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The book, Self-Made Boss is your roadmap to help you start, grow and eventually if you wish, sell your business.

Lauren Weinberg, CMO of Square, and Jackie Reses, Luna Financial Group and former Square excec, teamed up to put together a book which is a “soup to nuts” guide for aspiring and existing small business owners.

Self-Made Boss covers business plans, legal, operations, finances, marketing, hiring, growth and scale and more.

What’s neat about the book is that at the end of each chapter, there are a few things for you to think about – questions to consider.

What I really like about Self-Made Boss is that it profiles business owners as well – such as Germaanee, who is a bicoastal wardrobe stylist.

Peppered inside the book are also nuggets of wisdom from small business experts.

During our conversation, we talked about some key tips for small business success.

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Credit In Two Ways

You can get traditional bank financing or use a credit card.

However, there are a number of relatively new companies that offer “online financing”. These companies, such as Lendio, Fundbox, Kabbage (bought by American Express), Quickbooks and others, use technology to quickly let you know how much funding you qualify for.

These online financing options are flexible and fast.

Big companies, explained Jackie, can get loans at a lower cost and often can get bigger loans. For smaller companies, it’s not that easy.

What happens if on Sunday morning your commercial coffee machine fails. It’s good to have access to fast financing for emergencies like this.

When Should I Start Marketing

Lauren said that a question she’s often asked is, “When should I start thinking about my marketing”.

Don’t wait, work on it, right away.

We SMB’s can use all touch points we have with our customers to telegraph our brand and market our businesses

Social Media Advice

Social media is a powerful tool. Think about where your customers are and go to where they are.

Develop a content calendar to guide you on what to post and when to do it.

Your back story of why you’re in business is so important. Your employees will want to feel connected to not just what you sell but WHY you sell it.

Feeling Overwhelmed?

Business owners can often feel overwhelmed at the pressure of being in business.

I’ve started 4 companies and know that pressure, all too well.

We got into business, most of the time, for the passion of business ownership.

But now you wear every hat and are frazzled and frustrated.

Get a coach and get advice. It’s good to hire help.

Seth Godin says that often we small business owners turn to ourselves first, since we’re the cheapest to hire. But in the long term we might not be the best person to do the work.

Innovation and Beyond

We also talked about innovation. During the pandemic, a business owner changed their packaging to get better shipping rates.

Such a “small” change but big results over the long term.

Imaging doing small changes in your business which collectively will lead to huge savings or faster productivity.

I asked Lauren and Jacquie what their final thoughts of advice for us was?

  1. How you treat people matters. Be kind to everyone.
  2. It can be lonely being a small business owner, so create and/or join a community.

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