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Whilst new to India with its variety of cleansing robots, Trifo was established in 2016 as an AI home robot manufacturer. The organization now has a rising all over the world presence, including in India, wherever the Trifo Max series of high-close cleaning robots was launched in September. Priced at Rs. 32,900 onwards, the Trifo Max sequence isn’t amid the most inexpensive selections in the expanding cleansing robot section in India, but it isn’t much too costly either.

On overview listed here is the Trifo Max Pet robotic vacuum cleaner, the additional powerful of the two products launched. Priced at Rs. 36,900, the Trifo Max Pet has a rated suction electricity of 4,000pa, and a one of a kind aspect that not much too numerous gadgets can assert to have – robotic surveillance, employing the navigation digicam. Is the Trifo Max Pet a valuable robotic to have in your dwelling? Find out in our assessment.

trifo max pet review set Trifo  Trifo Max Pet

The Trifo Max Pet arrives with a ‘pet hair extractor’ fitting, intended specially for vacuuming animal fur


What is the Trifo Max Pet, and what’s in the box?

The Trifo Max series is out there in two versions – a regular a person for Rs. 32,900, and the Trifo Max Pet for Rs. 36,900. The large differences among the two are increased suction electrical power of 4,000pa on the Pet variant, along with a pet hair extractor fitting that replaces the principal brush. This tends to make the Trifo Max Pet ideal if you have animals that get rid of fur in your property, despite the fact that the extra vacuuming electric power is a welcome attribute even if you will not.

There are two buttons at the top rated that can be used to regulate ability, or to instruct the Trifo Max Pet to start out and prevent cleansing, or go to its dock. There is an supplemental Reset button below the lid, along with a USB Form-A port which curiously can be employed to charge other gadgets by means of the robot’s 5,200mAh battery. The Max Pet has a single digital camera at the major for navigation and surveillance, as well as a speaker and microphone for operational voice prompts as effectively as two-way interaction when utilizing the application.

The core performance of sweeping and vacuuming is identical to what is actually promised by the other cleaning robots I have reviewed a short while ago. For sweeping, the Trifo Max Pet has a single rotating brush which pushes filth and particles to the vacuum zone, which then sucks it in. The rated suction electricity of 4,000pa is substantially greater than the 3,000pa on the normal Trifo Max design, as effectively as on most competing units, such as the substantially a lot more pricey Milagrow iMap 10., and the Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop P.

You can have the Trifo Max Pet mop your floors as well, but this operation is fairly rudimentary. A non-digital fitting requirements to be affixed to the base of the robot manually with velcro pads, and drips drinking water on to the floor while mopping it with a fabric attachment as the robotic moves together. This is a extremely basic and uninspiring way for a robotic to mop the flooring, and isn’t notably effective – but additional on that later on.

Included with the Trifo Max Pet are a single sweeping brush fitting, a detachable major brush manufactured of rubber with bristles, a charging dock, a wall adapter, a removable dust compartment, and a ‘pet hair extractor’ fitting, which can be utilized in its place of the key brush to vacuum fur directly into the dust compartment with no the hassle of it finding tangled up in the key brush. Trifo also sent me a mop fitting individually, together with various replaceable mop cloths.

Trifo Max Pet navigation

Not like the Mi Robotic Vacuum-Mop P and 360 S7 which use LiDAR for navigation at all over the identical rate, the Trifo Max Pet uses a top-mounted camera. Aside from allowing the gadget see in which it is really going, map the property, and prevent obstacles, the camera is also made use of to permit the stand-out element on the Trifo Max Pet – video clip surveillance. When used with the app, it truly is achievable to view your home from anywhere, and even generate the robot all over to be equipped to seem into unique rooms.

trifo max pet review camera Trifo  Trifo Max Pet

The camera is employed for navigation as very well as online video surveillance by the Trifo Dwelling application


The system is capable of holding alone safe and sound from falls thanks to sensors at the base, and this worked nicely throughout the evaluation period. It can climb lower obstacles these types of as the edges of fastened rugs or joints in the flooring, but as with similar units, will want you to get rid of free rugs and anything with tassels from its route.

