This Kerala man used Bumble dating app to find a home in Mumbai, not a girlfriend!



A man from Kerala used Bumble to search for rental accommodation. Here is how people reacted.

Have you used any dating app? Dating apps are used to find a suitable partner for oneself. In short, a dating app is where you look for boyfriend or girlfriend with similar kind of preferences. But have you ever heard that a dating app can be used to search for a rental home? Surprised? Well, a man from Kerala has used Bumble dating app to search for a rental place in Mumbai. The city is an expensive place to live and hence finding affordable accommodation in Mumbai is a difficult task, especially for outsiders.

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So, in order to find a place to rent, a man from Kerala used Bumble dating app to find a rental accommodation for himself, reported the Indian Express. The man’s desperate but unique approach to find a rental accommodation for himself has however, left netizens shocked and awed!

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Sharing a screenshot of the man’s Bumble bio, a Twitter user named Ana de Amaras, said, “no YOU’RE looking for a soulmate on bumble, he’s looking to rent a place in bombay.” According to the screenshot, the man’s Bumble profile read, “not a sapiosexual, Looking for a flat in mumbai.”

His bio further read, “Swipe right if… If you’re in mumbai and okay to help me to find a place to rent in western line since I don’t know hindi.” He also promised that he won’t judge anyone if they ask him for brokerage. He added that the quickest way to his heart is to send him leads of non-brokerage properties in Andheri.

Seeing the tweet by Ana de Amaras, several other Twitter users reacted to it. Some of the responses are mentioned below:

1. A Twitter user wrote, “Why is he using that app as nobroker,com god.”

2. Another user commented, “It’s tough to find places to rent in Andheri.”

3. Another comment read, “The guy has his priorities straight.”

4. “Mumbaikars will go to any heights to avoid paying brokerage :P,” one comment read.

5. Another one, “i would 100% do something like this i think it’s smart as hell.”

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