How to Develop a Successful Telemedicine Application?

The gross inadequacy that the year witnessed proved to be catastrophic for many. This is also a new challenge for developers.



The year 2020 still feels like a trauma for too many people. The Coronavirus caused death and loss to millions all over the world but displayed loopholes in the healthcare sector. The gross inadequacy that the year witnessed proved to be catastrophic for many. This is also a new challenge for developers. The present healthcare industry is in dire need of viable solutions like telemedicine app development. The top mobile app development company focuses more on these apps as these offer support and help to the healthcare system across doctors and patients. Learn more by reading along.

Features of Telemedicine App Development

Telemedicine services incorporate many things such as augmenting medical service competency, health condition monitoring from a distance, offering remote visits to the doctor, etc. Digital technologies now help build two-way personal relationships between patients and doctors, improve access for healthcare providers, and a lot more. This is giving rise to high-end telemedicine app development solutions. If you also want to develop a successful telemedicine application, start by learning the features present in your app.

  • User profile: Patients with telemedicine mobile apps get a chance to go through all information instantly. The user profile is the essential element of an app as it showcases the user’s data. The data will include location, email, picture (optional), gender, phone number, etc. This feature will also display the visit histories and alerts about the next appointments.
  • Communication Methods: Facilitating real-time communication within a telemedicine app is possible by integrating video and live chat sessions. Competent developers of the top mobile app development company create a messenger that is easy to use. Alongside, there will be video, file sharing, and audio support for ensuring a smooth connection.
  • RPM or Remote Patient Monitoring: With the COVID-19 still wreaking havoc, some patients are still not comfortable stepping out but need treatment. They can largely benefit from telemedicine apps. With the RPM feature, physicians and patients can instantly look at all records of every patient. They can handle all chronic conditions remotely that need glucose or cholesterol monitoring.
  • Medication and Prescription Tracker: Any telemedicine app development project must include an in-built tracker. By this, when a doctor pens down a prescription to a patient, they will be informed by the in-built tracker regarding picking up from the pharmacy. Patients need to present their insurance card, e-version of the prescription, and ID. You can make your app reach the next level by integrating a virtual marketplace or pharmacy.

Technologies Powering Telemedicine Apps

Are you about to start your telemedicine app development project? For this, you need to integrate the right technologies for shaping the best app for your users.

  • Big Data: The healthcare sector includes a lot of processing and generation of information. Big data computations can help in amalgamating and assessing electronic healthcare records. The records can be employed for enhancing treatments and offering more precise diagnoses, and also cost-cutting.
  • IoT: Medical kiosks, smartwatches, tablets, and digital cameras are the telemedicine industry’s equipment that needs to be utilized regularly. The Internet of Things or IoT technology contributes to treatment suggestions, built-in response systems for emergencies, vitals tracking, etc. The combination of software and medical hardware will eventually result in boosted patient care.

Developing the Basic Workflow

If you start with telemedicine app development, listing out the basic workflow from the beginning to the end is recommended. This will be useful for creating milestones. The workflow will look like this:

  • Describing the accurate target audience
  • Recognizing the purpose of the application
  • Creating a business plan for your project that incorporates revenue stream as well
  • Developing dependable application content. Organizing the data is necessary.
  • Plan the budget of the app development
  • Start applying for investments.
  • Designing and implementing a product with a squad of expert software developers

Learning About the Process

As you decide to create a telemedicine software platform, you need to follow a particular application development process:

  • Software Architecture Scheduling and Business Analysis: Here, you will need to work with optional services such as competitor and market analysis. In this stage, it is compulsory to develop a product backlog with an accurate description of the app’s project architecture, functionality and system logic.
  • Coding: In this stage, you need to choose the programming language for developing the telemedicine application. The top mobile app development company will help you to decide the correct programming language for your app. In the first application version, all the core features should be present. Alternatively, you can even deliver a fully featured app in one go.

The above points entirely depend on the business objective. Recruiting the best team of tech specialists is necessary. This will include back-end developers, QA engineers, Android or iOS developers, and a lot more.

What is the Cost for Building a Successful Telemedicine App?

Giving telemedicine app development cost, definitive pricing is challenging due to the myriad of features an application can carry. However, if we look at the rough estimates, the average cost range will begin from $35k. This is because some important factors regulate the price. These are as follows:

  • The platform on which the app is built. The app cost will be more if there is more than one platform. For instance, it will cost more if you build with both Android and Windows.
  • When using technology alongside various third-party services, the cost will be higher.
  • The bunch of features the app contains will largely determine the price. Also, the complexity level needed matters, especially when we measure the cost.
  • The location of the app developer you have chosen and the developer fees can make the cost of the telemedicine app go up or go down.

Final Say

Most healthcare institutions and doctors are now striving to advance better patient care, especially after the pandemic. To ensure that patients always receive assistance for their conditions and emergencies, telemedicine app development is progressing day by day. Create your own telemedicine app with the services of the top mobile app development company. The applications are proving to be useful for several patients right now.

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