Digital camera-dependent navigation is clunkier and considerably less precise than LiDAR-dependent navigation, and this does indeed exhibit on the Trifo Max Pet. The robot would typically opt for odd paths to achieve the place it required to get to, get stuck under lower home furnishings, or bump into points these types of as the legs of a sofa rather violently. Luckily, the shock-absorbing bumper ensured that this did not damage the robotic at all. Even the cleansing styles had been inefficient, with the Max Pet often shelling out also a lot time moving close to and hoping to avoid insignificant road blocks, alternatively than truly cleaning speedily and effectively.

Trifo Max Pet application

A sensible cleaning robot would not seriously be clever devoid of an application, and Trifo does have a devoted application to control its equipment, including the Max sequence. The Trifo Home application is offered for iOS and Android and lets you control most of the Max Pet’s functions. These involve starting up and stopping cleaning duties, online video surveillance, battery and site checking, vacuum suction electrical power adjustment, scheduling, and additional. Usefully, you can also link the Trifo Max Pet to Alexa, and manage sure functions by means of voice instructions.

The app enables for mapping your home, but it just isn’t feasible to help you save this info. In its place, the Trifo Residence application only saves the map from the very last cleansing activity, starting afresh each and every time you deliver the Max Pet out to clear. The only point you can use the map for is to quickly send out the robot to a spot in your house, but then to clear an place you’ll have to travel it about working with the guide control mode. There is no scope for defining zones or limited parts, and the Trifo Max Pet will, by default, cleanse everywhere it can bodily arrive at. The only way to make it thoroughly clean only one specific home is to near all the doorways right after placing the robotic in.

The app arrives in notably handy for the video surveillance capabilities. You can get started and enjoy online video and audio feeds from the system working with the application, even though manually driving the robotic all-around to see unique areas of the property. There is also a motion detection possibility, which can quickly start recording video. Though the camera is just not extremely excellent and the video clip feed is noisy and quite tough, this is a helpful function to have. You can observe the video feed at any time, but you can have to have the Trifo Max in handbook management mode to also use the audio feed.

trifo max pet review bottom Trifo  Trifo Max Pet

The main cleaning brush can be swapped out with the pet hair extractor when needed


Even though the app serves its needs capably sufficient when purposeful, I did normally have connectivity difficulties with equally the Trifo Max Pet and the application. There were 4 situations (a pair of these instances lasted for around a day) over the program of 5 weeks when the app confirmed connectivity glitches, making it impossible to handle the robot. I was ready to start off and stop cleansing duties making use of the buttons on the robot itself in these cases, but the lack of ability to use the app intended that I could not remotely manage the system, check out the battery stage, or use the video clip surveillance features.

This also led to some incredibly bothersome challenges, for instance the robot would get started and halt randomly, as instructions from the app ended up delayed in achieving it. The frequency of these difficulties indicates that Trifo still has some get the job done to do they produced the Trifo Max Pet fairly a hassle to use, and could guide to larger sized difficulties if they arise although the user is away from household and not in an quick situation to acquire guide manage of the gadget.

Trifo Max Pet cleaning

With up to 4,000pa of vacuum suction electric power, the Trifo Max Pet is the most effective cleaning robotic I have made use of so considerably. This is just not just a range the robotic truly does have the skill to pull in dust and impurities quickly, which includes larger sized and heavier debris these as paper shreds, food crumbs, and all forms of dust. The only downside to all of that vacuuming electricity is the sounds – the Trifo Max Pet can get really loud, and you can have to decrease the vacuum electricity to make it a little bit softer. Even at all over 75 per cent energy however, the Trifo Max is still extremely helpful in cleaning.

