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Digital Marketing


Usually, the essential blocks consist of:

  • a picture (about pictures I by now built a post)
  • &#13

  • textual content
  • &#13

  • button
  • &#13

  • spacer.
  • &#13

But I want to target on the «optional» essential blocks which drastically simplifies the existence of developers, but generally do not let you to make «all you want» constrained to pre-organized templates.


Briefly: into our email templates, you can simply insert a link to the video, and the image, enjoy button and option text will capture up on their personal.

A lot more comprehensive: there are several approaches to add video instantly to the e-mail so that it is played right inside of the e mail, even though this only performs with the assistance of HTML5 and is not usually recommended since «emails enjoy silence».

The ideal choice is to insert a picture from the movie with the «Play» button with different text. Incorporating a component you can insert a link to the online video, and we run into Youtube, get a picture, implement to it one of the buttons that you can pick, get the name of the video and the organized photograph with the video clip paste in the e mail. It turns out quite promptly and nutritious.

I would like to add another prospect to change the picture by inserting your personal, but we will insert it later.

Now we support Youtube and Vimeo.

Social networks

Briefly: pick the style of pictures, specify which profiles to add and the block is automatically produced.

Most generally, the emails have «follow us on the social networks» block and the listing of icons and back links in different variations. Significant or small, but undoubtedly a sequence of icons with one-way links.

If the profile consists of backlinks to company profiles, they will be automatically created, and if there are no or need to specify others, it can generally be done manually.


Briefly: add, delete menu things, emphasize stocks, control the delimiters and menu kinds. With pictures or without. Anything is very uncomplicated.

Just about every menu item can transform the font, history, and ascertain whether to show it in the cell format. The menu we support has 3 types: inbound links, one-way links and icons, only icons. In addition, you can configure what other separators will be between the menu things. Most often this is a vertical stripe of gray colour.

I would also like to add a vertical menu, for all those kinds of menus that are generally extra in the footer.

It would not hurt to add the skill to quickly modify the order of menu merchandise, it is still in the procedure.

Countdown timer (assume release in a couple months)

Briefly: Specify the finish time of the marketing, the font and fashion of displaying the countdown counter, and each client will be shown his time anytime he opened the electronic mail.

Formerly, we used motionmail as a separate service, and now we decided to integrate different products and services for widgets in email. Let’s see what components will be most well known and we’ll generate down our components, if this helps make feeling. These types of parts can be a lot: personalization of the photo in the e-mail, HTML5 video in the email, different chips true-time electronic mail or as many say agile mail.


Briefly: it’s a mini-image for creating banners in ezines when the result is a picture, and when modifying, the photo breaks up into levels and outcomes. Performance is designed to get rid of in most situations the need to use Photoshop for micro-adjustments, which have to be done on a bannender basis ?

I can not imagine how we lived with no this element. There is a special want to add it to the enhancing of any photo. How I would like to sometimes attach a sales ticket or a 20% price reduction on the product card, only by the property of the items. But this will now be a separate functionality.

When we add this element, for guaranteed, I will compose it separately.

We continue to add a list of standard blocks, remain connected, take a look at, like, remark on social networks.

I repeat that I gladly acknowledge not only praise but also constructive criticism. Our aim is to create a better editor that will be platform unbiased. And the principal price of the editor: the velocity of creating specialist emails.

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