_ndtv.jpgThe 45mm lens can only get as near as 28cm to asubject, which is not fantastic for near-up macro pictures. It has four shooting modes: Method, Shutter speed precedence, Aperture priority and Manual. The digicam has a ton of color modes but the Cinema and Monochrome solutions are the most remarkable of the lot. It shoots shots in 3:2 X3F Uncooked format and you can procedure them working with the Sigma Photo Pro 6 picture processing computer software. Unfortunately, the computer software can seriously test your persistence. On the flipside, .JPEG photos captured by the digital camera are of pretty excellent high-quality. The deficiency of primary characteristics like a movie mode or impression stabilisation may possibly be a deterrent for a a couple of prospective customers. sigma_dp2_quattro_rear_ndtv.jpg

Searching previous the specialized prowess of the sensor and judging the captured examination images just on deal with price, we were being blown away by the success in daylight. In problems exactly where we failed to have to go over and above ISO 200, the captured photographs experienced amazing level of specifics, and colours were incomparable. Acquire a close seem at the impression of the vegetable cart beneath and you will see how nicely the digital camera managed the unique gradients of purple. Colour fidelity around the edges of the picture is also genuinely effectively maintained. 

sigma_dp2_quattro_camerasample_1_final_ndtv.jpgThe lens manages to hold barrel distortion to a least as well. Also, you can be hard pressed to locate chromatic aberration of any sort. We are seriously upset by the simple fact that the camera can not go pretty near to a issue and capture very good macros. Every time we tried out, we finished up with extra depth of area than we would have liked. If you want to have some entertaining with the camera, attempt the Cinema and Monochrome modes, in which the digicam captured a degree of depth that we have never scene in advance of.


(Click on to see sample cinema method graphic in comprehensive dimension)

In our stringent ISO take a look at, the digital camera done effectively up to ISO 400 but from ISO 800 onwards, noise started creeping in. Over and above ISO 800, even the fidelity of the colours began degrading. This is exactly where we realise matters are not all hunky dory the dp2 Quattro carried out inadequately in very low-light conditions. Also, the absence of suitable impression stabilisation indicates that you will close up with a large amount of blurry photographs if the camera isn’t really secure.


The shot-to-shot functionality is unsatisfactory as the digital camera can take a ton of time to aim and set up pictures. On the other hand, very shockingly, it is brief to seize visuals when the target is locked. Sigma statements that its 1200mAh battery will final for 200 pictures on a single cost. According to our tests, this claim is very correct but that is even now not adequate if you are on an out of doors journey. Thankfully, Sigma bundles an further battery in the box.


(Click to check out sample shut-up graphic in comprehensive sizing)


(Simply click to check out sample monochromatic graphic in entire sizing)

The Sigma dp2 Quattro prices a whopping Rs. 79,990 in India. The point that it is a lot of cash for a compact digicam feels really like an understatement in fact. This compact digicam are unable to do online video, isn’t going to have picture stabilisation, and illustrations or photos taken in very low light are not as well fantastic both. In addition contemplating all the cameras in the dp Quattro variety have preset focal-length lenses (and no way of modifying them), if you want to shoot wide or telephoto photographs you would have to acquire three distinct cameras!

Inspite of all that, the dp2 Quattro is helps make for a terrific tech demo and will surely get the awareness of the area of interest viewers that Sigma is targeting – photographers and marketplace professionals who intend to seize richer, far more correct colours. It makes for a wonderful camera to do road pictures as perfectly. A good choice to the dp2 Quattro is the Sony RX100 III, which will not boast of an insanely impressive picture sensor like the Foveon X3 but much more than will make up for with its characteristics and its consistent image good quality. 

Value: Rs.79,990


  • Foveon X3 sensor is phenomenal
  • Wonderful colour copy in daylight pictures
  • Good construct excellent


  • No video
  • No graphic stabilisation of any kind
  • Sluggish shot-to-shot general performance
  • Not fantastic for reduced-mild images

Rankings (Out of 5)

  • Make/Layout: 4
  • Image Top quality: 3.5
  • Online video: NA
  • Battery Lifetime: 3
  • Benefit For dollars: 3
  • General: 3.5

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