What Are The Best Ways To Generate Revenue With A Video-streaming App Like YouTube?



On-demand video streaming apps are the reason why we do not bother much about missing out on any shows. With the advent of these apps, we can watch our content or videos any time we wish. Apps like YouTube are the best example where we can watch videos in a seamless flow. 

Post pandemic, video streaming apps are everyone’s favorite thing. More than users’ benefits, these apps resulted in earning high profits. You might wonder how watching videos could benefit someone? But this is where you have to understand the business model of an app like YouTube. The app earns its revenue from various streams. 

Are you puzzled about the revenue streams of an app like YouTube? Here’s what you have to know about their business model. This blog will be an eye-opener that can also inspire you to be involved in a YouTube clone app development. 

What is so enticing about adopting a YouTube clone app?

The YouTube clone is a white-label solution developed on the models of the parent app. The designated app will have the same features as the original and will be an exact carbon copy of the former. This base model will act as a foundation for starting your on-demand video streaming service. 

When I say replicated model, the app is open to accept customization, and you can personalize the app. The app adapts to your changes and thus gives you vivid ideas for your video streaming business. 

How to generate revenue from a YouTube clone? A quick analysis of the business model of the app?

Generally, video streaming apps generate revenue through several folds. They focus on getting their income from every possible way like advertising, subscription, etc. 

When it comes to YouTube, the app provides content free of cost, which means the users can watch the videos for free. It follows an advertisement-based business model where most of its income comes from those advertisements. Google will take a record of all the activities and profits of YouTube and other websites. Later on, it promoted targeted advertisements on YouTube. 

So when you develop an app on the lines of YouTube, there are several possibilities to generate revenue. I have discussed the various revenue-generating options pinned up with a YouTube clone. 


Advertising is a great way of earning revenue for any mobile app. This is also one of the easiest ways to gain profits. Moreover, every brand needs marketing. So when they approach, you can collect your fee for the same. Let us what the different advertising methods are,

  • Sponsored videos 

The brands or any service providers who want to promote their products will approach your app to advertise their products. However, you can change your advertising fee from them to publish their ads in your app. These sponsored ads are one of the most profitable ways of earning revenue.

  • Embedded videos 

Advertisements that are played before the commencement of the videos are embedded videos. This is another best way of generating revenue, and here the revenue is calculated based on the number of views from users. 

  • Landing page advertisements 

This is one of the strategies used to promote a product. These ads aim at leading the users to the home page of the products. The ad looks like a banner style that can either be added with images or videos.

YouTube premium 

As the name suggests, it offers something extra more than normalcy. Users who are interested in watching ad-free content with additional premium characteristics will opt for it. By opting for this premium subscription, they will tend to additional services from the app.

Channel membership 

The YouTube clone will throw limelight on encouraging people to create their own channels to exhibit their talents. The Content creators can add their join button to invite subscribers to the pay-and-join scheme. When subscribers join those channels, the app will get its part of the share from them. 

Television channels 

This is a concept where you can stream live-exclusive TV channels in your app. You can stream channels like HBO, Sony, ESPN, FOX, etc. This subscription-based service is expected to become popular in the near future. So, implicating this feature in your app will be an added-on.

Wrapping up,

Video streaming services are never like before. With increased user interests, the apps are bringing out everything best they can do. Globally, entrepreneurs are trying out their best to develop an on-demand video streaming app to join the bandwagon. Are you ready for the launch? Brace up and start with developing your app.

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