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With the rise in demand for technology, everything today is available on the Internet. Every business has a website with which you can get to know what kind of services they provide when that was established, and everything about it. So there comes the role of a UI & UX developer. The website is the face of a brand and building an appealing one lets you connect with customers and engage them. There are nearly millions of websites in existence and that brings the role of UI & UX Developer in huge demand. It is one of the top five highly demanded skills according to a LinkedIn report. 


Thinking about it, we have brought a complete idea on UI & UX Developer wherein you’ll get to know every detail required to become one. This article is completely about skills required, roles and responsibilities, salary insights, and everything about UI & UX developers.

UI & UX Developer  

UI which is abbreviated as User Interface, deals with the application’s view, how eye-catching it is, or how engaging it is. Everything related to a website, be it the navbar, the body content, images added, alternate texts added, or the footer of the website and everything added to it makes it an appealing one. UI Developers are the one who works on implementing the best website in appearance and which works smoothly. 

UX (User Experience) Developers are those who deal with the person’s experience of using a website. It is dependent on how a person feels when using a website, whether it is worthwhile or not. And the person who ensures user experience for people as to how satisfying it is is called a UX Developer. A best emotional and functional feel of a website leads to a better UX. 

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Salary Insights

Since it is one of the most demanding jobs in the IT industry and the salary, given to them is so fascinating. Moving ahead, here are the salary insights for different roles in UI/UX Developer. 

Designation Salary (In India – on an average)
UX Designer 5 LPA
UI/UX Designer 6 LPA
Product Designer 9 LPA
UX Engineer 13.5 LPA
UX Architect 21 LPA

The table above shows the different job roles offered to UI/UX developers and the salary given to them. But, the salary may vary according to the experience one has gained in that particular domain.

Pre-Requisite Skills and Courses

Here are some skills which are required if you want to become a UI Developer

  • Should have a basic understanding of HTML, CSS, and languages required.
  • Should be a problem solver.
  • The basic idea of UI trends.
  • Know the working of Visual design software like Adobe Photoshop (in some cases).
  • General knowledge of application development.
  • Knowledge of wireframing and prototyping.

Here are some skills which are required if you want to become a UX Developer

  • UX writing should be understood well
  • The basic idea of visual communication (color, icons, images, design theory, typography)
  • The basic idea of coding
  • Analytics to understand the relationship between user and product
  • Should understand Interactive design

Beginner to Advanced Courses

Do I Need a Degree to Become a UI & UX Developer?

There’s a big misconception that for getting a job in this field as a UI/UX Developer, you need to have a degree and experience. Not, to become one you just need to be strong in technical background and if you’re one of those who are not strong in technical domains as well, it’s completely fine. Slowly and steadily, you can learn and without any college degree, you can even become a UI/UX Developer. 

Just grab a little knowledge of technical terms like programming languages, visual design software, and a basic idea of coding. If you’re well-versed in these topics and also have an urge to become a UI/UX developer, you’ll become one. You don’t even need to have the professional experience to fill the gap of a degree. Also, to bring your notice, there’s no degree for a Bachelor of UI/UX Designer/ Developer.

Here you can know the difference between – User Experience and UX Design. 

Roles and Responsibilities

There are various roles and responsibilities carried out by a UI/UX developer. Some of them are mentioned below:

  1. Planning and implementing new designs for a UI
  2. Should have testing experience and understand information architecture
  3. Should understand data interpretation 
  4. Developing static designs of a website for development and designing purposes
  5. Preparing report based on targets and competition
  6. Coordinating with the team of product, designs, sales, and marketing
  7. Proper research to understand the client’s need
  8. Designs and implements graphic user interfaces elements like tabs, menus, and widgets
  9. Gets user’s feedback and conducts layout adjustments
  10. Should create and maintain digital assets like wireframes and interface design files
  11. Prepare rough drafts and present them to teams
  12. Build UI mockups to present the function of the website


You must choose UI/UX as a career option as it gives a handsome salary and a growth for your career finite. From the tiniest icon or search bar to the big changes needed in an application or product, UI designers are responsible for it. Choosing this career will surely be the best option for your future. Users’ Experience deals with making a product accessible and enjoyable as per the user’s view. Just have an idea of the user’s intentions and build a product that meets their needs. The demand for UI/UX developers will be in high demand in the coming years so you will certainly have a lucrative future.


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