All the dust and dust receives sucked into a suitably massive dust compartment, which I essential to vacant out each and every handful of days. I also necessary to cleanse out the filter to retain the suction and exhaust clean. Unlike on competing gadgets, you can find no brush provided to clean the filter, and I generally experienced to get my hands filthy in the approach of obtaining the dirt out.

trifo max pet review lid open Trifo  Trifo Max Pet

Interestingly, the Trifo Max Pet has a USB Type-A port that can be applied to demand other products, earning it a rolling electric power financial institution of sorts


Trifo despatched me the mop fitting and pads independently, but the organization states that these are ordinarily provided with the system. The fitting is instead basic and fixes on to the base of the unit using velcro strips, producing it a very rudimentary ‘patched-on’ type of resolution. The h2o reservoir does not have much ability and is just not electronically managed by the robot it only drips h2o onto the pad step by step. The drinking water usually ran out in all around 15 minutes, that means the Max Pet was not ready to successfully mop my 600-square-foot apartment.

Trifo Max Pet battery daily life and charging

Looking at that the Trifo Max Pet is a powerful robotic vacuum, and streaming reside online video and audio feeds will buyer electricity, it is really fairly handy that the Trifo Max Pet has a massive 5,200mAh battery. A solitary cleansing of my household commonly experienced the battery drop to close to 65 % from a complete charge, and it took much less than an hour to get the battery degree back up to complete from that point, suggesting that a complete charge ought to choose all around three hours. You can also use the Trifo Max Pet as a rolling energy bank to charge your other products, if that’s anything you require.

This intended that I under no circumstances experienced battery daily life troubles with the Trifo Max Pet cleaning my 600-square-foot dwelling at complete electrical power, even although the robotic did seem to be to pick out paths inefficiently, functioning for extended than wanted as a result. It ought to be doable to thoroughly clean a 1,500-square-foot home in a solitary charge, and the Trifo Max Pet is capable of resuming cleaning the place it remaining off if it runs out of electricity mid-cleaning.

Charging is by means of a contact-centered docking station, which wants to be positioned on the flooring. The Trifo Max Pet’s docking station just isn’t very massive or large, and this was often a dilemma for the reason that the gadget by itself would cause the dock to shift out of position, in some cases earning it hard for the robotic to return to.

The Trifo Max Pet is in a position to return to the dock on its own from wherever it is, delivered it started from there or has immediate line-of-sight with it. I did have some trouble for the duration of electrical power cuts, for instance the Trifo Max Pet left the dock and started off driving all over exploring for it, rather of remaining put as it should really.

trifo max pet review mop fitting Trifo  Trifo Max Pet

The mop fitting attaches to the base of the Trifo Max Pet using velcro strips, and does a rudimentary and ineffective career



The Trifo Max Pet is probably the most exclusive of the robotic vacuum cleaners I’ve utilised just lately, but this would not make it the finest. The video clip surveillance attribute is fairly attention-grabbing and will attraction to a lot of purchasers, and the sheer suction ability of the system presents it an edge, but the Trifo Max Pet is not devoid of its concerns. The ineffective mopping, unintelligent navigation, unreliable connectivity, and other insignificant oddball bugs all keep the Trifo Max back again.

Though the product is formally priced at Rs. 36,900, I have been seeing it discounted to less than Rs. 30,000 in the course of the recent revenue, whilst the common Max product is accessible for even considerably less. At these price ranges, the Trifo Max sequence may be well worth taking into consideration in spite of their issues. Of training course, having to pay far more for possibilities these as the ILife A9s or 360 S7 may possibly make more sense for the all round experience.

Selling price (MRP at the time of creating): Rs. 36,900

UpdateBefore long immediately after the time of composing this evaluation, the MRP of the Trifo Max Pet was revised to Rs.27,000, with an give price tag of Rs. 24,000 which Trifo states will be legitimate until the finish of 2020. At the revised value, the Trifo is, in my viewpoint, a merchandise value considering even with its shortcomings, and has a selling price edge above some of the aforementioned competition.

Score: 6/10


  • Potent vacuum cleansing
  • Fantastic battery existence
  • Online video and audio surveillance and communication options


  • Ineffective mopping
  • Recurrent application connectivity troubles
  • Crude navigation capabilities
  • Really loud

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