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When it manufactured up the expression “S.L.R.,” the technologies terminology industry was not running at its peak resourceful powers.

An S.L.R. is one particular of these significant, black, experienced-design and style cameras. They do factors that make pocket cameras appear like pretenders: they can blur the background, choose reduced-gentle pictures devoid of a flash and shoot with no shutter lag (the delay after you press the shutter button). And thanks to huge gentle sensors and lenses, the pics just appear superb.

But ouch — that title. Even if you know what S.L.R. stands for (“single-lens reflex”), you have no strategy what it signifies. “One lens” is deceptive, since the total position of these cameras is that you can connect dozens of various lenses. And to most folks, “reflex” refers only to wincing when they see the rate.

Kidding apart, historically, there was a place to the phrase “single-lens reflex” (of course, I use Wikipedia, way too). It describes the mirrors and prisms inside of that bend the mild from the lens to your eye.

Not too long ago, a new technology of mirrorless cameras have hit the sector. They appear and operate like S.L.R.’s — interchangeable lenses, no shutter lag and so on — but they are smaller sized and they seize substantial-definition video. (Because they’re not technically S.L.R.’s anymore, Well-liked Pictures magazine proposes the term I.L.C. for them, for “interchangeable-lens compacts.” Let’s operate with it.)

Sony’s new Alpha A55 camera, offered in Oct ($850 with 3X zoom lens), is an S.L.R. — sorry, an I.L.C. — that modifications a bunch of online games at at the time. It accepts any of Sony’s current 33 Alpha lenses, but its radically distinct guts give it talents no other camera has experienced right before.

This will have to have a paragraph or two of complex slogging, but you are going to truly feel rosy and intelligent when it truly is about.

In a common S.L.R., mild from the lens hits a mirror, which bounces mild up to your eye and onto a concentrating sensor. The blessing: you see what the lens sees. The curse: when you get the genuine photo, the mirror has to flip out of the way so that the light-weight falls on the principal graphic sensor (the “film”). For that fraction of a next, the digital camera won’t be able to target. If a person or a little something is hurtling towards you, a regular S.L.R. may have difficulties retaining rapid-hearth pictures in target.

Which is also why most S.L.R.’s can’t modify target when you are capturing online video. If you get started filming on some thing close up, and then pan to one thing throughout the place, the video goes out of emphasis.

Nonetheless with me?

All proper. Sony’s A55 digital camera adopts a new spin on a many years-previous photographic thought: the mirror is translucent. It splits light involving the focusing sensor and the impression sensor — all the time. The mirror hardly ever has to flip up to get a photo, so the autofocus under no circumstances goes blind when you acquire a shot.

As a consequence, the digital camera can shoot an extraordinary 10 photographs a second, refocusing all the way. Sony states no other digicam in the earth can do that.

The digital camera also shoots stunning, superior-definition movie — and it can alter concentration as you pan the camera, gorgeously and cinematically.

Extremely number of S.L.R.’s, or even I.L.C.’s, can do that trick, refocusing when filming.

But the Sony won’t just transform emphasis in video clip. It modifications target fast. According to Sony, the A55 is the initial digital camera — or camcorder, for that issue — to use what’s known as section-detection concentrating for video clip. (Other cameras, and all camcorders, use a slower program referred to as contrast detection.) Which is only probable since, in this camera, the autofocus sensor can see the scene all the time.

Now, to pull off this unconventional design and style, one thing had to go, and it was the optical viewfinder. When you maintain this camera to your eye, you are basically wanting at a little Tv set screen in the eyepiece, alternatively then peering out by means of the glass of the lens. In other words and phrases, it really is an digital viewfinder.

Photographers generally pooh-pooh electronic viewfinders, due to the fact no monitor is as sharp as real daily life. But Sony’s viewfinder is very massive, brilliant and sharp (how does 1.4 million pixels strike you?). And possessing a monitor in the eyepiece provides you all forms of rewards you really don’t get when you are just searching by way of glass.

For example, you can see accurately what influence your options will have in advance of you take the shot (white equilibrium, exposure, focus, and so on). You can summon digital overlays in the viewfinder, like a horizon degree. You can amplify the scene up to 15 situations for precise guide concentrating. You can play back your shots right in the viewfinder — a rare, incredibly useful characteristic, especially when you’re experimenting with options or reviewing your photos in brilliant daylight (which washes out the monitor somewhat).

You can shoot video with the digital camera to your confront, as well, a additional secure way of keeping the camera. (Most S.L.R.’s demand you to glance at the display on the back to shoot video clip.)

The ideal portion is that these gee-whiz attributes are component of a normally fantastic camera. It has Sony’s Sweep Panorama mode, exactly where you swing your arm in an arc as the digital camera snaps away — and then, two seconds later on, the camera shows an routinely assembled, amazing 260-diploma panoramic photograph. The top quality is excellent, though it is automobile-manner only.

The A55 also results in higher-dynamic array photographs automatically — a neat trick by which it restores element from regions that are far too bright or much too dark by superimposing 3 photographs with distinct exposures.

There is certainly a built-in stereo microphone for use with your movie, additionally a mike jack. The button placement is exceptional — in particular the committed Video History button (no switching modes when filmic inspiration strikes). The tilting, rotating, flip-out screen allows you shoot in excess of your head, at knee amount or even self-portraits. You can also fold the display flush versus the camera (with either monitor in, for protection, or monitor out).

I was so self-confident in the A55’s capability not to muff photograph ops that I did a risky detail: I used it as the sole recording device for my son’s one particular and only sixth birthday social gathering. Joyful ending — the ratio of winner pictures to losers was surprisingly high. Even the reduced-mild candle-blowing minute looks superb in movie, like a Scorsese shot it. (Have a search at the sample photos that accompany this column.

Now, there are a couple of flies in the ointment. That 10-frames-a-2nd method needs a ton of mild indoors, these superburst-mode photographs are occasionally as well dim, and you won’t be able to alter the aperture in this manner.

The digital camera is small and gentle in contrast with genuine S.L.R.’s, but it’s continue to much bulkier than, for instance, Sony’s very own minuscule NEX-5 (the smallest of this form in the entire world, though you give up a good deal of capabilities — like a flash, a method dial and a huge selection of lenses).

There are two separate playback modes, one every single for stills and movies, and it is really aggravating to have to change in between them. Battery lifetime is about 350 pictures a charge, which could be better. And some of the fancy modes (like higher dynamic assortment) require a whole lot of processing following every shot, for the duration of which time you are not able to use the digital camera.

Nonetheless, this digital camera requires pictures and videos as perfectly as anything in its rate assortment — and, in some scenarios, improved than much more costly equipment. (A sibling camera, the A33, is accessible now for $100 fewer. It offers you 7 frames a next as an alternative of 10, and 14 megapixels instead of 16 it also does absent with the GPS chip that tags just about every photo with your place.)

Even far more interesting, it can be thrilling to see Sony acquiring its mojo again, introducing radical new style suggestions that, in this circumstance, definitely progress the state of the art.

In other words and phrases, maybe the correct expression for this digicam is neither S.L.R. nor I.L.C. Probably it truly is truly an E.S.F. (enjoyable move ahead).

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