Symrise debuts aronia well being actives




HOLZMINDEN, GERMANY — Symrise extra a variety of aronia wellness actives to its Diana Food items portfolio of wellness actives, part of its Flavor, Nourishment and Wellbeing phase.

Also regarded as black chokeberry, aronia is made up of a higher focus of antioxidants which include polyphenols, especially anthocyanins. The antioxidants have been shown to help heart health, metabolic health and fitness and immune method wellness, according to Symrise.

The company’s aronia extract attributes a large complete polyphonic content material, superior proanthocyanins content and a precise proanthocyanins-to-anthocyanins ratio. It is out there in a provider-absolutely free, no cost-flowing powder format with a bare minimum of 50% complete polyphenols and 10% anthocyanins. It also is offered in a spray-dried, soluble juice powder structure with a least of 2% overall polyphenols and .2% anthocyanins.

The absolutely free-flowing powder might be made use of in capsules, tablets, powder sticks, nutritional shots and supplement gummies. The spray-dried juice powder may well be made use of in powder drinks, healthy beverages, snacks and other foods purposes.

“This smaller purple berry arrives with a extended history as it was historically applied by Indigenous People,” explained Nathalie Richer, world-wide wellbeing business enterprise chief at Symrise Foods and Beverage. “Today, we see aronia as a powerful natural ingredient with almost limitless application opportunities.”

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